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Building the platform for teamwork, with help from our developer community

We’re building Asana to be THE platform for teamwork. Imagine if all the tools you used at work were connected to Asana. Imagine knowing what needs to get done — and easily accessing all the context, information, and conversations needed to move that work forward. Our growing developer community is helping to make this all happen.

We’ve taken steps to make it easier to build on the Asana API by completely redesigning our destination for Asana developers and making some essential updates to the API itself.  This is great news for you and your team, too — by expanding our developer community, we’ll be adding more apps and integrations. This means more useful features for you. (more…)

Smile, we added emoji to Asana

:smile_cat: :love_letter: :white_check_mark: :speech_balloon: :heart_eyes: :balloon: :thumbsup: :smile_cat: :love_letter: :white_check_mark: :speech_balloon: :heart_eyes: :balloon: :thumbsup: :smile_cat: :love_letter: :white_check_mark: :speech_balloon: :heart_eyes: :balloon: :thumbsup: :smile_cat: :love_letter: :white_check_mark: :speech_balloon: We’ve been busy as :honeybee:s adding new features to Asana this month :calendar:, and the latest…

A better Inbox experience

Inbox is your real-time notification center in Asana. But it’s not the scary, overwhelming notification center you’re probably most familiar with: your dreaded email inbox. Unlike email, Inbox puts you in control of the messages…