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How the Asana community stays organized while working remotely

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Staying on track while working remotely comes down to one thing: effectively collaborating with your team. But learning to collaborate while working remotely means finding ways to maintain visibility into team projects and stay organized from anywhere.

To get a glimpse of how people worldwide are staying organized and connected while working remotely, we asked the Asana Community to share their best practices. Read on to learn their tips for  collaborating effectively with Asana.

Drive clarity with My Tasks & Inbox

Inbox helps me stay on track. It’s much more relevant to the projects, tasks, and conversations I’m working on. I don’t use my email inbox that much.”—Emre Erbirer, Asana Ambassador

“I get all tasks out of my head and into a place that I can easily see and triage them frequently. I’ve customized My Tasks to make this quick and easy. I created Sections with Tab + N for: Now, Next, Today, Daily, and New, to name a few.”—Larry Berger, Asana Certified Pro

Asana Community My tasks example

Create structure within projects

“I prefer to see my work in Boards View, so that I can easily see my workload.”—Alfredo Orellana, Asana Ambassador

“I like the calendar feature so I can plan out my work in advance. Being able to visualize deadlines helps me plan the steps I need to deliver on time!”—Marissa Taffer, PMP, Asana Certified Pro

“Our leadership team can easily filter data by custom fields or sort when items have been last modified in order to stay informed.”—Jerod Hillard, Asana Ambassador

Separate work and home life

“One of my favorite Asana features is the “show me as away” feature. It really helps when I’m commenting on a task and tag someone in to see that they’re currently out of the office. It helps set expectations for when that person might get back to you.”—Whitney Rudeseal Peet, Asana Ambassador

“Use your commute time for something fun or to learn something new.”—Jason Woods, Asana Forum Champion

It’s really easy to get bogged down with work—especially right now—and you glance up at the clock and have that ‘How is it 5pm already?!’ moment. Try and get up every now and then to just step away.”—Whitney Rudeseal Peet, Asana Ambassador

Maintain a single source of truth

“I’m a huge proponent of having a single source of truth. For my team, that’s Asana. From within Asana we are able to provide any necessary context and then redirect people to supplemental documents within our cloud storage platforms, financial tools, or other areas of Asana.”—Jerod Hillard, Asana Ambassador

“Whenever a person says they need something from me, I say ‘Assign me a task in Asana.’”—Emre Erbirer, Asana Ambassador

More remote work best practices

Check out more content about remote work on our blog, or join the conversation by becoming part of the Asana Together community. For more helpful tips on mastering remote work, read how Asana can help and sign up for free.

Special thanks to The Asana Community, Audriana Vojkovich-Bombard, Alfredo Orellana, Emre Erbirer, Jason Woods, Jerod Hillard, Kimberlea Buczeke, Larry Berger, Marie Tomasi, Marissa Taffer, Whitney Rudeseal Peet

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