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Episodes: how we add rhythm to our work

Episodes: how we work

Our mission to help teams of people work together effectively starts right here, at the Asana office in San Francisco. We can’t empower our customers to be better unless we’re an effective organization ourselves, so we spend a lot of time reflecting on our internal patterns (a form of mindfulness). Does the team spend their energy on the most important problems? Is every Asana working at their full potential? Are we creating a culture built to last? As we find things we’d like to change, we incorporate them into our company processes and a lot of those processes are encapsulated in the recurring way that we segment and plan our efforts; a structure we call Episodes.

Turning small milestones into progress

Episodes provide rhythm to our work. They transform a continuous stream of small milestones into progress that feels tangible and worth celebrating. Between each one, we can look back at the collection of goals we accomplished and clearly witness the advancement of the company and the product we’re building, day by day. We also look forward and consider the most important activities, out of anything we might do, that will accelerate that progress. Coordinating this intentional reflection allows us to be explicit about the way we balance our time and energy across priorities, instead of just making each decision on the margin, as it comes up. After we have created clarity of plan, we can proceed confidently with execution, aligned in a common direction.