Video: Adding ideas to Asana

“Not every task needs to be actionable. In Asana, tasks can be the work you own, the things that need to get done, or items you want to remember. Asana can fully replace text editors, whiteboards, or coffee stained notebooks.”

Learn about using Asana to record ideas, brainstorm with your team, or take notes in our latest video:

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  • Joseph
    Just this afternoon, I was thinking that Asana might be interesting to get to replace tools like Evernote….

    Asana has :
    – Logger ( chrome extension)
    – Attachments
    – Shows preview of attached images
    – Enter text… lots of text
    – Allows tags and searches

    This afternoon on the way home in the car I was thinking exactly the same, Asana as unified center of all information, tasks, reference materials, images, thoughts, ideas, brainstorming.

    All I know Asana should improve to become considered an alternative to Evernote, are mobile applications. The great strength of Evernote is that it is multi-platform and multi device. And most importantly!! with complete functions.

    Asana should improve the tools mobiles, offering complete functionality to capture, edit, complete, file… from iphone, ipad, android, windows phone ….

    Then Asana may consider as a tool all in one.

    I some time ago I’m starting to centralize all my information in Asana, readings outstanding design resources, training plans, personal projects, professional projects…

    Moreover, it is very good idea !

    • Jim Renaud
      We agree, Joseph! We are working hard on our mobile apps and are beginning to give our mobile experience the same love we are giving desktop. We look forward to building amazing native and innovative mobile experiences.

      Thanks for your feedback, we appreciate it!

      • Whulsbergen
        One problem. During meetings, there is usually no internet connection in the companies i work for. So taking notes in Asana doesnt work, i still need evernote that does have sync.

        PLEEEAASSEEE make Asana offline available.

        • Ricky
          Offline, offline, offline, pretty please
          • Sara Himeles
            We’re considering it, but have no immediate plans. You can send requests to in the future!
    • Jason
      Why recreate the wheel? I would love it if I could just link my Evernote note to an Asana task as an attachment. It would be a lot easier to promote it as an enhancement than an alternative.
  • David
    In the meanwhile, I’ve been thrilled to discover the third-party iOS app ‘Jotana’. Its speed and simplicity make it perfect for jotting down brief ideas.

    Often I have trouble sleeping because I can’t get work off my mind, and keeping my phone next to me with Jotana open, I can note all the ideas I come up with in bed, and worry about organizing them later (I use a private Project so my teammates aren’t disturbed until I can organize). Sometimes I’ll get to work the next morning and see 25+ new ideas I left myself the night before.

    • Emily Kramer
      We love Jotana too, happy to hear you are using it. Check out our new integrations page for more integrations…
  • Vítor Pereira
    Brilliant! Our mind is for having ideas, not holding them. In Asana I trust.
  • Moe Naqvi
    Really helpful video. Have you guys thought about adding more emotions than just the heart? I think team members want to say how difficult a task is without having to put a date on it. Also, I think there is a difference between liking something and thinking it should take priority. For example, we don’t want to update our billing but we need to do it. Getting everyone to chime in on how difficult, fun(heart) and important something is would be really be helpful. This way we can quickly find easy tasks that everyone feels is important and vice versa. In fact, it would be neat to combine all three values to make a metric(add up hearts and priority subtract difficulty). We do it in-house and call it “low hanging fruit”, the taks at the top is more delicious. The tasks at the bottom would be something like Durian (

    Keep up the great work guys.

  • Johnny
    I really like your videos on Asana! Thanks. Just about a week ago I found Asana, and are actually about to leave Basecamp which I have been using for many years. Both to save money as a freelancer, but also because there is some little things I miss having. Now I have tried Asana for a few days, and… I’m starting to have feelings for it. I think we are meant to be… <3

    I have also been using Highrise along with Basecamp, but I find I rarely use it. There's something about it that just don´t appeal to me for using it for contacts. So, does anyone have any tips on using Asana with this? I´m thinking of like keep contact, and records/notes/files on them…

    Love from a coffeeshop in Norway.

  • Alberto
    Following up on what Joseph said.

    I would also bring the idea of having Asana and Evernote communicate, but not necessarily substitute one another. Because there core goals seem different. Both tools are about capturing and storing information, but Evernote is more about going paperless. So Evernote is more about cataloging and archiving information, not sharing it, even when it does that too. While Asana, in my opinion, is about the sharing of information. A central place for teams to store the information they need to achieve their goals. Its about actionable items and conversations.

    In my opinion software seems to be better when it sticks to a more focused area, and not when it tries to be too many things.

    That being said, I do love that by Asana not being too explicit or defined in its intended use, it mean it is very flexible and can serve many a purpose.

  • Jeff Franchetti
    Great video, and I like the idea of using the hearts to vote and rank items. My only concern is “Asana Bloat and Clutter”. With a team of close to 100 people and having used Asana for about a year, we are finding that keeping things organized and lean is a time consuming task. I could see waves of idea lists littering the future landscape. Would be nice to have “management and reporting tools” to help manage this.
    • Sara Himeles
      What kind of management and reporting tools would you like to see? Let us know at
  • Enrico Ros
    I’m curious about the workflow of ideas: what does the checkmark mean?
    – has the idea been implemented, or discarded, or broken down into tasks, or been duplicated into another section or project?

    My view of the solution is to assign a ‘workflow’ to a project. Something like ‘this is an idea-project and the workflow we will follow is prioritization-and-implementation-or-discard’. Cool diagrams of workflows will keep people on the same page without letting them figure out, negotiate and document the rules and conventions for every new project.

    Keep up the great work!

    • Sara Himeles
      Hi Enrico! Thanks for the question. Using Sections is a great way to organize ideas in a Project: Our User Operations team has lots of other suggestions. Can you email your question to
  • Workflow
    Yes I agree Enrico that workflow doesn’t necessarily mean a linear task arrangement. How to create tasks in drag n drop ‘trees’ or mind mapping arrangements? Visual diagrams prompt and cue differently to linear text?
    Thank you Ruth
  • Phong Thai
    I’m also not satisfied with Asana mobile app, on both iOS and Android. I can’t say how it should be but as a user I feel it’s not good enough for me :)
    Anyway, thanks a lot for this great product!
  • Jared Buswell
    I would like to see this video, but it is not accessible today from the blog, and I cannot locate it on any other website. All of the other Asana videos hosted on this blog are working for me, but this one is leaving just a big, white space. Is it missing?