The future for Asana Mobile

When Asana launched a little over 6 months ago, our desktop web product was already in a mature state after over a year of iteration with beta testers. Our mobile offering, in contrast, was only a few weeks old, and more of an early prototype. Since then, we’ve heard (and had) enormous interest in an Asana mobile product with the power and polish of the desktop app. We’ve been intensely focused on this in the last few months, and won’t stop until the mobile Asana experience is equal in craftsmanship, performance, and power to the full desktop web application.

In the next day or so, you will see the first in a series of updates, but we’re at only the very beginning of these rollouts. This update includes:

  • Speed. The app, Workspaces, and Projects all load much more quickly.
  • Improved “New Task” screen, for faster Task creation, and easier capturing of notes with the Task. Making Task creation as fast as possible is a big priority for us.
  • Cleaner Project and Task panes. The sliding panes have been replaced with panes that use the full mobile screen.
  • Many small bug fixes and design tweaks.

This initial update will greatly improve your mobile experience with Asana, and will also allow us to make our other planned updates more quickly.

There are many more things to come in our evolving mobile work, much of it based on great user feedback. Here are some things we’re already working on:

  • Complete visual redesign (beauty!)
  • A more-native iOS app. Real Objective-C code, for smoother interactions and a more polished experience.
  • Lots more functionality, asymptotically approaching parity with the desktop app’s functionality.

We hope you enjoy this first update, and stay tuned for more!

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  • Daniel T.
    Yes,I do love Asana,and Yes I do love mobile app for my iphone…but…that was till I change it for a Galaxy S3…and now…no Asana for me. I’m in a company that develops Android Apps…and so we can’t use asana in the phone…that sucks. :( Are you planning to develop it?
  • kat
    Hello, Similar question here. Android has the largest mobile phone OS market share, by a mile, and the phones are becoming more and more sophisticated – now arguably more advanced than the iPhone 4S. Are there any plans to develop Asana for more than half of the mobile phone market? The mobile site is quite good, but for times when you have no connection (on business trips, on planes, etc), it’s useless. Thank you and keep up the amazing work!
  • Marti
    I agree with both comments, sometimes you have a small question at the top of the app, you could ask which mobile system people are using.
  • Kenny Van Zant
    We absolutely want to deliver a great experience for Android users, and improved support for Android is coming up very soon on our roadmap. Of course, our web application works with the Android browser today, so that is still an option.
  • Hakon
    +1 for Android app. Web app still loads rather slowly on my Android 2.2 LG, and I do a LOT of work in areas with weak or no 3G signal. Galaxy S3 is also my next phone! Not having an Android app means I cannot adopt Asana fully into our organisation. Killer web app, though. You guys are definitely on the right track!
  • Brandon
    +1 for an android app as well
  • BlueLakeOffroad
    Android? We like using Asana and look forward to more enhancements, but really need the mobile app on Android. Can you share info on when that is coming? Keep up the good work :o)
  • kat
    Thanks Kenny. I use the webpage but I travel a lot for business so I’m frequently up in the air or in places where I don’t have a reliable data connection and it’s in those situations when I most have the opportunity to focus on planning and when it would be useful, and I can’t use it. Eagerly awaiting the Android app for this amazing resource!
  • Torri
    +1 for an Android App as well!
  • Harold
    +1 for an Android App as well!
  • James
    Many of us have moved to a post-iOS world and discovered the multiple benefits of Android over iPhone… please catch up! :-) We’re gonna need an Android app pretty quick-smart if we’re going to stay with Asana…
  • Kinya Pollard
    Hello Asana
    Thank you for offering your wonderful products to mankind. Having said that, I found the mobile app on my iPhone4s a bit frustrating to use. It would be terrific to have editing control over: Notes and Due Date, thereby mimicking my desktop. Will these enhancements be forthcoming?
  • Tombo
    What about Windows Phone. Asana is not even opening in the web browser.

    Is an Asana app for Win 8 on the roadmap?

  • Dave Mackey
    Two notes:
    1. I’ll add my voice to those looking for a native Android app.
    2. The web desktop app is good, but a bit slow. The only way to really make it quick is to let it operate in an offline mode. =)
  • Christian
    hey one missing mobile features is *due date* on there top
    of all this should be’ delivered as core main. I can’t Really
    do mobile project manag. without the abilita to set the due date!
    Pls we need this from yesterday :-)
    • Peyton Stafford
      +1 to this. I need to be able to set and adjust due dates from my Galaxy Note II. Really, I need full functionality. Otherwise, even though Asana is very fast, at the end of the day, I have to sit down at a computer and adjust any entries or changes I have made while working from the mobile.
    • Yav
      +1 to due dates! What good is a project tracking app with no due dates in the middle of a sleepless night?
  • Roman
    Please make an Android app!
  • Craig
    +1 for the Android app. I had been a loyal iPhone user since day one, but I just purchased my first Android device (Galaxy S3). The larger screen size means I’m happily working much more from my phone. The Asana web-app just doesn’t provide the same user experience as the native iOS app. I know Asana is concerned about user experience and I’m sure a native Android app is in the pipeline. Just adding a little pressure. :)
  • Ploug
    +1 for Windows Phone app
  • Jessica
    Irony is good but there’s technical raeosn why you can’t login vs other 80K (we are up to 80K btw) users. Some raeosns and how to work around these are outlined in apps description on market. If you still can’t login you can send email to support (or post here)
  • Bob
    +1 For the android app. Really need it :-)
  • sk
    Go Android app!
  • Paul J.
    You seriously need to polish the iOS mobile app and get an Android app released. My shop uses both platforms and while we love Asana on the desktop, my team is getting fed up with the mobile experience. I can’t imagine that people actually only use the browser-based version without immediately also wanting the app counterpart for the mobile device. Finally, as already mentioned, I’d love to use your service offline as well when on planes and trains or without a connection generally. Thanks though for an otherwise great product.
  • IK
    +1 for Windows phone app – it is sort of a make or break for us :(
  • charles
    + 1 for win phone app here as well!
  • Stuart
    +1 for the Android app…I won’t even try Asana without it!
  • Doug
    +1 for WP app. Just start it with WP8, make it easy.
  • Jedidiah Hurt
    I’m excited to see that a native app is on the road map. Looking forward to it! And thanks for providing a stop-gap in the meantime.
  • Harshit Upadhyay
    No android app is a big hurdle in adopting ASANA and a huge loss to us android user.
  • Vijay Vadlamani
    Please make Asana work on IE9 Mobile or create a native Windows Phone app!
  • Hans
    More begging for android, love ASANA.


  • ED
    Windows Phone user here, please consider the platform!
    best of luck!
  • Dorin
    +1 for Android native app aligned in features with web one
  • Dropp’d
    Dropping Asana for lack of Android app.
  • ItsMe
    +1 begging for due dates in mobile app
  • Logan
    Native iOS app with feature parity with desktop web version. Seriously. It’s getting ridiculous. Even Facebook went native because of HTML 5 limitations. I can’t drag and drop my tasks under different headings? I can’t work offline (airplane, spotty coverage, etc.)? What’s the point in even having a mobile app without features like these? PLEASE see the light. I love Asana and would not be nearly so critical if I didn’t see the great potential in a truly native experience.
  • Karl
    +1 for Windows Phone app
  • Barn
    Asana is great on my Mac. I just really hope it will be available on Android very soon, and also that both the desktop and mobile apps will allow me to work offline. But most importantly, ASANA FOR ANDROID PLEASE!!!!!!!!!
  • Joshua
    Beautiful web app, guys. But we need an Android app.
  • TK
    Android, please.
  • Matthias
    Android ! Asana on GN2 would be beautiful
  • Yaniv
    +1 for Windows Phone 8. We’re all getting the Lumia 920. Productivity is key!
  • John
    +1 for Android. +8 fo GTD terminology…Keep on the great job!!!
  • John Scalla
    +1 for Windows Phone 8. Have the Lumia 920!
  • Martin
    +1 for Windows App. All I’m missing on my Surface iss Asana. Heard dropbox is on the way!
    • Miriam
      It’s 2014 and still no app for asana – Surface RT… That’s a pity
  • Kelly
    It’s actually pretty ridiculous in this day and age not to have an Android app. Guess I’ll just switch to for good since they seem to actually be “innovative” and have a really good Android app.
  • Bill
    Lumia all the way! +1 for Windows Phone App.
  • Michael
    +1 Windows phone 7&8
  • klarisa
    Actually, I found a new Asana app for Android in Play yesterday. It has a quite reach functionality!!
    • klarisa
      btw, it is a complete app, not just a link to a webpage as a few previous apps
  • Marek
    Which App is that?
    • Klarisa
      It is called MyAsana
  • Ken
    +1 for Win Phone 8 Lumina 920 or IE without the google frame which i can NEVER get to install correctly. :(
  • Jules
    Great job, guys!

    +1 for Windows Phone 8, please!


  • Matt Schreiner
    Need Android app. The mobile web page is just too slow. Means I have to manage my tasks from one app while the wife uses Asana. Native Android support would allow us to vastly simplify this if we could both reasonably work with the same dataset! :(
  • Andrzej
    MyAsana, Android app and widget for Asana now was just released on Google Play! Check it out!
  • Fernando
    +1 for Asana on Android… Badly needed so I can put my company on it, we’re a mixed iOS/Android shop and this is a show stopper for Asana adoption.
  • Klarisa
    I’m using MyAsana app for Android. Problem solved!
  • Kurt
    +1 for Windows Phone 8. Have the Lumia 920!
  • CW
    +1 for Asana on Windows Phone 7/8!
  • Max
    +1 for Windows Phone 8. Have the HTC 8s
  • Ryba
    Asana for Android?
    +1 for sure!
  • Jonathan
    +1 for native android app. In my opinion iOS is great (when it’s jailbroken and the UI modified), but the hardware it is leashed too is way over priced.

  • Jonathan
    Great. Further to my last comment… Just discovered MyAsana (sounds like a yoga posture!) on Google Play. Trying it out. The screenshots look promising.

  • Sherman
    Windows Phone 8 please.
  • Rob
    Windows Phone App pretty please. I use Asana religiously on my Desktop running windows 7.
  • Sasha
    im on board for windows phone 8 app
  • flano
    +1 for Windows RT on Surface please – either app or direct IE support
    • Jordan
      See “Kibbles” post on Sept 4, 2013 in this thread:
      • jordan
        Thank you whoever made Asana work on my Surface RT with Windows 8.1 and IE11. No more changing the browser string. You keep removing the excuses for me not to be organized….
  • Tim
    +1 official Windows Phone app.

    User base may be relatively small now compared with iOS and Android, but competition is also very low in WP store. There aren’t heaps of other good task/project management apps atm. This is an opportunity for Asana to capture the WP market and position itself to capitalize on future growth of the platform.

  • Sarah
    +1 official Windows 8 Phone app

    Barely any competition atm, so the whole market to capitalise on.

  • C.J.
    Probably lower on your priority list than iterating for other mobile operating systems, but an iPad app would be great – the iPhone app is basically useless on the bigger screen of the iPad. Asana has become more important to my job than email and I’d really love to be able to use it properly on my iPad. The version I see on the Safari browser on my iPad isn’t nearly as useful as what I see on my Air.
  • Will
    Windows RT please! I’d be satisfied with only the basic functionality on IE10 there.
    • Jordan
      +1 on the Windows RT – Asana is the ONLY thing I need that I don’t have on that lovely (and cheap – to education) little tablet.
  • MS
    I want to reiterate the comments about the mobile app (IOS in my case). It is terrible to the point of useless. Such a shame given that the desktop web app is so excellent. I cant use your product despite very much wanting too because the mobile app is so bad. There is a 3rd party IOS app that is also really quite terrible and unusable despite being better than the one you have put out. If its not a priority it should be. If it has been a priority then someone seriously needs to take a step back and say WTF did we do???
  • KEN
    +1 For Windows 8 App.

    Using the ASUS VivoTab Smart

  • Jay
    We need a Windows 8 app and BlackBerry 10 app, PLEASE! Thank you.
  • AJ
    The unofficial offerings are good, but I would prefer an official Windows Phone 8 app.
  • Thomas Schonenberger
    Thanks Kibbles for the “User agent String hack” Cog Wheel – F12 Developer Tools. Tools ->Change User Agent string – Select Google Chrome)

    +1 For Windows 8 App.
    Using the ASUS VivoTab Smart

  • greg
    this post is now over one and a half year old and the mobile app still has nearly nothing of the features you promised in this thread. i cannot understand why you disregard this app so much…i totally understand your bugfixing-pressure and that you create the app as you work on it. but hey: out there in germany is a damn connectivity and 3g-network. its often not possible to receive the stuff pushed, p.e. when you are in the train. we need this offline support for example to constantly check todos even if there is no connection…
  • Robert Alvin
    How do you get back to the non-mobile version on an iPad? Without the full abilities (e.g. due dates) I am using a crippled tool. I travel only with my iPad and now I can’t fully use Asana. Please provide a URL that would by pass the mobile version.
  • Jonathan
    +1 for Windows Phone app
    • Roly
      just moved over from Android to Windows Phone (Nokia 1020)… wow, impressive OS, +1 for Windows Phone App for me.
  • Jeremy Farrance
    +1 for Windows Phone App. Oddly on the Lumia 1520, the website is quite usable in the browser. However, after seeing the convenience of the app UI on a friend’s Galaxy, yeah, I need/want the WP 8.1 app pretty badly. Also, please adapt to the WP “Metro” UI, it is no fun adapting to the UI of other platforms. The Asana UX on WP seems like it could be quite amazing.
  • Charles
    Windows 8.1 (optimized for snap) and Windows Phone 8.1 universal apps would be fantastic… hard to replace my corporate email without native clients.
  • caddisbug
    DEFINITELY need a Windows 8.1 app. It’s FAR too cumbersome to use the web-based version of this. Wunderlist is coming out with a new app very soon…. I would MUCH prefer to use your app but would switch if they have an app vs. web.
  • Greg
    Do you even plan Windows Phone 8.1 app?
  • SD
    I need windows 8.1 app for mobile and pc. If you can tell your roadmap, then we can plan accordingly
  • JD
    Windows Phone pls. Nokia 930 plus 630, Win8.1 Denim
  • Rail
    What about windows phone app?