End of Episode 8 summary: June-Sept 2013 at Asana

E8 Asana Fun

At the end of every “Episode” at Asana, we write an “End Of Episode Summary” to share with the team and community. We’ve included the link to the complete Episode 8 Summary at the bottom of this post.

The focus of Episode 8 (E8) was on maturing, stabilizing, and rounding out Asana. After adding a few major new features in the prior episode, we wanted to center E8 on many, finer-grained improvements. Inside the company, we ramped up a new data team, created a new customer success function, and made tons of progress on new content, so teams can get the most out of Asana.

We added support for Internet Explorer, along with capabilities like merging duplicate tasks and creating Sections to accommodate any type of workflow. Through new integrations with Google Drive, Dropbox, and Harvest, and an integrations & apps website, it became easier to use Asana with other tools teams use daily. And we improved the experience of finding teammates in your company who use Asana, with a new sign-up flow.

With eleven new Asanas since the end of E7 (25 percent growth!), we are more equipped than ever to accomplish our goals. Since we began, we’ve worked hard to find people with that special combination of intellectual curiosity, occupational depth, cultural fit, and passion for the work. Today our brand feels stronger than ever, thanks to the growing reputation of our product and successful marketing and recruiting efforts. Our recently refreshed office space will let us continue to grow without fear.

In E8, we also made huge strides in explaining our mission: to help humanity thrive by enabling all teams to work together effortlessly. We launched our efforts to enable Teamwork without email, helping us to talk about our product with more clarity and confidence. Finally, we shared our ideas about leading big visions, management, and other topics we’re passionate about, preparing us to inspire great teamwork even more in E9.

The sense of momentum, both inside and outside the company, feels palpable. We have a long road ahead toward our vision, but we’re positioned to thrive through it.

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