30 days without email challenge

Tomorrow, we (Emily Kramer and Jim Renaud) will give up work and personal email for the entire month of April. Our “30 Days Without Email Challenge” was inspired by Asana’s goal of enabling “teamwork without email”, and we are both excited to see how the challenge affects our productivity.

The rules:

  • We cannot open email for any reason during the month
  • If we do open email, we lose a point for every email we send or read
  • Any filters or forwarding must be set up in advance

We will keep you updated with our progress throughout the month–stay tuned!

Week 1 Update:
After 4 days without email, both of us are both going strong. While friends, family, and commenters on social media and this post have expressed anxiety on our behalf, we’ve found life without email to be pretty simple so far. We’ve both come up with some workarounds, but neither one of us have sent or read an email.

Week 2 Update:
After 11 days without email, Emily has taken the lead. Jim has had 2 email violations. Check out our post.

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  • Jay
    i’d bet against kramer.
    • Emily Kramer
      Thanks for the encouragement.
  • Tim Stiffler-Dean
    I’ll be interested in seeing how you guys do. However, are you forwarding all of your email to just become tasks in Asana? Doesn’t that just change the location of your inbox?
    • Emily Kramer
      We are forwarding a handful of emails to Asana, which makes the emails more actionable (due dates, projects, faster commenting, etc) and let’s us prioritize them with the rest of our work. We will detail the tools and workarounds we are using in a future post, but for the most part I’m going cold turkey.
      • Harm Vestjens
        Respect! Go for it!
  • Harm Vestjens
    WOW. Knock out in first round by e-mail?
    Only internal e-mail or also external?
    • Emily Kramer
      All of it! Personal, work, internal, external!
  • ken
    If you have “tools and workarounds” and are”forwarding”to asana you are not giving up email you are giving up your email client.
    Don’t get me wrong, I am an asana user. It has brought clarity and efficiency to project related communication for my studio.
    It will be eye opening to see how cut off you get without access to email.
  • Jeremy Roberts
    I love this! What better way to prove that things still get done (and more efficiently) without email! I’m apply a variant of this to my own day-to-day. Results should be…. interesting :)
    • Emily Kramer
      Thanks Jeremy, let us know how it goes!
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  • Harmannus
    What is the difference? I don’t see it. just forwarding mail doesn’t prevent for a empty mailbox I think. And it only gives advantage if your e-mail partners use Asana as well and that is not the case by far. I like Asana but I don’t see a real difference to my current e-mail client in which I can set up task and projects as well. So…uh I’m not sure about the benefits.
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