Three trends to watch at Future of Asana

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When you close your eyes and imagine the future of work, what comes to mind? How do teams work, collaborate, stay engaged, and find mindful focus?

For years, Asana has been on a mission to help the world’s teams thrive. As a leading work management platform for teams of all sizes, we’ve been at the forefront of answering these questions and solving the collaboration challenges of tomorrow. In 2018 we shared our product vision and made these features a reality for customers.

At Future of Asana on July 15th we’re inviting the world to join us for an exclusive first look at our updated product vision and the future of work with Asana. Together, Co-Founder and CEO, Dustin Moskovitz and Head of Product, Alex Hood will share Asana’s vision and walk through the features we’re purpose-building to help teams answer their most pressing collaboration questions. From creating more focus to aligning teams around strategic goals, here are the top three trends to look out for at the event. 

Ditch the digital distractions, permanently

Today’s employees operate in the distraction economy. Between working across multiple business tools, managing competing priorities, and responding to the endless stream of pings and notifications, there’s not much time for deep, focused work. But what if you could fire up your computer and know exactly what to prioritize for the day? What if it was easier to minimize distractions and find your flow? Asana is enabling individuals to find deeper focus throughout their day, so they can be more effective whenever and wherever they’re working.

Find the right workflow for every workflow

When teams start new projects, it can take weeks if not months to build fully functioning workflows from scratch. What if instead of reinventing the wheel, teams could plug and play the perfect workflows for any project, of any size, in just a few clicks? Asana is taking the work out of workflows so you can focus on moving the needle right from the start. 

Know exactly where your business is headed

Research shows that employees who have clarity on how their individual work adds value to their organization are 2X more likely to be motivated at work, so what if business tools could guide and engage employees at every level of your organization? Asana is making it easier than ever to reach your goals and know exactly where your business is headed.

Join us as we bring our vision to life

We can’t wait to share our vision with you. So what do you say? Are you ready to help us bring it to life? Register for The Future of Asana now to save your virtual seat and let us know in the comments below what you’re most excited to see and learn!

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