Happy Halloween: the bats are back!

A month ago, when we launched the new Asana, we realized just how much you missed flying bats in our spooky theme. So, just in time for Halloween, the bats are back. Hooray! (Or should we say Boo-ray!? No, we shouldn’t.) Just choose the spooky theme in My Profile Settings to add an animated bat to your Asana experience. Be sure to complete a few tasks to see your bats celebrate your work.

While we’ve long been aware that our celebration unicorns have a rabid following, we had no idea that the bats of Asana also had their fanboys….

So far, it seems like you are spooked and excited all at the same time…

The bats are really getting us all in the Halloween spirit over here — so much so that our animator Greg was inspired to make this Asana Halloween desktop wallpaper.

Happy Halloween

With all this digital desktop decor, our computer screens are starting to feel more like haunted houses. Really organized, productive haunted houses. :wink: :jack_o_lantern:

Special thanks to

Greg Elzerman, Anna Hurley

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