London calling: Celebrating our customers in the UK (and beyond)

Today, teams all over the world use Asana. And thanks to you, our community, few regions have grown as quickly as Europe—particularly the United Kingdom, where thousands of teams use Asana.

To help your teams be even more successful with Asana, we’re more committed than ever to investing in the UK and Europe. We’re currently expanding our Dublin office into a full EMEA business headquarters and growing local account and support teams, with the goal of doubling in size by the end of year. We couldn’t be more thrilled to serve our customers in the UK and Europe.

While the Asana community has grown quickly, it was just recently that we finally got everyone together to meet, share stories, and learn from each other.

A London celebration

Earlier this month, we hosted our first-ever Asana community event in London at the Tanner Warehouse. It was an incredible evening, bringing together nearly a hundred members of our UK community, including panelists from Improbable, the International HIV/AIDS Alliance, and Vodafone.

Asana co-founder Justin Rosenstein started off the evening with remarks about our company mission: to enable all teams to work together effortlessly. For us, this mission is global. After all, work about work is a real challenge that every team faces—no matter where they are in the world.

Work about work is a real challenge that every team in the world faces.

We did some research recently and found that in UK companies specifically, 42% of employees surveyed said they still spend most of their day on status meetings, organising work, and tracking down information—as opposed to making progress on actual work.[1] And while file-sharing and messaging tools are wonderful on their own, many teams are finding themselves with more messages and more files—but not always more productivity.

What’s been missing is an important, third piece to the collaboration puzzle: We call it work tracking, and we believe that Asana is the work tracking tool that will enable every team to get coordinated on their most important projects, and ultimately, achieve their biggest goals. By improving team coordination, we hope to help businesses and organizations drive progress in areas like technology, education, healthcare, government, and sustainability.

Asana co-founder Justin Rosenstein
Asana co-founder Justin Rosenstein giving his keynote remarks at Tanner Warehouse on 5 October 2017

Success stories from our UK community

In fact, some of this work is being accomplished right here in the UK. At our London event, we were inspired by the amazing stories we heard from customers who are using Asana to do great things.

“I can genuinely say that there are more dolphins and whales alive today thanks to Asana.”

“I can genuinely say that there are more dolphins and whales alive today thanks to Asana,” says Chris Butler-Stroud, CEO of Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC). A wildlife charity dedicated to the conservation and welfare of whales, dolphins and other cetaceans, the WDC uses Asana to manage policy and fundraising work.

At Improbable, the talent team relies on Asana to prioritise work whilst the company is in its hyper-growth stage. Caitriona Staunton, Head of Talent at Improbable, told us in a panel discussion, “Asana helps us stay on top of the craziness of day-to-day start-up recruiting, along with all the improvements we want to make. Asana allows us to write everything down, make sure no one’s duplicating work, and enable anyone who has passion or knowledge about a particular task to help and make an impact.”

And at the International HIV/AIDS Alliance, Asana is used to coordinate capacity building assignments and the deployment of expertise to organisations around the world, whether it’s working with community leaders in Timor Leste to engage with the allocation of health funding or handling the content and logistics for a capacity building workshop in Manila, Philippines.

“Asana helps me stay accountable and have an accurate picture of what’s going on at any one time while also making sure I take care of all the details.”

“I’m working on multiple projects at a time, all over the world,” says Amina Ruff, Senior Advisor, Technical Assistance at the International HIV/AIDS Alliance. “This work is time sensitive and I have to coordinate internal procedures with work in the field, so I have a real sense of responsibility. Asana helps me stay accountable and have an accurate picture of what’s going on at any one time while also making sure I take care of all the details.”

Members of our UK community at Tanner Warehouse
Members of our UK community at Tanner Warehouse.

We’re at your service

As we grow and scale our business internationally, I want to emphasise two things to our community in the UK and Europe. First, we’re here to serve you and to help your team better coordinate and manage your work with Asana—so you can be even more effective at achieving your goals. Second, we’re excited about our plans in the region, so expect to hear more from us soon. We’re just getting started.

Want to get more involved in our UK Asana community? Simply fill out this short survey to let us know which customer programmes interest you most, and we’ll be in touch.

[1] Workplace Productivity in the UK survey commissioned by Asana and conducted by VIGA. September 2017.

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