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Ready, set, goals: What’s New in Asana, July 2022

Great things happen when teams see the value of their work. But often, strategic initiatives are disconnected from day-to-day projects, leaving employees uncertain about their top priorities. 

According to the 2022 Anatomy of Work Index, nearly 1 in 3 employees can’t see a clear link between their day-to-day efforts and their company’s goals.  

To fulfill an organization’s mission and be effective, teams must have clarity about their goals and what’s needed to achieve them. This month, we’re highlighting the top new features that will help employees connect to the bigger picture and prioritize effectively.  

Put your goals front and center

With My goals, you can see how your projects directly contribute to larger objectives—so you know what to do and why it matters. Now, you can keep your goals top of mind by adding the new My goals widget to your Home page. 

Share progress in real time

Say goodbye to endless status meetings. With automatic progress roll-ups, you can keep an eye on the team’s advancements, instantly spot risks, and keep everyone up to date—without the manual work.

“The new Automatic progress roll-ups in Goals works seamlessly and will save us a lot of time. We’re excited to now see how we’re tracking on our goals in real time right in Asana.”


See what else is new in Asana

  • Use Comment-only goals when you want to share your objectives across the organization while preventing any unwanted edits.  
  • Want to recognize the team each time they hit a milestone? Activate the Appreciations feature in Goals to give your colleagues the kudos they deserve.
  • Check out our release notes to see a complete list of our newly launched features.
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