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The future for Asana Mobile

When Asana launched a little over 6 months ago, our desktop web product was already in a mature state after over a year of iteration with beta testers. Our mobile offering, in contrast, was only a few weeks old, and more of an early prototype. Since then, we’ve heard (and had) enormous interest in an Asana mobile product with the power and polish of the desktop app. We’ve been intensely focused on this in the last few months, and won’t stop until the mobile Asana experience is equal in craftsmanship, performance, and power to the full desktop web application.

In the next day or so, you will see the first in a series of updates, but we’re at only the very beginning of these rollouts. This update includes:

  • Speed. The app, Workspaces, and Projects all load much more quickly.
  • Improved “New Task” screen, for faster Task creation, and easier capturing of notes with the Task. Making Task creation as fast as possible is a big priority for us.
  • Cleaner Project and Task panes. The sliding panes have been replaced with panes that use the full mobile screen.
  • Many small bug fixes and design tweaks.

This initial update will greatly improve your mobile experience with Asana, and will also allow us to make our other planned updates more quickly.

There are many more things to come in our evolving mobile work, much of it based on great user feedback. Here are some things we’re already working on:

  • Complete visual redesign (beauty!)
  • A more-native iOS app. Real Objective-C code, for smoother interactions and a more polished experience.
  • Lots more functionality, asymptotically approaching parity with the desktop app’s functionality.

We hope you enjoy this first update, and stay tuned for more!

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