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What’s on your productivity playlist?

Playing your favorite tunes is an excellent way to pass the time, especially if you spend a lot of your work day sitting at a desk. Listening to music can also be a way to stay focused, inspire creative thinking, and put you in a better mood. And some music is particularly well-suited to help you get more done.

Our favorite focus music

We asked some fellow Asanas what they listen to in order to get into a focused flow and do their best work. Here’s what they had to say:

“I really enjoy piano or violin-based classical. I grew up listening to classical and it isn’t distracting. It helps me get into a very active zone at work.” -Frank, Sales

“Hip-hop or jazz. They’re my two favorite genres of music, and I’ve been listening to them both for over 10 years.” -Keenan, Web Development

“Taylor Swift! I know all of the words and she pumps me up!” -Sri, Engineer

“Classical or anything instrumental. The lack of words helps me stay focused and concentrate.” -Tatiana, Customer Success

“Mozart or Brahms. Anything without lyrics so I’m not distracted. I can also focus well with music I already know well, like Mariah Carey or any other ‘90s pop, hip-hop, or R&B.” -Ryan, User Operations

“I listen to stuff I can dance to! I am into house and dance music that’s influenced by disco and new wave. When I’m designing beautiful things, it feels good to bounce around in my seat.” -Amanda, Designer

Music and productivity

Listening to music can also be a way to stay focused, inspire creative thinking, and put you in a better mood.

For Asanas, classical and instrumental music seem to help with deep concentration, while a few of us enjoy livelier music for a creative boost—or to start a desk dance party!

It can also be useful to add some video game music to your playlist. That might sound odd, but video game music is composed specifically to provide a stimulating background that allows you to concentrate without adding distraction. If beeping midi sounds remind you too much of a small Italian plumber, there are also some beautiful symphonic renditions of classic video game scores that elevate the genre.

Productivity playlist

Since we’re all about helping you and your team get results, we put together a little playlist featuring some tunes that will help you to stay focused and productive. We hope you like it!

What do you love to listen to while you’re working? Tell us in the comments or tweet to @asana!

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