Video highlights from our Intern Q&A

We recently hosted our annual summer Intern Q&A eventHere are some video highlights from the evening we thought you’d enjoy.

On the deepest intentions of entrepreneurs

Founders are often asked, “Why start a company? Why start this company?” Of course there are many reasons. But Sam Altman ventured that while entrepreneurs are often driven by the perceived glamour of startups, they eventually find more fulfillment in pursuing a meaningful mission.

On choosing a project to work on

Opportunity abounds in tech, and it’s a special time in our history. But with opportunity come many choices of what you could be working on, so how should you choose to spend that time and energy? Our panelists agreed that doing the thing that nobody else is doing will drive the most value, regardless of industry, and that working on something you are passionate about (and good at) will drive the most value for your growth.

On starting your own company

Starting your own company can seem glamorous. But there are many factors that you should consider before making the leap — like why you’re doing it and where you can have the most impact. Our panelists agreed that unless you have the answers to those questions, you’re better off joining a company you truly believe in.

On specialization vs. breadth in your early career

What to focus on in the early years of your career is a question many new grads face, and often defines their path. Given the pace at which technology and the workforce are changing, going for breadth will allow you to learn faster and find your passion so you can begin to specialize if you choose.

On early career mistakes

Building your career is a big change from a university schedule and course load. Kim-Mai advised attendees to focus on finding work that is satisfying, instead of superficial details like location, brand name, or title.

On misconceptions about working life

We all have a picture in our heads of what it’s like to work in a given industry, but a lot of what we imagine is vastly inaccurate. Some common misconceptions that our panelists had upon embarking on their careers included the idea that most people have it figured out and that hard skills matter more than soft skills. Turns out, neither is true :)

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