End of episode 7 summary: Feb-May 2013 at Asana

At the end of every “Episode” at Asana, I write an “End Of Episode Summary” that I share with the entire team. In the spirit of transparency, we began to make these summaries public. We’ve also included the link to the complete Episode 7 Summary at the bottom of this post.

Perhaps the most exciting thing about Episode 7 (E7), was watching more customers express their delight for how Asana is fundamentally changing the way they work for the better, and in many cases raising the bar for what they thought was possible of their software tools. We have built a beautiful product for the world, and in E7 it became even more useful to more people. For a large number of teams, for many types of communication and collaboration, Asana is the best tool in the world, and “The Asana Way” is clearly a better way to work together. As one user recently remarked, “I’ve been using Asana so long, I can’t even remember what life was like before. Are most people really still using email for this?” and then visibly shuddered.

EOE7 Image

Product Updates: Redesigned Task Pane & Organizations

In E7, we further strengthened our team with nine more Asana-calibre n00bs, and reorganized our engineering team for greater long-term success. We launched a dizzying array of powerful functionality — with top-class design and execution across the board — delighting users (and developers) and further demonstrating our team and technology’s exceptional ability to deliver great product quickly. Existing functionality got better and more accessible, including a total redesign of the most confusing (and rightmost) part of our product. We improved stability and our own internal tooling. We further established Asana as a thought leader on the topic of leading teams. Thanks to maturation across the company (but most climatically through the launch of Organizations), we positioned ourselves to start serving customers at massive scale. And the company feels more cohesive, focused, alive, and capable of delivering on time than ever before.

The clearest fruit of this labor can be seen in our revenue. Thanks to Organizations converting even better than expected and excellent monetization execution across the company, we are on a healthy revenue trajectory and hit all our E7 monetization goals. This is great for our financial foundation, validates our business model, and bodes really well for the company’s fiscal success and our users, since it guarantees we’ll be able to continue improving the product for them for years to come.

We have much to look forward to in E8 and beyond.

Read the complete End of Episode 7 Summary.

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  • Mohammed
    I am sooo glad I read all you blog posts! The new ‘experimental’ themes look awesome! i remember that it was one of the things that I asked for a year ago, but as it wasn’t mission critical, i stopped thinking about it!. Loving the Green Forest option!

    I heart asana!

  • Klemen Nagode
    Thanks for sharing this with us. You created great product!
  • jwjb
    Thanks for your post which are always insightful and helpful to gauge the past, present and future direction of Asana. As always, I am loving Asana and I think I have only touched the surface of everything that can be done using the product, e.g. I am still using email, but like the quote in the movie Contact “Small moves, Ellie. Small moves.” I will get there in time. As an aside, it is nice to see the experimental themes feature where I am enjoying the Valley theme now although I love the other ones too especially Silver, Forest and Aqua and find myself changing them depending on my mood during the day. By the way, the “our team” link above has a typo and should point to http://asana.com/team. Thanks Asana for continuing to Rock big time!
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