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Anatomy of Work Index 2021: Australia and New Zealand Findings [Infographic]

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The way we think about work has changed. But how we work hasn’t kept up.   

Workers in Australia and New Zealand are losing 58% of their time to ‘work about work’ (e.g. meetings and status checks), with just 29% left for skilled work (e.g coding or market analysis) and 13% for strategy (e.g. forward-looking planning). Weekly, they’re spending almost an hour more in unnecessary meetings than they did in 2019—totalling 158 hours annually. Further, they’re losing over 5 hours—240 hours each year—to duplicated work/work that is no longer relevant. 

As a result, 77%—above the global average—experienced burnout in 2020. 

To understand how the office has changed, what’s working and what’s not, and to shine a light on better approaches, we analysed the attitudes and behaviours of over 13,000 knowledge workers globally, including 2,103 in Australia and New Zealand. 

The Anatomy of Work Index 2021 explores how individuals, teams, and entire organisations can bring clarity to the chaos through work management, reset for resilience, and flourish as they move forward.

To learn more, read the full report.

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