The Asana Blog has a new look

So, you may have noticed that the Asana Blog looks different. That’s because it is! Yesterday we rolled out a refresh :sparkles: of the blog. Here’s a look at what’s new.

A cleaner reading experience

Every great reading experience—whether it’s in print or on a screen—shares one thing in common: it’s easy on the eyes. To give the words on our blog more breathing room, we added more white space to individual article pages by eliminating the sidebar from our old layout. You’ll also notice slightly larger fonts—and fewer characters on each line—for improved readability and scannability, so there’s no need to use a magnifying glass :mag:.

Easy ways to share and subscribe

Whenever we read something that helps us work more efficiently, or makes us go “hmmm…” (or literally :joy: laugh out loud), we love sharing it with our teammates. We’ve made it easier to share articles with more prominent share buttons and also spruced up our quote call-outs. (If you didn’t know already, you can share these directly to Twitter.)

And if you enjoy reading our blog, it’s now easier to subscribe to get fresh articles delivered right to your inbox.

More clarity and energy

When we launched the new Asana last fall, we introduced a completely redesigned look and feel that was at once calming and delightful. The same guiding themes, clarity and energy, can be seen throughout the new blog in the clean white pages—punctuated by small :tada: bursts of color—that allow the words to take center stage. We were also inspired by editorial design principles, and wanted to showcase illustrations and images in a more immersive way.

We hope you like the new Asana Blog as much as we enjoyed refreshing it. Check it out, and let us know what you think in the comments!

Special thanks to Keenan Payne, Jenny Thai

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