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Meet BloomThat: Delivering delight on Admin day #withAsana

Sending flowers to someone can be a signal of appreciation, love, celebration, or just a way to add some delight to someone’s day. BloomThat makes it easy to show your appreciation by delivering modern bouquets—which they call “blooms”—and sweet surprises for birthdays, anniversaries, “just because” moments, and everything in between.

A blooming business

Headquartered in San Francisco—with additional offices in New York City and Los Angeles—BloomThat is built around a simple experience that pairs modern bloom designs and thoughtful curation with a “what you see is what you get” model.

In an industry known for hidden fees and unreliability, BloomThat takes an approach of transparency and reliability to deliver the best experience. BloomThat customers—known as “Bloomers” to the BloomThat team—love and trust the company for the quality experience they deliver on their iOS app and online at

BloomThat flowersCelebrating Admin Day

Admin Day is celebrated annually on the Wednesday of the last full week of April, but BloomThat prefers to call it Co-worker Appreciation Week—and it’s one of their favorite times of the year.

Francesca Ravella, a Marketing Manager at BloomThat, explains that they “love to encourage celebrating admins, office managers, and the other unsung heroes at the office who make it all happen.” BloomThat is all about sharing thoughtfulness, both for the special moments and everyday occasions, so Admin Day embodies many of their core values.

At their office, the BloomThat team works “hard to find fun and unique ways to make sure everyone is recognized and appreciated—both during Co-worker Appreciation Week and throughout the year,” says Francesca.

Every Friday they have team stand-ups, which include shout-outs to team members who have gone above and beyond during the week. Everyone has the opportunity to give shout-outs to anyone for any reason, which helps encourage teamwork, collaboration, and appreciation.

Additionally, Francesca shares that when they’re working hard, “we make sure to treat our employees with special surprises and delightful moments—things like in-office massages, hot dog trucks, and team trips to a local brewery.”

Learn more ways to show appreciation for your colleagues, and why showing gratitude at work really pays off.

Delivering blooms (and delight) #withAsana

BloomThat succulent

Preparing for holidays and special occasions like Admin Day, which include large-scale cross-company campaigns, is no small feat. The entire BloomThat team relies on Asana to manage large amounts of dynamic, cross-functional information as well as different markets for all of their big campaigns: Admin Day, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and more.

“The best part is that when we go through these peak times the following year, we can reference the project from the previous year to remind ourselves of important information, what worked, and what can be improved,” explains Francesca.

Before Asana, their team relied on “lots of Google docs and small details getting lost in emails,” says Francesca. They first used Asana in 2015 to help plan for Valentine’s Day 2016 and have been using it ever since. Now they rely on Calendar View and due date reminders to make sure that team members hit all their deadlines and campaigns go off without a hitch.

“All teams are on the same page and working towards a common goal. It’s clear what each team member is contributing, and it holds everyone accountable.”

For Francesca, the best part of using Asana is that “All teams are on the same page and working towards a common goal. It’s clear what each team member is contributing, and it holds everyone accountable.” Using Asana, BloomThat delivers five times more blooms during Mother’s Day week (their biggest week of the year).

BloomThat’s tips for using Asana

BloomThat's deliveries

  • When peak season rolls around again, refer to past projects to review how last season went and incorporate learnings into the upcoming season.
  • Create template tasks or projects for repeated work so that all steps are captured and no balls are dropped from one campaign to the next.
  • With time-sensitive work, rely on Calendar View to see what’s coming up.
  • When kicking off a campaign or seasonal work, assign a due date to all tasks so that every member of the team knows what’s expected of them and by when. That way, you can ensure that work is completed on time.

By tracking everything in Asana, the BloomThat team no longer has to worry about small details falling through the cracks. Instead, they can focus on delighting their customers—and each other—year round.

We’d love to hear how Asana helps you deliver delight in ways big and small. Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter or Facebook using #withAsana!

Special thanks to The BloomThat team

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