Multiple Email Addresses and Choosing the Default Workspace for Emailed Tasks

People use Asana to stay organized in all parts of their lives, from work, to fun, to family, and more.

While it’s great to keep all of your tasks in one place, it doesn’t always make sense to have all of the notifications go to one email address. Many of our customers have asked to use multiple email addresses with one account. And if you have more than one workspace, you might want to set one as the default to choose where new tasks go.

Now we’re introducing two new features to make Asana work great in all of the parts of your life: Multiple email addresses and Choosing the default workspace for emailed tasks.

You can access both these features from the Account Settings dialog by clicking on your name in the lower left of Asana.

From the Email Notifications tab you can add new email addresses (verify them by clicking on the email link), and then for each workspace you can choose where notifications get sent, and whether you get the daily summary email.

From the Email Dropbox tab you can choose a default Workspace for each of your email addresses. When you send an email to , it will put it into your assigned tasks list in the Workspace you chose.

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  • Tracey Siepser
    This is a great feature but not one I can use. I signed up with my Google account but would also like to add my .edu work email address as well. When I try to add it through my account settings, it opens up a Google sign-in screen and won’t connect. How can I add a non-Google account as a secondary email? I would not have signed up in the way I did had I known the limitations it would cause.

    Thank you for your overall great website experience.

  • Mick Liubinskas
    There is a confusing user flow on this if you use google accounts for your main Asana account and also for the one your trying to add. I did it five times like this;

    Type in new address.
    Hit Reathenticate
    Type in password for new address.

    But what it wants is for you to put in the password for your MAIN Asana address.

    I know the button says ‘reathenticate’ but I think there needs to be more language in here.

    Add new address and reauthenticate by putting in your password for your main Asana account.

    The error message says “you must login with your [main account address] address” but that did’t help.