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How Dollar Flight Club is using best-in-class tools to build a best-in-class company

Growing a company is no small feat. Whether you’re acquiring new customers, hiring more employees, or expanding to new locations, in the early stages of growth, every choice is important. When Dollar Flight Club’s Director of Sales and Partnerships, Kyle Maltz, started to think about how much the email subscription service has grown over the past few year and a half, he came to the realization that it was all possible thanks to the software they use—software like Asana.

“Good tools allow us to save money, be more efficient, stay organized, and collaborate better—especially as a remote team,” Kyle told us. With over 500 thousand members and having tripled their premium subscriber base since December, we know they’re doing something right.

Dollar flight Club

We sat down with Kyle to find out how tools have helped his company grow so quickly, and how they use Asana to manage over ten million monthly emails that get sent out.

“We’re only as good as the tools we use. By using the best tools out there, like Asana, we’re able to build a best in class company.”

What are some of the challenges you’ve faced as Dollar Flight Club has grown over the last two years?

We’re a team of eight and we’re spread across New York, Sweden, Hungary, Miami, and Seattle, so one challenge we’ve faced has been the fact that we’re a remote team. Keeping everyone coordinated across time zones as we’ve scaled has been one of the most important contributors to our success.

Also, as we’ve scaled our operations—like growing the number of monthly emails we send to over 10 million—we’ve found out how important it is to be sure we’re running as a well-oiled machine.

How did you address those challenges?

We were using Trello in the early days, mainly for development. From a marketing and sales perspective, Trello wasn’t the solution for us; while it was great for managing our development tasks, we wanted to have more robust functionality for the whole team to manage projects. So we decided to switch to Asana. The added functionality of having a project calendar in Asana was appealing as we are routinely delivering emails to our audience and have a robust editorial schedule. Asana gave us the ability to do it all in one place. We not only manage editorial calendars, but we also execute all our other projects in Asana.

Why are the tools you use so important to Dollar Flight Club’s success?

We need tools to help streamline processes and stay organized. Additionally, as a small, bootstrapped team, resources and bandwidth are extremely important as we don’t have a huge team and we are not financially backed. Everything we do needs to be done efficiently and at a low cost. Our tools help us do this by helping us with communication, organization, planning, or product features.  

How does Asana help you stay connected as a remote team?

Collaboration and information sharing can be challenging without the ability to quickly have facetime or relying on traditional communication channels like chat and email. With Asana, we can stay organized on projects and product executions even from a distance, which is key for a remote team. Everyone has insight into exactly what everyone is working on and what we’re about to do next. Asana helps bring it all together in an easy-to-use tool that we can access anywhere.

How Dollar Flight Club uses Asana

Which Asana projects does your team work from the most?

Our main projects are our email editorial calendar and Member Travel Stories.

The email editorial calendar is for us to manage what is going out in the free member deal emails. We track details like the goal of the email, the stories we share, and the partner we’re working with. We’ll also outline any promotion we are running. We send over ten million emails every month. At this volume ,overall deliverability would be impossible without the tools we use (Asana, Slack, Stripe, Typeform, Active campaign, etc.).

Our Member Travel Stories project consists of member stories that we compile and edit to share with our audience. This is the best way for us to take in new stories captured from user feedback using Typeform. We edit them as a team and plan on when we’ll share them right from each task.

If you could only live with one workflow in Asana, which would it be?

Our email editorial calendar. We live and die by it!

Thanks to Kyle for telling us more about how Dollar Flight Club is using Asana. Curious how other teams are doing great things with Asana? Read more customer stories.

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