Art, inspiration, and community: How we recognized Latinx Heritage Month

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Every year between September and October, National Latinx Heritage Month celebrates the rich heritage, culture, and contributions made by the Latinx community. It’s a time to reflect on our community’s resilience and to honor those who have fought to make a difference. It’s also an opportunity to think about our futures and how we can work together to drive positive change within our families, neighborhoods, and workplaces. 

At Asana, we took full advantage of this special month to go all out and lift up our fellow Latinx employees and community members. Here’s a snapshot of how it all played out! 

Social spotlights for our Latinx employees

We kicked off the month with a social campaign to highlight some of our own Latinx Asanas and all the great work they do. 

Court, an Administrative Business Partner reminded us that “There is no right, wrong, or ‘typical’ way to be LatinX” and to embrace all of the different aspects that make us who we are. 

Luis, a software engineer emphasized the importance of having a supportive community and knowing that we don’t have to go through life’s ups and downs alone.

Tamika, a recruiter found power in remembering the resilience of our people.

Arte e inspiración: SFMOMA + Asana 

Back in our San Francisco headquarters, we leveraged our partnership with local Asana customer, SFMOMA to curate a collection of pieces from Latinx artists Enrique Chagoya, Jet Martinez, Gustavo Rivera, Alejandro Rubio, and more. The pieces brought life and color to our space and allowed for moments of inspiration for all Asanas. 

Stepping into our own power: Latinas in Tech + Asana

At the start of October, we sponsored and attended the Latinas in Tech Summit hosted by Latinas In Tech, a local organization co-founded by our very own Margarita Rojas, International Marketing and Localization Program Lead at Asana. The focus of the Summit was to inspire Latinas to step into our power and own our future, regardless of the adversity we face in the tech industry.I myself had the pleasure of attending the summit with some of my fellow Latinx Asanas, and it was so inspiring to see Margarita on stage sharing her experiences about making intentional career decisions and securing a seat at the table. One line in particular sticks with me still: “If there isn’t enough room at the table, build your own.” 

Here’s what my fellow summit-goers took away from the event:

“It was inspiring to see so many smart, talented, and passionate women come together for Latinas in Tech. The panelists reminded me how powerful it is to embrace your identity and share your story with the world.”

Laura Draper, Content Marketing Manager

“Representation in tech is vital to our communities. Being able to look up and see someone that looks like you is so important for the next generations. Latinas in Tech not only put us all together, but gave a platform to women who are willing to reach back and pull others forward.”

Charlandra Follings, Technical Recruiting Researcher

“‘When people are direct about their bandwidth, we should celebrate and support them.’ Hearing this at Latinas in Tech reminded me that while I always strive to do great work, it can’t happen if I’m not honest about my priorities, resources, and time.”

Jessenia Francisco, Sales Operations Program Lead

“Seeing such wonderful members of the Latinx community come together to support and uplift one another was a powerful reminder that we all have a responsibility to fight for our access. It’s a shared responsibility, and one that we should collectively focus our resources and energies on.”

Taylor Thompson, Recruiting Coordinator

“I’ve attended dozens of tech conferences over the years and I’ve never felt so comfortable as I did at LTXFest. To network and talk freely without fears of microaggressions, and thoughts of ‘How did she get here?’ was a total weight lifted off of my shoulders. It allowed me to bring my true authentic self, and I left with my first ever Latina mentor!”

Melinda Romero, IT Support Specialist

Panza llena, corazón contento: A celebration of food and cultura at Cha-Cha-Cha

No Latinx celebration would be complete without savory food. To recognize our collective accomplishments and make new connections across the business, we organized a special dinner for Latinx Asanas and ate delicious Afro-Caribbean food at Cha-cha-cha in the Mission district of San Francisco. Together we bonded over our shared experiences in tech and made a promise to continue checking in and supporting each other.

All in all, the month was an inspiring celebration of Latinx identity. I feel grateful to work at a company where all employees are supported and cherished for their similarities and differences alike. Some places just talk the talk when it comes to diversity and inclusion, but Asana truly values and champions this work. It’s part of our identidad. Through our Gradient, our Employee Resource Group (ERG) for people of color, we have many opportunities to celebrate each other year-round.

To that end, we’re always looking to welcome more individuals who share our commitment to building a diverse team and creating an inclusive environment—where everyone is confident being their authentic selves—to the team. If you’re looking for new challenges and experiences, check out our job openings today. Hasta la próxima.

Special thanks to Steph Hess, Sonja Gittens, Allie Joel, Ashley Waxman, Margarita Rojas, and our entire #LatinX community at Asana

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