Getting creative at Thankshacking 2013

What are the things you always wish you had time to do, but never do? At Asana, “Thankshacking,” our Thanksgiving Hackathon, is the time when we say, “Do that!”

For the past five days, asanas have been building new features, beautifying our office, shooting video, and setting up new rituals. Some highlights include a wall to commemorate Asana feature launches, sugar cubes built in the office, a soon-to-be-released “winter” Asana theme, new “Asana blue” lights for our grand piano, and an “Asana love story” video.

Lots of product features – including Inbox, Hearts, Colored Tags, and Themes – came out of previous Asana hackathons. We can’t wait to see which projects stick from this Thankshacking. In the meantime, here are a few photos from our period of unleashed creativity.

Thankshacking Collage

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  • Chris Luke
    this is just great! i love your company culture.
  • Johnny
    Wonderfull happines guys,

    Love to be able to take a look at what happens at the Asana farm. Would be fun to visit you guys once :) And, keep new blogvideos coming. They are really inspiring!

  • Randol
    Haha! That video is just hilarious!

    Thanks for making my day and streamlining task everyday!

  • micah
    where are the flying unicorns and cats?!
    • Cameron
      That’s why I came here, for the Flying Unicorns and Cats!
    • Tony
      YES! Anytime I read Flying Unicorns I’m clicking. Asana, where are the Flying Unicorns?
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