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Breaking the sales mold at Asana: Frank Mayfield

We recently shared a peek inside the day-to-day life of Yev, a member of our Customer Success team. Today we’d like you to introduce you to Frank Mayfield, a member of the Asana Sales team. Find out why he’s never cold-called a customer, how he approaches different organizations, and how Sales informs our product roadmap (including one big feature we recently announced).

salesBefore joining Asana, Frank worked in sales for a small software company, a telecommunications company, and taught English at a university in Thailand.

A Day In the Life: Sales at Asana

What does a typical morning look like for you?

Most mornings I get into the office in time for breakfast and coffee — they’re an everyday thing for me. After breakfast, I follow up on conversations I’ve started with Asana users about the benefits of our premium plans. Later on in the morning, I’ll have phone calls or demos with prospective customers.

Do you have any routines that you like to stick to?

I go to the gym most days at 3 pm, and sometimes I’ll take a yoga class at the office in the evenings.

What does a typical day in your role on the sales team look like?

On any given day, I’ll talk with a number of different types of people: from students at a university to executives of major startups, project managers for companies of all sizes, or non-profits — and everything in between. There’s no single ‘type’ of organization that relies on Asana, which not only makes it interesting to see the variety of ways people put the product to use, but also means that there’s no single way to sell our software. And even better, no two days of the job are the same. We have to be quick on our feet and able to identify the unique value that Asana can provide to a lot of different teams.  (more…)

Thankshacking 2014

Thankshacking is our most beloved tradition and one we collectively count down to the way we do actual Thanksgiving and the winter holidays. We’re pretty sure the event gets better and better every year. For Thankshacking…