30 days without email challenge: Round 2 update

Round Two - 30 Days Without Email

On April 1, we gave up work and personal email for the month for our “30 Days Without Email Challenge”. After 11 days without email, Emily has taken (a decisive?) lead.

Jim has had 2 email violations–he caved when he had to check an email design in his work email early in the morning when no one was in the office and had to check his personal email for a rebate on a recent purchase. Emily has still been email free, but suffered a few close calls while changing passwords due to the Heartbleed bug. Getting automated information (password resets, account information, flight information, etc) via email has proven to be the most difficult part of the challenge for Emily. Communication with friends and teammates hasn’t been much of a challenge, and has been replaced with more texting, Facebook messaging, and (of course) Asana.

Emily is confident she will keep her lead over Jim, while Jim is hoping for a comeback! Stay tuned for more updates.

Please note: Jim was not harmed in the making of this photo. The black eye was added in the editing process.

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  • Dimitris
    LOL about the note :P
  • Damien
    How do you route personal emails through Asana?
  • umb cas
    hey there just signed in today, im getting in love with your product i’ll definitely use it and get rid of my perpetual “UNREAD” inbox
    Cmon @Jim Renaud
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  • Camilla
    I create tasks from my e-mail. I write an own subject and after that, paste in the e-mail conversion.
    The problem is – I get a lot of unwanted spaces in the pasted text when I add it to the message field in ASANA. Is it something that can be fixed?