Asana got polished again

Polish Week Team

Another productive Polish Week at Asana has come and gone! Every few months, we dedicate a week to “polishing” our product, improving features, and fixing bugs. For you, this means many small changes to Asana in a short time period, hopefully making your experience with Asana even better. You can read more about Polish Week and our process in a blog post from last year.

We made many improvements this time around. Here are some of the highlights:

Upload multiple file attachments at once. 
Tired of attaching files to your tasks one at a time? With our new attachments upgrade, you can attach multiple files at once! Just multi-select files from your computer and drag-and-drop them onto the task, or click the attachment icon and select multiple files. You can even add multiple files at once from Dropbox.


Search for tasks within a specific Team.
Have you ever searched for a task that belongs to the Recruiting Team, and then got stuck wading through results for the Engineering, Marketing, and Sales Teams? Now you don’t have to! We added a Team filter to advanced search, so you can limit your search results to one or more Teams.


Never create multiple copies of a tag again.
Have you ever created a new tag, only to find out that the tag already existed? Now, you won’t be able to create a tag with the same name as an already-existing tag, which streamlines the tagging process.

Choose permissions for people you invite.
We gave our permissions options an upgrade. Now, when you add a new Assignee or Follower to a task, you can choose whether that person has access to just the task, just the project, or the entire Workspace. This change is being rolled out slowly and isn’t available to everyone yet, so stay tuned.


Drag tasks into the trash can icon.
Here’s one more option for clearing clutter from your task list: drag a task into “Deleted Tasks” in the left pane, next to the trash can icon. You can also still delete the task from the menu at the top of the task pane, or use Tab+Backspace to be even more efficient.

Get more organized notification emails in Outlook.
Our notification emails in Outlook are now threaded so that conversations about a task appear together.

Receive reminder emails at the right time of day.
We’ve improved notification email timing to be based on local time-zone. So now reminders arrive at the appropriate time, no matter where you are.

Get better notifications.
We revamped our notification dialogs to make them more helpful and more beautiful.

Notification Dialog_Crop

See ALL of the tasks in your Workspace.
To see all of the tasks that you have access to in your Workspace, click on “All Tasks” in the left pane under “Show Recents and more.”

… And many more!
The list above is just a sample of the many improvements we made during Polish Week. Comment below about the improvements you like, or with any special requests for our next Polish Week!

P.S. Here’s a haiku one of our engineers wrote for Polish Week:

A polished service
is a beacon: users, come!
Feel Asana’s love.

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  • Andrew Nedelchev
    Great job as always! And the haiku is hilarious.
  • Layne Benofsky
    Yes — Thank you for no longer reminding me (via my phone) at 1am for a project I’m to work on tomorrow afternoon… ;)
  • Myroslav Opyr
    Can you please make it possible to @link person by her e-mail during next polish week, please?
    • Chrissy
      This is something I’ve also included in my standard list of improvements that I provide to them whenever they ask me for feedback. If we could @link someone by their email address, it would be more consistent across text fields since you can currently @link in some text fields (like the assignment text field, though that’s not entirely @linking) but not in others (like the comment text field or task description).
  • Juan Martitegui
    guys you are awesome! I love it…. Can you make it so we can re arrange the projects order in the sidebar in the personal projects?
  • Anthony
    When auto-completing project names it’d be helpful if you referenced the team name. We often have the same project name for multiple teams. Here’s an example:

    In the above example, we have a project called “promotions” for our development team and another project called “promotions” for our marketing team. Maybe you could show it in the dropdown using a format like: Project Name (Team Name) or Project Name > Team Name

  • Karkuvel
    Nice work Team ASANA , the feature set is getting bigger by the day, it will be nice if you could list somewhere the complete set of POLISHES THAT HAVE BEEN DONE.
  • rotsap
    Now its time to “download all attachments” feature :P
    • Stas
    • Jilang
      +1.. pls settle this asap. tq.
    • Sarah Lewis
    • Ani
      I love this tool!

      What I would love to see is this: More Google Drive integration with Asana from Gmail.

      For example, I have a teammate getting an email from an outside client. The outside client has sent my teammate multiple attachments that they will need to give me instructions in-reference to. If they could place the attachment from their Gmail, via the Google Drive Triangle to a shared folder, and then side-by-side integration with the attachment in Google Drive write what they need to, and assign a due date and assignee that would be ideal. (Sometimes the attachments are numerous and it is tedious and inefficient to use ASANA for attachments.)

      Currently, the workaround this limitation is placement of attachments in Google Drive, and then a forward of the email with instructions from the client to – where the task includes a link to google drive with all of the attachments that are easily accessible to all teammates on the project.

      I’ve also been noticing “follow” status confuses the recipient because it is unclear that the “follow” is replacing the “cc” function an email to keep the party in the loop – so the follower receives an email but is not sure if the instruction is for them (causing them to forward the email to me, and ask about it.) So, if the “follower” gets an email – can the email be labeled clearly “follower” of whatever ASANA would like to call these pings. :)

      Additionally, the Asana reminder/update/etc. email to the gmail would be wonderfully effective if the email reply could act as the “comment” functionality – so the user would not have to go login into Asana separately to achieve what an email would do. (as far as communication.) Clearly, I am working with a different dept. that works much more with external clients, which makes it difficult/less efficient for them to toggle between internal communications and external information.

      Any and all suggestions are welcomed – I am not an Asana guru, so let me know if there’s a more efficient workaround to achieve the items listed above.

      Thank you for this wonderful tool, it’s made my workspace much easier to deal with, now for some quick fixes for adaptation for light-users would be lovely!

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  • Dave Nattriss
    Any chance of some subtasks polish? There are lots of things that you can do with tasks that you can’t do with subtasks – the main one being, listing/finding them! If I do a blank search (i.e. no text) for all subtasks in a project, I get no results. I just want a way to see all subtasks (and tasks) in a project.
  • Jeannine McCloskey
    I love you guys. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Honestly, I have spent the last two weeks looking for the perfect project management software, and finally I found something clean and simple that works. I am an individual ecommerce entrepreneur, and I make custom children’s clothing. I get a lot of of orders, each unique, and needed a software package that combined project management, with contacts and calendars. I realize I am a one man team, but I love this product. It is fast, convenient and easy.
    I would love to see an iPad version in the near future, but otherwise I am really happy.
    • shark
      changi gal vay..
  • Gordon
    Ditto on needing an iPad version!
  • Aste
    Thanks for a great product. Could you please make it possible to rearrange projects by drag’n’drop, and add a feature for nesting a project under another project? Thanks
  • Jeff
    I desperately need the ability to make a task’s due date dependent on the completion of another task. Any way to do this?
  • Izmar
    Our project is very much in need of some subtask love – the ability to assign a due date to multiple subtasks at the same time would be a godsend. Thanks for this great product, it’s been a huge help!
  • Michael
    “See ALL of the tasks in your Workspace.” Great idea. Only I can’t figure out how to sort these so that the active tasks come up first. I have hundreds, so mostly I see archived tasks.
  • Taz
    Love this product. Increased productivity for my team. Would be helpful if we could assign due dates directly from an email.
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  • Vipul
    I love Asana! Asana can double my love if it allow me to write time for the task and arrange tasks by date+time.
  • Jonah
    Asana, more than almost any software I use, gets nearly everything right, and impresses me all the time, so I hate to say that adding rich text buttons is one of the first mis-steps Asana has made imo. If you want so support formatting, please just add markdown support. And if you are going clutter up your lovely, every-detail-considered UI with MS-Word-esque buttons, please please please add the option to hide them via settings.
    • Mark Foden
      Absolutely agree with Jonah: Markdown! Asana is showing the way in so many areas it seems a shame not to lead in this critically important one.
    • Mickey
      agree: Markdown!
  • Devin
    Asana always gets on “I’m Grateful For” list. Thank you.
  • Walter
    When I paste in content to an Asana description or comment field from another application it often removes spaces so words get joined together (for example, “The quick brown fox…” might be “Thequick brown fox…”. Please fix :-)
  • Constantin
    I love Asana and use it in my office everyday. Thus I have a few suggestions on features I am missing:

    1. Copying subtasks from one task to the next by dragging and dropping them between task. At the moment this is not possible but you have to copy subtasks out of one main taks into a project than select the target-task and drag the subtasks in one by one. Extremely annoying if your work with subtasks like we do.

    2. Formatting Header-Tasks: For example I have a Project titled “Daily Office Meeting” which we use to gather our thoughts in the morning. It contains the Header tasks “Priority 1: Red” “Priority 2: yellow” Priority 3: Green” and “Priority4: Blue (Parked)” It would be nice to actually give the header tasks (and other “normal” tasks for that matter” a color and special format, so my “priority 1:red” header-task could actually appear in the color red.

    3. Selecting specific attachments for integration into an Asana tasks when forwarding emails to asana. When you forward an email into Asana it automatically adds ALL attachments contained in that email to the specified project. The Email integration is absolutely necessary but with ALL attachments most of the time it becomes an administrative nightmare because most emails do not only contain the “content-related attachment” (an excel model, a contract, whatever it is the email is about), but also a lot of “stuff”, e.g. company logos, disclaimers in pdf format, social media buttons etc.etc. To filter which attachments are necessary and which are not is a very unnecessary task and asana gets packed with unwanted data that way. It would be nice to have a way to select which attachments from a forwarded email should be accepted in asana before integrating the email into the projects.

    That’s it for now. I hope someone can relate to those requests and I would like to hear what you think about it!



  • Laura
    The ability to customize the calendar with our own CSS and drop an iframe into a website would bypass my need for the google calendar integration, which is slow to update. Helpful for those who would like to show transparency of schedule/due dates to their clients without allowing them to login to Asana directly.
  • Arron
    I’d love to see markdown support for comments and descriptions
  • Arthur
    Currently setting or re-setting a Due Date and Priority (Today, Later, or Upcoming) is inefficient and time-consuming because it requires 4 clicks:
    1. Open Due Date
    2. Select Due Date
    3. Open Assignee field
    4. Select Priority,

    Automate the process and cut 4 clicks to 1

    1. When a task is opened or selected, display the Calendar and Priority graphics.
    2. After the Due Date is selected, the matching Priority is displayed (Today for today, Upcoming for the next 2 weeks, Later for later than two weeks) with the notation “Click to change Priority.”

    Think of the millions of clicks this would save every year.


  • Mark
    I love Asana! Great job!

    Can we get the @person link to work in task titles instead of just descriptions and comments?
    How about putting the option for time on tasks? Then Asana meetings can show up on daily agendas.
    I agree with Constantin about making it easier to move subtasks from one task to another.
    When reordering tasks, it would be great if the header “tasks” (ending with :) move the entire group below, and not just that individual “task.”
    How about adding an acknowledgment designation to tasks? This would be separate from the completion designation and would simply provide feedback from the person responsible for the task to easily notify the person who delegated that task that he got the message.

    Thanks, that’s all for now.

  • Michael Miller
    Why reinvent the wheel with your own rich text. Just add markdown!
  • Vincent
    Agreed on markdown.
    Rich text via shortcuts is nice… but… and US Keyboard layout is not the only one…
    Sometimes shortcuts can be tricky.
    Tricky shortcuts.
  • Dana
    Great work in progress!

    Suggested improvements:
    (1) There are projects that more than 1 of my employees are working on together, and I can only assign the task to 1 when I need both of them working on it together. When will i be able to assign a single task to more than 1 person?
    (2) setting times to deadlines as an option. There are things that need to get done at noon, and some that have a 5pm deadline….But they can only have a date deadline. It would be great to have specific time deadlines as well.


  • Mike
    I’d love to see a more complete project calendar view. Specifically, the option to include sub-tasks in the project calendar, ideally with an option to specify how many “levels” of sub-task(s). We organize our projects using dozens of tasks (generally these are “deliverables”) with hundreds of individual sub-tasks (most with due dates), and it would be *really* nice to click the “calendar” button to see an overview of how they fall on a “unified” calendar.

    Thank you!

  • Noelle
    Are we able to edit comments in tasks?? I can’t find that option and it would be great instead of deleting the whole comment.
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  • Edwin Rooijakkers
    Hello, i’m looking for a Feature request forum/intranet/list. I can imaginemore clienst have ( the same?) requests as well and want to vote/promote them like on Salesforce Ideas, Where to put/post them?