Asana got polished again

Another productive Polish Week at Asana has come and gone! Every few months, we dedicate a week to “polishing” our product, improving features, and fixing bugs. For you, this means many small changes to Asana in a short time period, hopefully making your experience with Asana even better. You can read more about Polish Week and our process in a blog post from last year.

We made many improvements this time around. Here are some of the highlights:

Upload multiple file attachments at once. 
Tired of attaching files to your tasks one at a time? With our new attachments upgrade, you can attach multiple files at once! Just multi-select files from your computer and drag-and-drop them onto the task, or click the attachment icon and select multiple files. You can even add multiple files at once from Dropbox.


Search for tasks within a specific Team.
Have you ever searched for a task that belongs to the Recruiting Team, and then got stuck wading through results for the Engineering, Marketing, and Sales Teams? Now you don’t have to! We added a Team filter to advanced search, so you can limit your search results to one or more Teams.


Never create multiple copies of a tag again.
Have you ever created a new tag, only to find out that the tag already existed? Now, you won’t be able to create a tag with the same name as an already-existing tag, which streamlines the tagging process.

Choose permissions for people you invite.
We gave our permissions options an upgrade. Now, when you add a new Assignee or Follower to a task, you can choose whether that person has access to just the task, just the project, or the entire Workspace. This change is being rolled out slowly and isn’t available to everyone yet, so stay tuned.


Drag tasks into the trash can icon.
Here’s one more option for clearing clutter from your task list: drag a task into “Deleted Tasks” in the left pane, next to the trash can icon. You can also still delete the task from the menu at the top of the task pane, or use Tab+Backspace to be even more efficient.

Get more organized notification emails in Outlook.
Our notification emails in Outlook are now threaded so that conversations about a task appear together.

Receive reminder emails at the right time of day.
We’ve improved notification email timing to be based on local time-zone. So now reminders arrive at the appropriate time, no matter where you are.

Get better notifications.
We revamped our notification dialogs to make them more helpful and more beautiful.

Notification Dialog_Crop

See ALL of the tasks in your Workspace.
To see all of the tasks that you have access to in your Workspace, click on “All Tasks” in the left pane under “Show Recents and more.”

… And many more!
The list above is just a sample of the many improvements we made during Polish Week. Comment below about the improvements you like, or with any special requests for our next Polish Week!

P.S. Here’s a haiku one of our engineers wrote for Polish Week:

A polished service
is a beacon: users, come!
Feel Asana’s love.

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