Polish Week: adding some shine to product features

What started back in 2012 as a way to ‘polish’ our app has become a company tradition, and one all Asanas look forward to.

Polish Week gives everyone on the team, regardless of function, an opportunity to work on anything that makes Asana a better experience for you. Projects range in scope and visibility — some add just a little bit of shine to the product while others are highly-requested features that fundamentally improve your workflow.

Here are some features from Polish Week that are available now:

Move projects between teams

Sometimes projects either accidentally get created in the wrong team, or simply need to move to another project for your workflow. Now, you can quickly move a project by selecting “Move to another team” from the top-right corner dropdown arrow in your center pane.


Quieter approval process for new team members

Don’t want everyone on your team to get notified when someone requests to join the team? You can specify one or a few team members to receive notifications for new team member requests.

Team approval

To set one or more ‘approvers,’ click the gear next to any team name, then select “Edit Team Settings.” You can select which members will get a notification from the “Advanced” tab. Other team members can still approve requests by visiting the members tab.

Sort tasks alphabetically

If you use Asana as a CRM tool, this is a feature that should help your workflow: sort tasks alphabetically to quickly find contacts and relationship status so you can stay on top of leads and outreach. Choose “Filter and Customize View” then sort. 

Sort alphabetically


See task activity spikes and lulls with line breaks

Finding context in a series of comments is sometimes hard. We’ve added a thin line to indicate a lull in conversation so you can more easily (visually) see when a conversation has stopped and picked back up.

Improved subtask search

When you select a project in Search Views, subtasks from that project will now appear in your search results, making search even more powerful.

More context for tag search, at a glance

When seeing all tasks with a tag (which are often used to group tasks across projects and teams), we now display “Project Name – Team Name,” so you instantly know what team the task is in.

And more

Last week, we introduced Vacation Indicator, a feature we completed during Polish Week as well.

What are some of your favorite new Polish features? Let us know in the comments.

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