Introducing Wavelength

Today we’re excited to launch Wavelength, our new publication for teams who aspire to do great things together through a mindful, purposeful approach.

In Wavelength, you’ll find advice and insights that tap into the collective knowledge of our customers (like IDEO and Zappos), the team here at Asana, and other leaders and experts about new and better ways of working together.

For us, improving teamwork starts with a fundamental shift in mindset. And Wavelength—an evolution of the Workstyle category of posts here on the Asana Blog—is our way of helping teams make that shift together.

What’s in a name?

You know that feeling you get when your whole team is on the same wavelength? There’s less chaos, more clarity, and everyone is working towards the same goal effortlessly. That’s the inspiration behind the name Wavelength.

Whether you’re leading a team for the first time or a seasoned manager, the reality is that aligning efforts across a group of individuals can be challenging. We hope to help change that by sharing actionable insights on how to create and achieve shared goals—so you and your team can get on the same wavelength.

Read the debut issue of Wavelength

To cover topics in depth from multiple perspectives, articles in Wavelength will be published in issues. Our very first issue is all about distributing authority. It explores how individuals and teams get better results when everyone has the authority to make decisions at work. Here are some of the articles you’ll find:

We hope you :heart: reading Wavelength as much as we enjoyed creating it. Check out the first issue, share it with your teammates, and let us know what you think!


Special thanks to Amanda Buzard, Amanda Linden, Anna Hurley, Anya Vo, Ashley Kemper, Chris Farinacci, Devon Watts, Emilie Cole, Emily Kramer, Grace Erickson, Greg Elzerman, Jessica Strelioff, Josh Torres, Justin Rosenstein, Keenan Payne, Kelsey Aroian, Reigan Combs, Sarah Rudder, Stephanie Marden, Ted Babcock, Vivek Sri, Zach Miller

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