For the first time ever, Asana is one of the Best Workplaces in Ireland

Dublin is home to our flagship office in Europe, where Asanas are working to achieve our mission, serve our customers, and scale our company culture in the EMEA region. Last week, Asana was named as one of Ireland’s Best Small Workplaces in 2020, coming in at number seven on the list.

This is the first time ever that Asana has been named one of Ireland’s top workplaces. This industry recognition is a testament to the investments we’ve made in our company culture as we continue to grow throughout Dublin, London, Munich, and Reykjavik

“I am so thrilled to see Asana awarded as a Great Place to Work in Ireland. Asana has such a special culture and we are building a fantastic team in our EMEA HQ in Dublin,” says Robbie O’Connor, Head of Sales & Dublin Site Lead. “We aim to create a vibrant, healthy and fulfilling working experience for all Asanas across every team, which makes receiving this award incredibly special.” 

Here’s a glimpse at life in Dublin from members of #teamasana and what they love most about Asana.

Creating a welcoming office environment

From the office environment to daily interactions, the Dublin team has intentionally built their office culture to enable everyone to do their most innovative and impactful work, in service of our mission. 

“The office environment is one of warmth, openness, and empathy, and quite unlike anywhere I have ever worked in before. Sharing this new space together has really facilitated collaboration, and getting to know and grow with our peers. Bringing your whole self to work is not merely a catchphrase, but our reality. Authenticity and sincerity prevail!” -Sean Kavanagh, Dublin Office Manager

“The Dublin office has grown significantly into an amazing group with all nationalities and cultural backgrounds. Even during this hyper-growth phase, we are all still very close and have kept the culture, energy, and team spirit alive. Asana is allowing everyone to truly bring their full self to work, which has helped us develop our very own culture, with lovely unique traditions that are being passed on to each new employee that joins our family.” -Sarah Culligan, Enterprise Sales

Working toward our mission, together

At Asana, we are passionate about building technology that is a force for positive change in the world. Our mission drives us every day, and the Dublin team is dedicated to supporting our global customers in Europe and beyond. 

“Asana Dublin is a truly fun and friendly place to work. People work hard to help achieve our mission in a mindful way, but we also make sure to celebrate the wins along the way. We’re so lucky to work with such an inclusive, talented, and supportive team.” -Katie Quinn, Recruiting Partner 

“The Dublin office is my second home and I’m proud to work with such amazing people. We support each other and work cross-functionally on different projects which helps us be more involved in achieving the company mission. I feel motivated to be the best version of myself at Asana!” -Emily Roman, Quality Program Lead, User Operations 

Building an inclusive and tight-knit team 

Asanas around the world are driven by helping each other work smarter and succeed. Every person values being on a diverse team and is committed to fostering an environment of transparency and inclusivity.  

“Asana Dublin is a unique melting pot of diversity and ingenuity. I’m proud to be part of the User Operations Team, who offer first-class support to our customers all around the world. I’ve never worked with such a talented, yet humble, group of people.” -Tadgh Dolan, Content Strategist, User Operations

“I’m about to celebrate my third anniversary at Asana and so much has changed since my first day. One thing that hasn’t is our culture. I’m proud to say that there are over 20 nationalities represented in our Dublin office and that we’ve all contributed to building a cohesive and inclusive culture that fits each and every one of us.” -Marie Tomasi, Community Program Manager

“A few months into working at Asana I mentioned that my birthday was coming up and how much I missed my family around this time. Four of my coworkers decorated my desk, and I received a card signed by the whole office. The sense of belonging I felt that day two years ago has not wavered one bit. I am excited to have the chance to share that sense of belonging and togetherness every day with new and existing Asanas.” -Edda Brehmer, UO Analyst – Content and Messaging

Living and breathing our company culture

A supportive environment in Dublin challenges the team to do great things, fast, while also practicing mindfulness as we grow and scale. A core part of our culture is what we call “heartitude,” which encompasses space to express our feelings, empathy for other perspectives, and making time to celebrate wins.

“Working in our Dublin office is an amazing experience. Since day one, I have felt the heartitude, warmth, and geniality from everyone here. Bringing your full self to work is not only appreciated, but celebrated, and this creates an incredible atmosphere of collaboration and co-creation. Everyone weighs in, everyone is heard, and I feel a sense of true belonging here.” -Patrick Zecher, Legal and Privacy Operations 

“For me, the Dublin office epitomises heartitude. We are proud of the company, the region we represent, the countries we are gaining traction in, the office space we work in, and all of our colleagues and friends we get the pleasure to work alongside every day. The Dublin office itself has really seen a coming of age over recent years and no matter who you talk to, everyone is excited about where we are heading in the years to come. We are all in it together,  sprinkled with a bit of Irish luck!” – Stu Reddall, EMEA Acquisitions Lead

Putting our customers first 

The team is deeply passionate about serving our customers. They’re committed to growing Asana to serve the world’s teams and ensuring that our customers see the most value out of our platform.

“In my role, I set customers up for success on a daily basis and help them get the most out of Asana throughout their journey with us. Working at Asana is not just a job; I can see how my overall work feeds into our company goals and it makes me proud to be part of such a kind and respecting culture. Asana truly is my happy place!” -Sarahann Monks, Customer Success Manager 

“When I look around and see our brand new office where all business teams are represented and the diversity we have, I feel a strong sense of belonging and pride. On top of that, getting large brands to trust us and seeing them thrive with Asana gives me personal satisfaction!” -Corentin Rosado

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