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How YogaGlo gets in the flow with Asana

How YogaGlo gets in the flow with Asana

One of our core values is investing in ourselves and each other. Our yoga program is one manifestation of this belief. Last month, we took this investment a step further by inviting Asanas to participate in a 30 day yoga challenge with the help of one of our customers, YogaGlo. To help Asanas get in the flow, even if they were on the road or away from the office, the challenge granted them access to digital classes offered by YogaGlo’s platform, which gives subscribers access to over 2,500 yoga classes of all levels, making sticking to your practice easier than ever. Nearly 20% of the company chose to participate, and many have now made yoga an everyday habit.

As it turned out, our admiration was mutual — YogaGlo’s production team relies on Asana to manage various course projects, collaborate with remote team members, and ensure a streamlined process for producing polished yoga class videos. Here’s how they do it.

Asana for course development

We had a huge project that we needed to be completely re-tooled. Once the information was in Asana, it was super clean, organized, malleable, and easy to use. After starting with one project, we quickly created many more. — Megan Ura, YogaGlo

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How YogaGlo gets in the flow with Asana

As a self-described Asana early adopter, Megan Ura began using it to manage various course projects and plan future coursework. She also relies on it as a primary communication tool for collaborating with YogaGlo’s production team.

In Asana, each teacher/course has their own project, with tasks and subtasks representing various aspects of the pipeline. Megan says, “If I have a question about video footage, I can easily create a new task or subtask within the teacher’s project, add followers from the production team, and then communicate around the footage, all in Asana.”

Asana has spared us dozens of emails!

Asana for post and pre-production

Templates enable us to easily transfer, verify, and edit information. We can review for sound, review for content, then push the content all the way through to publication.

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How YogaGlo gets in the flow with AsanaAs the post-production supervisor, Fiona Ryan was introduced to Asana by Megan, but quickly…