Updating our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and Subscriber Agreement

Today we’re publishing updated versions of our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, Subscriber Agreement, and a few other policies. The main goal of these changes is to update our terms to the current features of our service, API, and subscription plans. Where possible we also tried to use simpler language to make them easier to understand. This is a goal we will continue to pursue.

Here’s a short a walk-through of the major changes:

Terms of Service. We’ve updated the Terms of Service to describe the rights that you grant to administrators of your company or organization when you sign up for Asana with an email address from that entity. Please read them carefully.

Privacy Policy. As always, we don’t share your content with anyone you don’t ask us to, and your content is yours. But we’ve clarified several sections of our Privacy Policy to better explain how our services use your information. We’ve also added a section explaining our guidelines for responding to requests from law enforcement. These terms describe our commitment to protecting your privacy and notification rights when handling government requests.

Subscription Agreement. These updated terms govern our commitments and relationship with your organization when you subscribe to a Premium plan. We’ve also provided a PDF of these terms so you can forward on to your business team.

API Terms. We’re publishing our API terms alongside our other terms and policies. As our API evolves, these terms will be updated frequently. If you are an active Asana API user, please check back often.

We hope you’ll read the full Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and Subscriber Agreement. If you have questions about these updates, or anything you see, please email


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