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Product managers launch great products #withAsana

Great product managers have the ability to translate broad vision into decisive action. And because they’re at the nexus of every product launch, their role is inherently cross-functional. They work with designers, engineers, user operations, sales, and marketing to turn great ideas into a shippable product.

Prioritization and communication are key, especially when you’re working with teams across the company to hit sprint goals or an important launch deadline. We sat down with our friends at Instacart to learn how they use Asana to manage sprint plans and get great products into the hands of their users.

Instacart product managers plan sprints #withAsana

There’s a new way to shop for groceries, thanks to Instacart. Their product team builds apps that allow consumers to seamlessly select and order groceries from a number of different stores in their area and have them delivered door to door. Their business has been expanding rapidly; they now operate in 20 states across the US, so they’ve been iterating quickly to build a product experience that scales.

Asana helps their product managers break work up into sprints and prioritize tasks across teams so that they can hit important deadlines and get new and improved updates out to their shoppers. With Asana, PMs at Instacart are able to balance quality and speed while keeping everyone on the same page about sprint goals.

Want to learn more about planning sprints with Asana? Check out our article on sprint planning in the Asana Guide. We also have step-by-step guides for a bunch of different workflows that PMs know well: product roadmaps, product launches, feedback, and bug tracking.

Special thanks to Instacart

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