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Updated mobile apps: notifications & attachments

Bella Kazwell and Tim Bavaro

Today we are releasing updates to our Android and iPhone apps. The new versions are now available in Google Play and the Apple App Store. These new releases include push notifications on Android and the ability to add file attachments in both apps. We hope these updates help you stay better connected to your work while you’re away from your desk.

Push Notifications on AndroidAndroid Push Notifications
To ensure you’re always up to date, even when not in the Asana app, we’ve added push notifications to the updated version of the Android app. Just like with Asana iPhone app notifications, we aim to keep you on top of the latest information, while not overwhelming you with updates. So, we only show notifications when you get assigned or unassigned a task, have a task due today, or have comments or task status updates on tasks you’re following. If you’d prefer fewer alerts, just go to app settings, and change which notifications you receive.

Not only do push notifications keep you up-to-date on important tasks, but they also enable you to quickly act on the new information. Tapping a single task notification will take you directly to that task. Tapping on the comment button directly enables you to comment on the task.

attachment on androidAttach files from your phone
With the new Android and iPhone apps, you can now add attachments right from your phone. This new feature is especially helpful for adding screenshots and photos taken on your phone to any task. Just go to the task, tap the attach button at the bottom of the screen, and select the file you’d like to upload.

  1. avatarLee

    Loving the new mobile update. Just hoping that task sorting will be in the next update – or a least a default view to sort tasks by due date.

    Keep up the great work!

    1. avatarPaul

      Without task sorting by due date, the app is completely useless to me. I can’t even view all my tasks in it, or find ones I’m working on.

      If I can’t get this, can I at least get a button that says ‘give my iPad the desktop version page instead of the mobile page that doesn’t work right?’ Forcing me into the mobile version on a tablet is awful, especially when the mobile version doesn’t give me what I need.

      1. avatarPaul

        And wow, the blog software doing hard word wraps in mid-word is pretty awful too. Maybe we’re not getting what we need because randomly broken words are difficult to read!

        1. avatarMark

          The support for iPad is crippling. I’m on the border of leaving asana without this getting fixed soon. I need a real solution on iPad a basic solution is to get the full web version on ipad, what I’d really like is to adapt the iphone app to be a universal app and use the ipad screen size, then over time add more ipad features.

          1. avatarRobin Grant

            As an avid iPad user, I’ve come to the same conclusion. I’m busy moving the data off Asana at the moment. Its a real pity. I love Asana on the desktop, but I need it to be mobile. The iPhone version is pretty much useless as it currently stands. Your suggestions would be well heeded.

      2. avatarDerrick

        I know it’s not ideal, but if you are using Chrome you can “request desktop site” on any webpage, which from Asana’s homepage (not from the /m pages) does work. Do that by clicking on the options button (top right, image of three parallel lines). I don’t know if it works in other browsers, and of course it isn’t as desirable as an app specifically designed for the iPad.

  2. avatarPhilippe Dame

    My biggest request for mobile is simple, an option to choose a smaller font-size so we can see more than a few words per line. Perhaps even allow a task label to wrap over 2 lines. Thx!

    1. avatarEsen Sagynov

      I need sub-tasks as well, badly. Tired of creating tasks, then on laptop copy/paste into a new subtask, then delete the original task.

      1. avatarJoel Longtine

        You can just drag and drop on your laptop… still more annoying than being able to create subtasks on the iPhone app… but less annoying that the copy and paste!

  3. avatarRob

    This sounds great! Could you consider devoting some resources to WP8 please :) , as it is, I can’t even reply to asana tasks from my phone. They bounce back. :(

      1. avatarTodd

        +1 for WP8, it appears as though Asana has something against MSFT. IE not supported natively either without a browser add-on. Checkout Asana WP in the store. Works pretty well in the meantime, but I agree — would like to see an official support plan to Windows Phone and Tablet. This is actually causing me to look at other task management services.

        1. avatarJames

          Definitely for WP8 and more importantly Windows 8. Snap view Asana would be incredibly useful in our business.

          At the very least native support for IE9 and 10 – there’s no reason to be using Chrome frames in these browsers!

    1. avatarDavid

      +1 native app. Better connectivity and better performance for users like me who are out of the desk half a day.

    1. avatarPaul

      +1 on iPad support. It’s 2013 and I shouldn’t have to go into 2x mode to get a grainy fullscreen of a webpage

  4. avatarTom Stubbs

    I am trying to add a file from my Dropbox account to a task on my iPhone. I do not see any option other than “Take Photo or Video”, “Choose Existing” or “Cancel.” How to I get Dropbox to be an option for my iPhone? (Sorry if I missed an obvious setting I need to change.)

    1. avatarJim Renaud Asana Team Member

      Apple iOS prevents us from being able to attach files from third party vendors like Dropbox and Google Drive. Currently you can only attach a photo on iOS. If it is a photo on Dropbox, you’d have to save it to your Photos library and then attach. You can add attachments to a new task on iOS over email.

      On Android, 3rd party files from Dropbox is an option.

  5. avatarMatthew Mathis

    Maybe I am missing this feature, but how do you access project notes? I am able to find task notes quickly, but project notes continue to elude me.

  6. avatar511mev

    You can only see the first four words of each task. Even if you flip to landscape mode, you still don’t see very much of the task. Basecamp has a smaller font and shows two lines. Please make that an option.

  7. avatarNishant

    Looks great! I already installed android app.
    Why I can’t access it offline from my mobile? Other than that asana has a good potential to become powerful task management tool.

  8. avatarVlad

    iPhone app is terribly slow right now. Can’t use it.
    Also to clear all notifications I have to click all tasks in app, each loads few seconds :*(

    1. avatarName

      I second this!

      Every time i open the app I get either:

      Trying to reach Asana ..


      Updating Asana …

      Hoping this has improved with the new version.

      1. avatarJeff

        Wow. I have never seen anything like that with Android on WiFi. It sounds like your problem may come more from AT&T…

        Jus’ sayin’

    2. avatarBernie

      Yep, thanks for the update and same comment : waiting for task sorting and offline version I am “always trying reach asana” – how can something SO AMAZING like take so long to sort this off line thing? I actually use “” on my mobile BECAUSE IT WORKS OFF LINE!!! ;-)

  9. avatarBrendan

    Awesome start. Pitty the iOS version is limited to photos. Be nice to select from other apps too, like dropbox for example.
    Any chance for an update to the iOS for the ipad size screen? Push notifications make the tablet perfect for daily project management with the addition of attachments and push notifications.

  10. avatarArnold Gamboa

    Native app, please. Just like Wunderlist. Only reason why I can’t move everything here is the rockin’ Wunderlist phone apps.

    1. avatarJason H.

      +1 for native apps. The ever-reliable notifications and speed offered by the Wunderlist native app is absolutely preventing me from making the jump to Premium for our association.

  11. avatarEric CREMER

    I thought you were launching a native iphone app! To be honest, I’m a little bit disappointed. Althought your product is fantastic, using Asana on a mobile is really a problem.

  12. avatarRavi

    How about an app for Mac OSX? Like Evernote, Day One…would be lovely….and would complete the Asana experience. I guess you will do a Windows version first, but do keep the “minority rights” of Mac users in mind….

    1. avatarJeff

      -1 on the Mac app. I don’t need need more apps on my my Macbook. It works just great in Safari. They have done a really good job of providing a rich UI in a browser (I develop web software), and what Asana really doesn’t need is one more huge distraction that really won’t provide any significant benefit to anyone.

      Seriously, how would an OS-X app be better than having it in a browser tab? Granted, it would chew up more memory and add more overhead in task switching and make the screen more crowded, but I can’t see how those are advantages.

      Let them spend their time on things that would actually make life better for people. A little restraint goes a long way.

  13. avatarVivek Shroff

    Thanks! Can you have a desktop version like Wunderlist. It would speed things up, and help to continue work when the internet connection is temporarily down. Maybe you could use Dropbox to enable local storage of Asana data files for a user, so that user is effectively working on the local files, which are automatically sync’ed through Dropbox with your server.

  14. avatarAndy Z

    Please provide the lead-time on a task sorting feature. It is an absolute must. Otherwise, slowing rolling out across our whole organization! Thanks.

  15. avatarMatt Sainders

    Happy with iPhone pretty much as is… Really appreciate to focus on product support and dev! For iPhone just the ability to quickly add a task on the fly and assign it to a project is a big plus! Thanks again.

  16. avatartim

    bump for Offline support. Seems weird that one of the touted benefits of Luna is the potential for offline support, yet the App doesn’t support it…… Native Android would be fantastic. Hopefully that solves the incredibly long load time.

  17. avatarMatthew

    Thanks for the Android update. Waiting for a scroll-able widget that will show my tasks. MyAsana is the only android app that has a decent Asana widget but app doesn’t have push updates and doesn’t seem to be being developed much.

  18. avatarNick

    Awesome updates guys! I am still somewhat petrified to invite people into some of my projects simply because there is no “Undo” tracking. I’m currently under the impression that if something goes missing… well I’m pretty much outta luck, really shouldn’t have stored info that was important…

  19. avatarSneha

    The application is really good but not working on my mobile. Showing the error ” Unfortunately Asana has stopped”. Earlier it was working properly but since yesterday i am facing this problem. Is there any way to get rid of this?

  20. avatarDoug

    Offline access is necessary. It’s odd for the official Asana app to be entirely unusable if you lose internet connectivity.

  21. avatarNiall Fagan

    Desired Improvement: ability to click the “+ circle” at top of screen to create a new task BEFORE all the other tasks load. Often all I want to do is add a new task (before I forget about it); currently I have to wait for all the tasks in the page to load before i can do this … an unnecessary use of time.

  22. avatarShank

    Much needed update.
    I think in the next update to Asana, you need to add due time along with the due dates so that notifications on phones can be utilized better.

  23. avatarMichael

    Hi, can you think about improving Asana with alphabetical scheduling of projects? It may be very helpful in daily work :-)

    1. avatarJason

      YES PLEASE! Also, ability to view project descriptions in the mobile app would be helpful. And, phone number recognition for the phone apps would be good, so that I could simply click on a phone number to call it.

  24. avatarNick

    The company I work with uses the new BB10 platform for security purposes and I really want them to implement Asana! is Asana planing on making the platform operational on the BB10 platform?

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  26. avatarJames

    Koan: what good is a tasks app for mobile without offline support?
    OK, it’s not really a koan – the answer is simple: sweet FA!

  27. avatarSimon

    Your product is wonderful but seriously, who is your product manager? I’d like to have a word with him? How on earth can you even think of making a non native experience? Didn’t you beta test the product? It’s crap. Sorry!


  28. avatarJon

    New user and wanting to roll it out to my teams, but not really sure if I should at the moment and wondering about the value of even commenting. We all seem to agree with each other as users in this comment thread, but there has been one response and that was about attaching photos and that was blaming Apple… so comments seem kinda pointless. Shame really as in other areas it’s seems so good and I wanted to do great things, but my teams are mobile and iOS…

  29. avatarMuz

    Still very disappointing. Perhaps the most important thing in a todo list is speed and organization. Asana desktop is one of the best at this, but the mobile version is sluggish, only useful for reading back what was done online. It’s impossible to try to get a mobile user to start using Asana because of the speed

  30. avatarLauren P

    Awesome! It is great to be able to have the increased functionality and add from anywhere. I also recently discovered the CF7 to Asana extension, which I’m loving since that lets me go from Contact Form –> Asana Task –> Notification that appears on my phone that I have a new task. Pretty cool, team.

  31. avatarBrian

    I agree with Muz, in that the speed of the mobile (Android) app is very, very slow. So slow that while waiting for a task to load in my phone, I can cold-boot my laptop and pull up the laptop version of Asana, get the task, update the task, and close it. And my phone is *still* trying to load the task. I know it’s not my wifi connection, since the laptop and phone were sharing the same wifi.

  32. avatarRhys

    I’m another one asking for Asana on the iPad as a fully functioning app. Until we can have that, can we please have Safari access to the normal site with all it’s functionality? Using Asana on the move and often without a laptop…

  33. avatarjames

    Hello, in the android version. I dream that tasks are ordered by maturity and also had the icon number overdue tasks. Please do something. It’s a shame.

  34. avatarKat

    Asana team, any response to the requests to a native app/offline access to tasks? Let us know if this is being considered.

    Looking forward to a better mobile Asana – so tired of seeing “updating to the latest version” every time I just want to quickly add a task. Thanks!

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