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A step towards project and people reporting

People and Project Sorting

One of the biggest challenges in project management is going from leading a single project to leading multiple projects. When you’re leading just one project, you can remember the entire context and easily see what needs to get done next. When you start to work across projects, you need to track separate goals and make sure that each team has what they need to make progress.

At Asana, we’re passionate about making teams more productive and giving teams the tools they need to make their coordination effortless. When we launched Asana Search Views last month, we took a big step towards that vision, and today we’re excited to announce the next big step: Project and Assignee Sorting in Asana Search Views.

Create custom reports across projects and people

  • Track progress of multiple projects. Search for projects and create custom project groupings to see complete and incomplete tasks grouped by Priority Heading.
  • Ensure your team isn’t overloaded, by quickly reassigning tasks. Group tasks by people and simply drag tasks to reassign.
  • Sort tasks in more ways using Search. See your Organization’s tasks grouped by people or Projects. Just leave the search field blank and press Search.
  • Find tasks faster. Search for tasks within projects or by assignee.

How it works

From any Search View, click on the Sort menu and choose Project or Assignee. Asana will remember the sort, so when you come back to a saved search it will be sorted the way you left it.

Sort by ProjectWhen you’re sorted by Project, you can Drag & Drop to reorder, or move a task between projects. You can also press ‘enter’ to create a new task.

When you’re sorted by Assignee, you can Drag & Drop to reassign tasks to another person.

To make the views more useful, the “In projects” field will now return tasks in any of the listed projects. If you want to combine the projects with AND, choose “In multiple projects” from “Search by another field”

Sort by Project and Assignee in search views is a relatively small feature, but we think it unlocks a lot of power for PMs, executives, and managers. It will be rolling out steadily over the next few days.

We’d love to know what kinds of reporting you’d like to see in Asana. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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