Building Asana’s foundation

When software just works, it’s largely thanks to solid infrastructure. For Asana, a top priority is ensuring that our service is built on a foundation that is reliable.

Our infrastructure team operates behind-the-scenes to ensure that your team runs on Asana, every day. The infrastructure team’s efforts enable Asana to be secure, allow us to add new functionality without breaking things in the process, and pave the road for millions of intricate connections between people, tasks, teams, and projects. We’re focused on making a product that you can trust and we want to make sure the most talented people are working on its framework.

We recently welcomed the newest member of our team, Prashant Pandey, to help us take our infrastructure efforts to the next level and in turn, support growth across our product, team, and user base.

Meet Prashant

Prashant comes to Asana from Amazon DynamoDB, a fully managed NoSQL database service. Previously, he led engineering for mobile advertising startup Vdopia, and prior to that, worked on storage systems at IBM Research. I sat down with Prashant to talk about why he joined Asana, and he listed four things: Asana’s mission, technical challenge, lofty goals, and talented team.
Prashant Pandey

What made Asana stand out?

“Asana is building the work graph from the ground up: creating intricate connections between tasks, conversations, information related to people’s work, and teammates. We’re establishing a completely new system for teamwork and re-imagining the status quo for getting work done. I’m really excited to be a part of that. ”

What are your first impressions of the team and culture?

“The way this team mindfully looks for the right kind of people, both in terms of technical expertise and cultural fit, naturally exhibits the values that are important to Asana. The culture that we project is a reality, and it’s really refreshing.”

What do you want to achieve with the Asana infrastructure team?

“Our goal is to keep ahead of the curve, to revisit systems, iterate, and provide the right foundation in which the product gets richer functionality while we’re still maintaining a high level of security and performance for every Asana user.”

Building for the future

For Asana’s infrastructure team, ensuring that things run smoothly every day is top of mind, but building for the future of Asana is equally important. To get a more in-depth look at how we approach infrastructure, and for first-hand insights from Prashant, check out his post on our engineering blog.

The most exciting thing about our infrastructure efforts is that we’re just getting started. If you’re interested in joining our mission, check out our open positions!

  • Jadzia Imani
    I was super-skeptical at first, but this whole Asana thing is starting to feel like a really good idea. If nothing else, it’s helping me keep track of my many priorities, and it even ranks them in order of priority, so less important stuff gets pushed to the bottom. This is exceedingly helpful for me, so I plan to keep using Asana regardless of circumstances.

    I am now super-skeptical about volunteer adoption. I know what it takes to get people to adopt and use the wiki the way it was meant to be used. i.g. next to impossible to do except with constant encouragement and detailed instructions. So I am not optimistic about volunteers diving into Asana when I roll it out to them. But every day I use Asana, I get a little more hopeful that it will work.

    We shall see.

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  • Alexandre
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