Engineering productivity: Meet our engineers

Asana’s mission is to help humanity thrive by enabling all teams to work together effortlessly. In order to achieve our mission, our product needs to be easy to use, reliable, safe, and powerful for our customers.

Behind our product is our growing team of engineers, ranging from UI/UX and front-end experts to stability and security specialists. Every single one of our engineers contributes to creating our product, whether they’re fixing bugs or improving pageload, shipping new features, or making sure your data is secure.

Beyond building our product, our engineers make up 35% of our entire company and have a big impact on our workplace. Their Hackathons, Polish Weeks, and Grease Weeks extend to the entire company. And they are involved in cross-functional collaboration with teams like Sales, Customer Success, Design, and more.

We recently interviewed a few of our engineers for our Engineering Blog and thought you might like to meet them, too.  Say hello to Rachel, Mike, and Justin, who each contribute to Asana’s mission as members of the Engineering team.

Rachel Miller: Caring about more than code

Rachel is a Manager on our Product Engineering team—they’re the folks who focus on building the part of Asana you see every day. She joined Asana after leaving her PhD program and over the past six years, has moved from an individual contributor to a manager role.

As a manager, Rachel finds her reports’ success the most rewarding. “I’m really motivated by watching my reports grow and meet their goals. It’s really satisfying to see [them] get clarity on what their goals are—and to see them reach them!”

She also thinks a lot about engineering management at such a product-led organization. “We expect our engineers to care about things beyond just code: to care about how the product is developed, make sure they have great relationships with PLs and designers, and think about trade-offs.”

Read more about what Rachel thinks career success looks like at Asana and why she looks forward to coming to work every day.

Mike MoreartyMike Morearty: Scaling developer efficiency

Mike works on our Developer Efficiency team to make our engineers—you guessed it—more efficient. The team helps our internal developers by improving how they write code and build our product. This can mean finding and calibrating the best tooling, processes, or systems to make things faster and more efficient.

Developer Efficiency is core to the success of our Engineering Team, company, and product. As Mike explains, “When developers are able to have a fast turnaround cycle, they’re so much more efficient.”. More efficient developers leads to a better product and ultimately, happier customers.

Read why Mike loves being an individual contributor more than being a manager, and what drew him to apply to Asana.

Justin Churchill: A passion for performance

Justin is an Engineer on the Client Infrastructure team (they build the web framework that Asana runs on), a Program Lead for that team, and a manager to folks who aren’t staffed on his program. Juggling three roles, Justin codes, as well as influences, plans, and executes on program roadmaps. In addition to software development and program work, he also helps his reports achieve their goals.

He’s passionate about app performance (improving load time and minimizing downtime), which the Client Infrastructure team addresses, because “It’s the type of work where you have to understand everything about the system in order to notice opportunities for improvement,” he says. “You end up learning a lot about software engineering that way.”

Hear about why he applied to join Asana’s team and what it’s like working on a product he uses every day.


To learn more about every team behind our product and business, as well as to see our open positions, visit our careers page.

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