5 reasons to join Asana Together

At Asana, it’s no surprise that we love collaboration. With our new community program, Asana Together, we’ve created an opportunity for you to connect with others around teamwork, productivity—and, of course, Asana.

Since the recent launch of Asana Together, our community has already grown to over 200 Asana enthusiasts representing 33 countries (and counting), from all different industries and roles. What ties them together is their love for sharing Asana with others, their passion for improving how their teams work together, and focusing on the work that matters.

Asana Together includes:

  • Ambassadors – Go-to Asana experts and enthusiasts at their company or team.
  • Certified Pros – Independent consultants who  help multiple organizations get the most out of Asana.
  • Forum Champions – Established Asana users who lead the conversation in our community forum.

Why join the Asana community program

Do any of these sound like you? If so, we encourage you to join today. As an Asana Together member, you’ll:

1. Establish yourself as an Asana expert

With exclusive training and resources, we’ll help you become an Asana expert. Once you complete the members-only Asana Together training program, you’ll receive a badge you can share with your network to show off your Asana knowledge.

“I’m raising my profile and gaining respect among my network as an Asana Certified Pro.”

– Aron Markowitz, Certified Pro from Brooklyn NY

2. Be the first to know

As a member of Asana Together, you’re an insider. You’ll get invited to monthly members-only webinars where you’ll get the latest Asana news and updates, have an opportunity to chat with the team members who build Asana, and see previews of new product features. Our monthly members-only newsletters also give you ongoing updates so you can keep your Asana knowledge up to date.

3. Meet others who use Asana—online and in person

Asana Together members can chat with other members as well as the Asana team in private community forum groups. You also get priority access to Asana Together World Tour workshops and events across the globe. We even give you tools and resources for hosting your own Asana-themed events!

“Being part of Asana Together has allowed me to meet people at Asana and also other members around the world.”

– Julien Renaud, Ambassador from Lyon, France

4. Get rewards

Complete challenges and refer customers to receive referral bonuses and other surprises as an Asana Together member. We’re always looking for fun ways to give back to the Asana community, including welcome kits with Asana pins, stickers, and more.

5. Be a part of a growing community

As part of Asana Together, you’ll be at the forefront of building a movement around new ways of working, teamwork, and productivity.  Above all, we’re here to support each other in our ambitious goals, no matter where we are in the world. Asana Together members represent a diverse array of industries and roles, each of whom use Asana in different ways, and have knowledge and tips around teamwork and productivity to share with the community.

Find your spot

There’s a sense of belonging, inspiration, and support when joining a community—you’re part of a movement. Side by side, we can accomplish great things together. Months in the making, we’re thrilled to share Asana Together and build connections with Asana customers and enthusiasts across the globe. There’s a spot waiting for you, so find your place in Asana Together today.

Special thanks to Joshua Zerkel, Logan LeVan, Kimberlea Buczeke, Julien Renaud, Aron Markowitz

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