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How the Skillshare team is changing online learning with Asana

How the Skillshare team is changing online learning with Asana

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Everyone at Skillshare is passionate about learning so it’s no surprise that a company so driven by the desire to institute real change would take a fresh approach to working efficiently, too. Abigail Besdin was introduced to Asana on her first day of work. In fact, everyone on the team is assigned a task within their first 24 hours. From onboarding new team members to meeting agendas and major company initiatives, Skillshare relies on Asana to help their nimble team change the face of online learning, class by class.

Asana and Skillshare, in Abigail’s words

Prior to founding Skillshare, our CEO collaborated with Scott Belsky (founder of Behance) on a productivity book for creatives. Michael did a lot of research for the book and came away from the process enlightened about productivity and efficiency. When he started Skillshare, he already had a sense for how he’d run his company: a place that would allow employees to design systems that wouldn’t feel like a burden and would help unlock creativity rather than blocking it.

We’re a very small team (less than 25 people) but we do a lot and the only way we make that happen is through efficiency. We know that if our foundation isn’t efficient, we’ll never get the amount of work done to move at the speed we want to work at. The only way it happens is with Asana.

We have a number of teachers tell us they quit their jobs to teach exclusively on Skillshare.


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