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Drag & drop file uploading at your service

Editor’s note: we’ve made some updates since this post was published. Find the most up-to-date information ondrag & drop attachments on the guide.

A few weeks ago, when we introduced Colored Projects & Tags on these very pages, many of the commenters wrote in to ask kindly that we add Drag & Drop file uploading.

Drag & Drop attachments have been on our roadmap for a while, so in a bout of mad inspiration, we took designs from a previous Polish Week and coded them up.

Today, we are happy to ship the feature to you, live in your task pane as of right now.

Drag & Drop Attachments in Asana Drag & Drop file uploading works just like it sounds: you grab a file from your desktop and drag it over the task pane. A light grey box with some illustrations inside will appear to indicate that Asana is ready. Release over the drop region and…your attachment is now attaching itself to the task.

We’ve been using it for a couple of days and really think it makes Asana faster to use.

Note: this first version we’re launching doesn’t let you attach multiple files with one drop. But don’t worry. That, too, will come in time.


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