Video: When Conversation met Task, a love story

For our annual Thanksgiving Hackathon, “Thankshacking,” we broke out the glue and cardboard and strayed from our normal video format. The result? A love story about Conversation and Task, and their baby, Asana.

What better way to kick off the holiday season than with a slightly-goofy, spandex-infused, warm and fuzzy Asana video? We hope you  it!

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  • Chris Luke
    Ring Pops! Haha this is great guys.
  • Alex Laughnan
    Yes. Puhlease. Ring pops FTW and Asana task/conversation people.
  • John
    haha!! Genius guys!! Like Asana!
  • Barry
    May I ask who hosts your videos? It streamed really good on my not-so-great internet connection – thanks!
    • Emily Kramer
      We use Wistia! Highly recommend.
  • Andre Dickson
    This made me laugh.
  • Joaquin Gonzalez
    Any chance I can post the video on my company blog?
    • Emily Kramer
      Hi Joaquin, we’ve added an embed button next to the player, so you can add this to your blog! Send us the link when it’s up, we’d love to check out your blog.
  • Serjan
    we have been trying many project management tools for our coaching school, like Rulefm, Zoho, etc. But Asana’s the best. Very nice design, awesome dropbox and google docs integration and commenting, love it!
    • Sara Himeles
      Thanks for the feedback, glad to hear it!
  • Michael Flynn
    Ha! That was great! Nice work! :)
  • Tony Badu
    Dedicated conversation area? let us express our ideas outside of tasks
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