Beyond complete & incomplete: Move your tasks through any process or workflow with Sections


The life of a task is often more complicated than incomplete to complete–many Tasks go through multiple stages, follow a specific workflow, or go through a unique process. For example, if you’re using Asana for an editorial calendar, each article may move from idea, to a draft, to review, to approved, to published. Or, if you’re using Asana for recruiting, applicants may progress from resume received, to phone screen, to first-round interview, to second-round interview, to hired.

Priority headings are now Section Headings

We’ve created a way to accommodate tasks that follow a specific process or workflow, while maintaining the simplicity and flexibility of Asana: Sections. Many Asana users were already taking advantage of priority headings to represent steps in a process, so rather than introduce an entirely new way of setting up your processes in Asana, we just made priority headings more powerful. Since these headings are now useful for more than just priorities, we’ve renamed them “Sections”.

How to set up Sections

Sections are used within projects to group tasks into stages, steps, priorities, milestones or any way that helps you manage your processes and workflows. You can create a Section from the “New” menu at the top of any Project, or to speed things up, just end a task name with a colon in the center pane (the same way you created priority headings in the past).

Sections_bug tracking

When a task reaches the next stage or step in the process, moving tasks to the appropriate Section is simple. Now, at the top of the task details, you’ll see the task’s current Section and can click on the Section name to move the task along. A blog post draft I’ve just reviewed can be moved quickly to “Reviewed” and assigned to the next editor. After a few more Section moves, the post will be published and the task can be checked complete.


Tasks can also be multi-selected. So, engineers who need to triage multiple bugs quickly can move several bugs at once from reviewed to verified to resolved, and sales teams can easily pass multiple leads to qualified leads to contacted.

The future of Sections

Sections are just a first step towards accommodating any process or workflow, look for more new features soon. Learn more about Sections on the Asana guide.

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  • Matt Corr
    Nice work! Love how asana keeps getting better and better!
    • Bobby Garrett
      Agreed this is great.
  • Mike
    Wow, very interesting…. doesn’t quite replace but does make it very easy to navigate an item through a process. Love it, keep it up!
  • James
    Thank you! It’s a great start .. I can’t wait to see where you take this.
  • Whulsbergen
    Great idea! But please keep it simple, guys. Learning curve is getting steeper.
    • Eric
      How simple could you ask? This is additive and doesn’t change anything, unless you want to use it. More powerful features inherently require some level of complexity. I feel like asana has managed to give us a lot of power in the easiest to use package I’ve ever seen. (My old task/bug tracker was a nightmare of user interface ugliness.)
      • Kerr
        I agree, this is a great addition, and I also disagree that this necessarily makes the learning curve steeper. If the feature were obtrusive or *newly* necessary to using the core of Asana, then I might see that point.
        • prasanth
          i agree, its only necessary when you need it, its not necessary to use the core.
      • Sam
        Think about microsoft excel- none of it’s features are “mandatory” but, because there are so many, people become overwhelmed. That said, Asana seem to be doing a great job so far.

        (Some good links about “feature fatigue”: )

      • whulsbergen
        Yes, it is additive.

        But when trying to introduce Asana to new users, the features that show can be overwhelming. Of course people can choose NOT to click these features, but if you don’t know what a feature is, you tend to wonder whether you’re doing everything right.

        For experiences IT-people this is no problem. But for a lot of people I work with, e-mail and Word is all they ever use and feel comfortable with.

        The secret of -for example- dropbox is their lack of features in favor of simplicity and ease of use.

        On a task, I can do except the must-haves like tagging, dates, assigning etc:
        – Track time
        – Give hearts
        – Make public or private
        – Make section
        – Focus mode

        It would be great if it would be possible for an ‘administrator’ to turn features on or off for their users, or at least choose between Simple and Advanced.

        • Eric
          Unless the person is advanced enough to create section headings, the feature won’t ever appear. If they have interest in creating groupings, the second location to set that grouping would be unlikely to cause a problem.
      • Eduardo trevino
        Agree with Eric, good Job to Asana people!
      • Mike
        You must be referring to Mantis. :-)
    • Adam Kochanowicz
      This is a feature implemented with progressive disclosure, I don’t see it affecting the learning curve.
  • Dave Mackey
    This is great news and completes one of my feature requests. :)
  • Prakash
    Thanks for this! We need this both for our Recruitment and Bug Tracking processes.
  • Karkuvel
    Nice, I Just hope you guys keep in mind users from other walks of life(non-programmers/non IT industries) also and how it could help them. For me I am still figuring out how this will be helpful and how to use it in my system
    • whulsbergen
    • Jackie Bavaro
      We’ve got some examples of Sales & Order Fulfillment in the screenshots above. If you share a little more about your system/industry we can add some suggestions. But basically Sections should be useful any time you want to add a little more structure to your projects.
      • whulsbergen
        For example, my projects involve project-development and projectmanagement of constructions and infrastructure. Our tasks are not generally to-do’s from emails and meetings. So while I would LOVE to be able to auto-asign tasks from email to myself and add due-dates, tags and projects to the subject line, I cannot see the benefit of Sections.

        In project-driven companies, a typical outcome of a discussion is that a group of people will “look into it”. Since it is only possible to assign a task to 1 person, it is difficult to make this easy. I know I can make sub-tasks or duplicate the tasks, but then you don’t have an overview of the discussion. Examples or ideas would be great.

        • Aaron Brown
          In the situation you explain I would assign multiple followers to a task.

          You are not ever required to assign a task to anybody or you could assign the task who is going to be charged with communicating back to the customer.

          You could use sub-tasks to highlight main points made in the comments of a task and then those main points could be iterated on further inside of the comments section for each sub-task. You would end up with basically a bullet list of points (sub-tasks) that would help communicate outcomes back to the stakeholders.

          Section Headings, I think, in most real world applications are being used when breaking up projects into smaller to-dos or simulating a KanBan environment. In your real world situation each “look into it” should be its own task. Then each task could be broken into Section Headings: “Need to Look Into”, “Doing”, “Needs Review”. This should help organize each discussion your group has and allows everything to stay on point instead of each conversation leading to something new and never having definitive beginning and end points on each “look into it” situation.

          • whulsbergen
            tnx for the ideas! Assigning a task to a person makes it show up on their my-tasks-list. Not assigned tasks tend to get lost.

            I still believe that for project-driven organisations that typically don’t have many repetitive flows, making sections only leads to a complicated structure that causes more confusion than it brings clarity. You do need a LOT of structured people to neatly shift their task through all sections, and when some forget (or just refuse), the system fails and end up getting the blame. But for occasions, it just might do the trick.

    • Eric
      Here’s a non-programmer example. We have a department who’s job it is to prepare some documents for clients. We have these steps:
      1- Verify request
      2- Assign
      3- Prepare Doc
      4- Catalog Doc
      5- Deliver to client
      This plays into that perfectly. We even have the priority headings already. ;-) Thanks for empowering them!!!
    • Jimmy
      Did you even read the blog?
      “For example, if you’re using Asana for an editorial calendar, each article may move from idea, to a draft, to review, to approved, to published. Or, if you’re using Asana for recruiting, applicants may progress from resume received, to phone screen, to first-round interview, to second-round interview, to hired.”
  • John marks
    Nice work guys – but asana really seems to be copying JIRA features. We use JIRA for workflows but Asana for small tasks and don’t want the two together :/
    • Mehboob Alam
      I hate Jira, so I’m happy to happy to see this being added to Asana. :)
  • valery
    Well done! I like it :)
  • Simon Yost
    This is the killer feature for me. So excited about this!
  • Avital Oliver
    Very excited to see this get implemented!!
  • Matt McLaughlin
    It seems like there’s a really huge assumption about the way people work built into this feature. This only really works when the workflow for all tasks in a project is the same. If you have tasks with different workflows grouped together in the same project (as the vast majority of my projects are) this totally falls down. Workflow should be a property of the task, not the project.
    • Jackie Bavaro
      Great feedback. We have some plans for richer customizations in the future (eg. like letting you add a custom workflow to a task).

      For now, you could consider creating a project for each Workflow, and then in your main Project, add Tasks to the appropriate Workflow Project as well. Since tasks can be in more than one project, this lets you get both views.

      • Jackie Bavaro
        Here’s a little screencast to make the multiple-projects proposal more clear :
      • Eric
        And keep in mind the task can be in multiple projects if you have a central project it belongs to, but want to add this workflow to it as well.
        • Joseph
          This is exactly how we’ve been using Asana to manage our development workflow across clients. We’re currently using separate projects for each client, but then add tasks to the “Kanban” (an agile methodology) project once they’re ready to be worked on.

          This is a great feature that is nice polish for those who will use it, but gets out of your way if this isn’t how you’re set up.

          Another win for the Asana team and us as users.

    • Collin
      Sounds like sub-task sections would serve you for your workflow. Every company has a different workflow foundation. Ours is a combination of task and project and section (multiple levels) so this already falls in line with what we need. Last thing missing for Sections? Making them searchable by when something gets moved into them!
  • Dan Carroll
    Mind = Blown!

    You guys are amazing.

  • Ken
    Love this, very helpful during tax season (and I have a few more folks on extension so just started using this).
  • Ben Giordano
    yes. please.

    if only asana were free for small teams… then you would be on to something….


    You guys are the best!

    • jwjb
      I believe Asana is free for unlimited teams of up to 15 members with unlimited projects and tasks for new projects which has changed for unlimited teams of up to 30 members with unlimited projects and tasks for old projects with this change taking place this past May Day for any new projects for members on the free plan.

      I hope this post helps and I also hope Asana does not further pare the team member size down for the free plan which is currently up to 15 members as it would probably start pushing out some of the freelancers out there who use the product with a number of collaborators, but would not be able to convert into paying customers until they hit pay dirt with a successful product release.

      It is understandable that in the old free plan for unlimited teams of up to 30 members was really generous and probably not sustainable from a profit margin viewpoint. For example, many startups using Asana especially after a successful product launch could conceivably not have to convert into paying customers even though they would have the financial resources for a premium membership since their teams would in many cases not be up to 30 members creating a revenue loss channel which over the long-haul could affect the innovation pace from being less profitable and daresay less successful.

      In the end, I trust Asana to do the right thing as I believe they have done so up to this point which along with their well publicized list of values and mission statement mentioning individuals and groups and teams as stated in the last sentence of their mission statement “We created Asana to help take that step; to improve the productivity of individuals and groups, to increase the potential output of every team’s effort.” and having much less than 15 members for the free plan would probably be anathema to these ideals.

      • Justin Rosenstein
      • Adam Kochanowicz
        Ditto, I was shocked that 30 was the free level. I work for a corporation and we would never pay if that were the case. 15 is still incredibly generous. If 15+ people really counts as a “small team,” that’s a big small team. In such a size, surely you have the resources to pay for a fundamental product like Asana.
  • Briar
    I can already think of a bunch of different uses for this. You guys are amazeballs.
  • Jeremy Wine
    Great new feature, instantly fleshes out one of the ways I’ve been using Asana.

    One additional feature that would help me is some kind of concept of finished state for tasks the complete the workflow. For instance, if some tasks get completed successfully and some don’t, once you check them off and archive them, how could understand what percentage was closed successfully?

  • 200F
    My head just exploded.
  • Adam
    Hmm! I’ve used sections to indicate timing:
    – Do before leaving for work
    – Do at work
    – Do when home from work

    or to separate out tasks associated with an overarching hobby (music making)
    – composing
    – arranging
    – sequencing

    Unfortunately, while I’m seeing my headings called “sections” now, I don’t see a dropdown to change the section on individual tasks :( (yes, I’ve refreshed :D)

    • Kerr
      Adam – Let’s assume that Sections enable you to work out the latter three: composing, arranging and sequencing. These are steps in a workflow, right? The timing items you list lend themselves more to contexts like @morning, @work, and @evening. These of course are more overarching and may span many projects and subordinate workflows.

      Having two separate levels of organizing lumped into sections (right now) may be onerous. One could augment sections with tags using a prefix combined with saved searches for zooming in. For example, say @ tags = context… “place & time” like @home, @office, @errands — that’s it, no intrinsic attachment to things personal or professional

      As you can see, tasks within the latter two may fall within one or more @contexts. For example, I could place a call @work regarding a personal project. Conversely, I may need to remember to pack a book for a professional project while I am @home. This type of system works well for me, and I’ve been using it for years to be able to slice what tasks I can get done at any given place & time.

      I’m still adapting it from a 100% tag based solution I used on rememberthemilk, so there’s probably a better way of doing it on Asana. I really like the tag solution as it is very flexible. That said, it’s significantly more complex than the above scenario, but I wanted to take a stab at something that may work for you.

      With the myriad options available to you in Asana, this is but one way to skin that cat. Have you by chance read Getting Things Done? It’s not a panacea, but could very well give you some ideas on how to arrange tasks based on the aforementioned cross-sections in life.

      • Kerr
        Whoops, I meant the “former” two @contexts rather than the “latter” two. I’m sure you got it though. :)
      • Adam
        Kerr – thanks much for the thoughtful suggestions! (and sorry not to reply earlier; it’s just by chance that I found your replies, since I wasn’t notified of ’em!)

        I was indeed considering tags for #morning or #errands or #evening, etc. However, I’m really frustrated with how tags work (or rather, seem to not work) in Asana :(.
        – No way to sort ’em, so they end up in a long scrolling mess (and I can’t even discern what order Asana is listing them in; it’s not alphabetical, either)
        – No way to group ’em, much less put them into a hierarchy of sorts (e.g., #waltz and #swing under #dancing)

        The reason I was using sections in the MyTasks area was to give me a quick (and drag-alterable) view at a glance:
        – Here’s what I gotta do before I leave for work
        – Here’s what I should do during my breaks in work
        – Here’s what needs to wait until I get home

        I could create saved searches for this stuff using tags, but then I wouldn’t have any at-a-glance view… I’d just be able to see one section at a time :(

  • Adam
    OH! I figured it out. It’s not available under “My Tasks.” Bummer. I do like this feature, and would appreciate it being implemented for tasks viewed in My Tasks. Thanks!
  • Ken
    At last! I wanted something like this since the beginning. But I still want priority headings too, an I especially want then to be sticky-so I move the heading all the task come with it! Great addition!
  • jwjb
    Adding Sections is definitely a game changer in how we will be able to now track tasks through multiple steps thankfully leaving all of our cumbersome hacks by the wayside used heretofore in our workflow. Thanks so much Asana for adding this feature and we cannot wait to see your next steps towards accommodating any process or workflow we might use by adding additional features to Sections.
  • Ashley Masen
    Once again a lack of sub task support. I have to say, the complete lack of support for sub tasks within your entire system continues to remain a huge disappointment. You can’t search tasks (they’re orphaned without a parent project/task) and now you use sections on them.

    Love Asana, but each new addition that fails to support subtasks is another disappointing feature.

    • jwjb
      Subtasks are supported per the Asana guide at: We have successfully nested subtask to as many as five levels I believe with no problems although we typically do not have more than three levels, i.e. task with a subtask and then a subtask of that subtask if that makes sense. Of course, these tasks, subtasks, etc at least the way we currently know how to do them, are not as easily readable as with using a product like Microsoft Project where subtasks are indented below their specific task or subtask, but with the ease of use of Asana compared to competing products it is a small price to pay. Incidentally, when you print out your project, you will see the subtask(s) indented below their subtask or task, whatever the choice may be.
    • Joe White
      Agreed the lack of subtask support is confusing. It seems logical to keep subtasks organized inside the project while still being able to see subtasks displayed in other contexts when requested. While learning the application, many hours have been lost trying to understand why I could not get subtasks displayed in certain views. Now I realized this has not been addressed.

      The new “sections” function is very important and the simplicity of the new function has allowed me to starting using them immediately. Asana has been able to retain the spirit of ease of use while still adding new functions that create a very powerful application.

      Asana is unique and ahead of most but I hope better subtask function is addressed soon.

    • jwjb
      Subtasks at least the way we utilize them are supported with great explanations given in the Asana guide. We have successfully nested subtask to as many as five levels I believe with no problems although we typically do not have more than three levels, i.e. task with a subtask and then a subtask of that subtask if that makes sense. Of course, these tasks, subtasks, etc at least the way we currently know how to do them, are not as easily readable as with using a product like Microsoft Project where subtasks are indented below their specific task or subtask, but with the ease of use of Asana compared to competing products it is a small price to pay. Incidentally, when you print out your project, you will see the subtask(s) indented below their subtask or task, whatever the choice may be.
      • Ashley Masen
        You aren’t reading jwjb. Subtaks are orphaned in the search tool (they have no parent task/project, so if you search for incomplete tasks in a certain project zero subtasks will show). Subtasks also don’t work with this new section feature (try it, and you’ll notice no subtask has a section option).
  • Sergio Tapia
    This product is fantastic, and makes my work so much easier. Regards from Bolivia!
  • Azhar Bandri
    FANTASTIC!!! now all that is left is an in-built Time Tracker and a similar Mobile App.
  • Hailey
    Great addition! I use the heck out of priority headings… er, sections now, I mean =)

    Oh, how I just LOVE seeing the beige banner at the top of my Asana window, announcing a new feature! Yay!

  • Ash
    Awesome! Will this become available through your API at some point? i.e. being able to fetch a section’s tasks and the ability add tasks to a section
    • Jackie Bavaro
      Eventually we’ll add more formal support. For now you can detect Sections because they end with a semicolon, and you can move tasks between Sections with insert_before or insert_after params on AddProject.
      • Fernando
        Awesome Jackie, so a section is just another ‘task’ !!! That helped me moving my tasks from my old system into Asana, sorting them accordingly.
  • LuYuan
    Great feature!
    It solved process management in a simple way. Handy and easy to use, I love it.
  • Lalit
    Just one word – amazing! Thank you so much.
  • TeresaW
    Simple and functional. Thanks.
  • Mike Eddie
    Is it possible to search by section headings… eg. all tasks in section “In Progress”? Thanks for continuing to make asana awesome!
    • Arthur
      Agreed.. I would really love to be able to search by section!
    • Jackie Bavaro
      We’re working on it!
      • Mike Eddie
        Awesome thanks :)
      • Theo
        Did this ever get completed? I can’t find a way in the search to do it.
      • Renato
        Any news about it?
      • Francesco Gallarotti
        Any news about this @Jackie?
  • Jimmy Bourassa
    Constantly blown away by how Asana rocks, and it just keeps getting better!
  • Greg
    can you allocate the section when emailing a task in ?
  • Ole Aakre
    This is an amazing change and helps out our team tremendously! (and we even begged for this functionality!) Awesome! Thanks!
  • Natalia
    Great! Now it seems logical to add a corresponding search option – to be able to see all the tasks of the same section.
  • Stephen Irvine
    simple, intuitive update. Great work.
  • beerpalchauhan
    it is realy good
  • Ncu
    We use Asana for software development: release management, bug tracking and feature requests.

    We use sections to keep track of all elements needed for a release (bugs/features/documentation needed/pr+release tasks/etc…). For each product (each product is a project in Asana) we have at least “product backlog” and “current release backlog” as sections.

    One issue we have with this setup is that when a task is complete it does not stay in it’s Section but moves to the top so we use tags to keep track of releases.

    The current implementation of workflows does not help because:
    1) we would have to scrap our current sections implementation
    2) PR/documentation/articles task have different workflows than bugs and bugs have different workflows than feature requests even though all 3 go in the same “release backlog” section.

    The workflow is essentially a property of the task and should be treated likewise by Asana..

    • Justin Style
      I have a similar issue, sections are potentially great as a pipeline for progress but checking complete auto floats tasks to the top and out of the pipeline. Would be great if this could be switched off as its important for team members to see completed tasks and right now I archive them so that new tasks are visible at the top.
  • Nate
    You guys are amazing! Have never used a product that has so many great new features around every corner.
  • Bill
    Great job folks!! This is like task management crack!! Thanks for some order in our otherwise ADHD world..
  • Fred Pullin
    This is brilliant! Great job, it was a no brainer, but I’m very glad you brought this up.
  • Brenda
    Great addition! I was already using headings this way and you’ve just simplified everything! Thank you.
  • Dmitry
    The new menu is great but why doesn’t it have a keyboard shortcut, like all the other controls?
    • Jackie
      We’ve got some cool plans for keyboard shortcuts, but it turns out they’ll take a bit longer to build than we expected because our menu widget isn’t keyboard navigatable yet and neither is the projects field when there are multiple projects. So this is still on our list, but a little lower. We’ll probably prioritize based on customer feedback, so it’s great to hear you want this!
  • Ben C.
    Workflows is an important part to any business process.
    I believe the idea has been kicked off. But more maturity and crafting of this workflow concept would
    really benefit a project group/business process. Especially larger organizations and businesses.
    As there is a lot of repeated workflows and processes. Of course I agree you need to balance complexity and simplicity with elegance.
    @Jackie – I’m looking forward to advances your team brings in this department.
  • Christopher
    Fantastic feature, saves me having to drag and drop tasks between sections. Asana is constantly getting better and better. Thanks for the hard work everyone @ Asana!
  • Lauren P
    I was manually drag-n-dropping all of my tasks prior to keep them organized in process flows, this will be a very handy addition. Nice!
  • Steven
    Your example shows a person being automatically assigned. Is this part of this functionality?

    What would be really nice are project templates whereby moving between sections creates new sub-tasks.

  • Chris
    I like the idea of sections. Makes alot of sense at least in my line of work. Consider this scenario:
    Say I have 3 stages
    Design (Designer), Approval (Manager), Integration (Developer) which task A must go through.
    Say each Section or Stage if you will has a different assignee (Designer, Manager and Developer), how would I be able to track a history of tasks each assignee attended to. If I use sections, it will only show that the Developer worked on this task as he would have completed it since its the last stage of the task.

    Your help or input is much appreciated. Great work as usual!

    • prasanth
      we too have this problem and i think for anybody who wants to maintain reports this is fundamental requirement.
  • Corey
    This is another feature added to an ever more complicated dashboard. Perhaps it would help to focus on whatever it is that Asana really does best? This also seems to lead back into an agile or even scrum mentality. How is progress on your scrum board going?
  • Aaron Brown
    Assuming this is just the first step in Sections.

    A few questions that come to mind.

    Are you working towards being able to have Section Headings for Projects? I know I can create new teams but entire projects may need a Section heading.

    Are you working towards auto generating sub-tasks based on moving a project through Section headings?

    An example might be in Web Design a project has moved from design to needing programming. Each time that happens there may be 10 to 15 required tasks that need to be completed on every project. Having to enter them manually is time consuming. Duplicating a project from the start falls short because you are assigning a bunch of tasks to a programmer when the design is not yet complete. Our current work around is have a Design Team and Development Team and one project gets split into two different projects. That way you can have default tasks as need be by duplicating a project. Ultimately it would be nice if everything could flow together from beginning to end under one project.

  • colin
    We use priority headings within the subtasks of a task in project to denote status of a task (i.e. inprogress, testing, complete, etc) It would be great if the priority headings in a subtask list can also function as sections.
  • Rick
    I’d love to get suggestions on how to handle my process:

    Each week I order many link building services from different service providers and I’d like to use Asana as a CRM and for tracking all my orders.

    So far I see two possibilities, and both have their downsides. In both scenarios I’d use sections to move the tasks from “Waiting” to “Checking” and “Done”.

    1. Creating a task for each order and using tags for the service provider and project/website I’m ordering the service for.
    Pros: Using the tags I have a nice overview of all the services I ordered for a website or from a provider.
    Cons: In this scenario I don’t have a unique place with the contact information, URLs to place the order etc. of the service provider.

    2. Creating a task for each service provider and using subtasks for each order.
    Pros: A nice CRM-like approach where I can have all important information such as contact details, URL to place the order etc. in the task description.
    Cons: The completed subtasks stay there, resulting in a huge list once the number of orders increases. Also no way to get an overview of the orders placed for a specific website since subtasks don’t allow tags.

    Unless I’m missing something, there’s no perfect solution for this kind of process I guess.

    Any ideas?

    • Kenny Van Zant
      Why not add the order to a project for the service provider instead of using a tag. Then you can use the project description field for contact info, and even create sections in that project for other content about the service provider. Adding a task (in your case an order) to multiple projects at once is a very powerful way to organize. It’s like using tags, but with more structure.
      • Rick
        Thanks for this interesting approach. Downside is, that I would end up with 100s of projects, rendering my workspace useless.
  • Niclas Staberg
    Great feature! It’s getting better every day! Keep up the good work.
  • emily
    I have to confess, after some playing I find this just as useless as the old Priority headings. What would actually be useful to me would be if I could customise the Today, Upcoming and Later tabs – since these are entirely arbitrary and don’t have a lot of meaning for me. At the moment I keep both Today and Upcoming collapsed in favour of looking at all my tasks grouped by Project in the Later view. Oh, and I have In process as a project in it’s own right.
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  • youngsoo
    wow . good.
    Welcome less click !!
  • Geoffrey Hunter
    Yuss! Now you have one of the features I really liked about Trello, that you guys where previously lacking. Love the ability to have a “Doing” section.
  • CJ
    It would be nice if you could do this with ‘My Tasks’ too :) But a great step forward!
    • Jason T
      I agree!
  • Chappo
    It would be good if we could set colours for different sections (rather then just projects and tags). That way I could glance at ‘My Tasks’ and see which tasks are at which part of the process.
  • Dean
    Love this feature. I was doing this with tags before but this is way better. Now I can use tags for a better purpose. The only 2 missing features that I am still missing that I would really love is the ability to add times to due task on top of dates and overall google calendar sync. That way I could do all my scheduling in Asana and have it be synced with my calendar so I can get notifications. I rarely actually look at my calendar but I will notice notifications as they pop up. Plus if it is synced with google calendar it can be synced with other apps like sunrise that feed of of google calendar. I also see Harvest has teamed up with Harvest which is Great – hope to see a similar pairing with Freshbooks.
  • Vincent
    Really nice !

    Woiuld be cool to be able to automatically assign to a specific person when switching sections (so when I switch from “specificWorkToDo” to “SpecificWorkApproval”, the approver is automatically assigned to the task.)

  • Jose Guerrro
    What software are you using for your animated gifs at the top of the page?
  • Jennifer
    Hi Guys at Asana,
    thanks for this feature i have tested it out. I had stopped using Asana for a while because it was difficult to work with workflow so… this works and i am going to add sections to all project and tidy up… will improve my productivity greatly.
  • Alex
    I am a new user and just starting to get up and running. Does Asana have the ability to do gantt charts or something similar? Is it buried where I can’t find it.
  • Nizam Kazi
    What you have done can be done by dragging task from one Heading/Section to another. Usually Project get progressed to the next level, not the task. Task usually get completed on right that step.
    For Eg. I have Section named “Contact” and in that I have task named “Call Jean”, This task won’t get forwarded to “Demo” or “Qualified” section, it will get done in “Contact” section itself. But Project can be moved form Sales Pipeline > Production > Enhancement > Testing > Client Side > Payment > Finished.

    Getting my point? Task is a part of particular step, it is not likely to move to another step.

    • Jackie
      Yup, that makes sense. If you want to track the progress of your projects using this, you can make an Asana Project with those sections and the “Tasks” as the names of your Projects. We call things in Asana “Tasks” and “Projects” to help people understand how they can use them, but it’s also appropriate to use them for other things.
      • Pål
        We have set up as single “project” for holding our backlog. In this “project” we create “tasks” for each PBI, User Story or Project (whatever you like to call chunks of work that needs to be done). These “tasks” will often be hanging around for several months, and we have sorted them by priority and how well they are described ;) In the PBI “tasks” we then create subtasks that we work on to track progress on a particular User Story / PBI / Project. Each subtask is assigned to a team member and at the same time added to an other project, our kanban board (remember that tasks can be located in several projects at a time). This kanban board project is then set up with sections for managing the task workflow, like planned, specifying, ongoing, testing, documenting and approved.

        This way we can easily see which User Story a particular task is part of. And you will get a great overview of the effort and progress for each team member, by sorting the kanban board project by team members.

  • Murray
    Is there a plan to be able to review items in the ‘same’ section in different projects? So, I use sections of ‘Backlog’, ‘Next’, ‘Working On’, ‘Waiting’, and ‘Done’ in all my projects. It would be absolutely wonderful to be able to have the ability to look at, for example, ‘Working On’, and see all items regardless of which project they’re in. Aside from that, love this new addition!
  • Pål

    I love how sections now can be used to track task through a workflow using sections! Great work! We have heavily adopted the feature when designing our kanban board in Asana. But our kanban bord consists of some reoccuring tasks, that needs to go through our workflow. Say you have a workflow build from three sections, Planned, Ongoing and Approved. So if you have a reoccurring task that will go though all sections in the workflow and end up in Approved section. When you close that task it will reappear in the same section as when you closed it. In this case the approved section. This is not so good for managing a workflow, I would rather have the task to reappear at the beginning of the workflow, not the end ;) So I would like to specify at which section a particular reoccurring task should reappear. Does it make sense?

  • Wayne
    Great feature– would also be great if there was some way to auto-move items through a workflow, e.g. when a bug is checked off, it automatically moves to a “resolved bugs” section? (unless I missed it)
  • Rafał
    I set section:
    1. NEW
    2. in Progress
    3. …
    5. Close

    When i move to close and tick mark completed test is going grey and move on over NEW section. I have sorted by Priority, I’ve tried other but without result. Have You got any idea to stay them in Close section?

    • Justin Style
  • Jacobo

    I would like to recive an email when somebody moves a task to a Section Heading what i follow. ¿is this possible? This will be very very usefully for us :)

  • Jay
    Can’t believe this feature was here all along and I never knew it was there. Awesome. Only learned of it due to coverage in that last Asana newsletter.
  • adrian
    Can you have default sections that always get created when you create a new project?
    • Gandalf
      You can make a copy of a current project to use it as a template. To avoid the pain of erasing all your old data from the new copy, just save a blank project with all the formatting you need.
  • Tariq
    Glad to know Asana’s got that feature too. Very useful. This moves Asana on top of my list now.
  • Pingback: Our plans for completed tasks at The Asana Blog()

  • Pingback: It’s the little things that make some tools great — Gigaom Research()

  • Lance
    Sections are a great feature. They’d be even greater if it were possible to collapse and expand sections to focus on a particular stage in the workflow, for example. Any chance of seeing that feature implemented?
    • Renato
    • Dan
      • ST
    • Meindert
      +1 !!
    • Chris
    • Brett Phillips
    • Adele
      Agreed! We would love to see the ability to collapse sections to create a cleaner look.
    • Tomas
    • Machine
      +2 as two people sitting here are nodding
    • Charles Changmin Han
  • JP
    Is there a way to filter by section? For example, I have the following sections in many projects: To Do, In Progress, On Hold. I would like to create a view to show all tasks On Hold grouped by project. Or all tasks In Progress.
  • Pingback: How to Search by Section in Asana()

  • Mz. Ellen
    Yes, but when will you make the iPhone app usable? There’s still no way to view tasks chronologically, or to just see today’s tasks. How is this not a priority?
  • HD
    Is this possible to do when you have sections with subtasks? I don’t see this functionality yet with subtasks. That would be really helpful.
  • AndrewBurman
    Sections are great to manage workflow within a projct however say a developer moves a task to a section such as ‘waiting for review’ for an approver to review they still see the task in ‘my tasks’ unless they again move it to a section within there for a 2nd time.

    Ideally the task should no longer appear in ‘my tasks’.

    Right now our work around is to assign the task back to the approver and use tags, this works well however there is an extra step required if the task is approved, the approver cant mark it as complete themselves or they will get credit for it, so they have to assign it back to the original assignee to mark it as complete

  • Sarah
    Sections look great in the Project View. But when I switch to the My Tasks view (to get an overview of all the work on my plate) the Sections appear out of sequence, disassociated from the tasks that should sit below them. I’m confused as to how this is supposed to work. I hoped that I would be able to use the Sections to manage my work at a higher level but perhaps there’s another way to go about it.
  • Daniel Toussaint
    It seems impossible to create Sections from the Android app, or from the mobile web app – or am I missing something ?
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