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Introducing Personal Projects: Easy Task Sharing for Friends and Family

Update: Starting 11/01/2016, this feature will no longer be available for new Asana users. If you have this feature enabled on your Asana account, nothing will change.

Asana is great for sharing projects and tasks with teammates at work, but it wasn’t initially optimized for quickly sharing tasks with friends and family. We discovered that the more we loved using Asana at work, the more we wanted to use it in our personal lives.

So, we’ve created a new “Personal Projects” section of Asana, which you can find at the bottom of the new-and-improved left pane. When you first open Asana, you’ll see an expanded view of a Workspace — click the back arrow to view all Workspaces. Personal Projects is like a special Asana Workspace, optimized for sharing tasks across all aspects of your personal life.

New Left Pane!Zoomed In

Many people like to keep work projects and personal projects separate — just as they might separate work email and personal email. With Personal Projects, you can keep a distinction between work and personal while still having access to both types of projects in one place, without having to sign in to multiple accounts. (You can set a different email address for each Workspace, including Personal Projects.)

Each Project in Personal Projects has its own sharing controls, so you can have a shopping list with your roommates while organizing a birthday party with your family — just invite the appropriate people to each Project. You can share single Tasks like “Send me your dentist recommendation” or a full Project like “India Vacation.” Click on the Share button and add people by email. Or, if you don’t want to add people one by one, you can also choose “Make public to anyone with the link” to get a URL that you can send to a group.

The great thing about Personal Projects is that you can share items with different groups of people. Friends and family will see what you’ve shared with them in their own Personal Projects section, but won’t have access to any of your other Projects or Tasks. Personal Projects is perfect for ad hoc sharing of Projects, Tasks, and one-off lists with friends and family.

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