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Our plans for completed tasks

Editor’s note: This blog post may have some out-of-date information in it. For the latest on tasks, check out the Asana Guide.

We are changing the way completed tasks work in Asana. We think you’ll like what we’ve done, but we want to tell you what’s coming before we launch the changes, since this might affect your workflow.

Keeping track of the tasks you’ve completed is often just as important as knowing what tasks are next. Completed tasks include conversations, attachments, and notes that are essential to your team’s work and communication. It’s no surprise that teams frequently ask to keep completed tasks in their Sections, and for better ways to view those completed tasks. Over the next few weeks, you’ll see updates that deliver these improvements.

inline completed tasks v2
Completed tasks stay in Sections

What’s new?

Inline completed tasks. You’ll see your completed tasks right next to your active (incomplete) tasks, instead of having them pile up at the top of your task list.

Completed tasks stay in Sections. Completed tasks will stay in their Sections, so when you view completed tasks they’ll be right where they should be.

More views and sorting options. Select from several pre-made views for fast sorting. Views will include completed and active tasks, or just active tasks.

Default views for your team. You’ll be able to choose a default view for each project and save it for everyone on your team.

No manual archiving. Tasks will no longer pile up at the top of your task list until you archive them. Instead, you’ll adjust the project view to include or exclude completed tasks.

How could this affect or improve my workflow?

Archived tasks are going away. Instead of completing and then manually archiving tasks, you’ll choose when to view completed tasks inline with your active tasks. This is a simplification that makes keeping track of tasks and status easier.

Completed tasks list. You will no longer see a consolidated list of completed tasks at the top of My Tasks and projects. For teams that rely on manual archiving and like to keep completed tasks and archived tasks separate, we recommend creating Sections for these tasks now. Create a Section for the stage these tasks represent in your workflow (such as “Completed – In Review” or “Needs Verification”), then move all of your on-screen completed tasks to this Section. This will preserve this view after we make these feature changes.

Better Sections. Sections will be more useful for your workflow since they will include completed tasks.

Changes will apply to all previously completed tasks. When you choose to view completed tasks, old completed tasks will appear inline with active tasks and in their Sections.

You should expect to see the first of these changes in January. If your team relies on completed-but-not-archived tasks in your workflow, you should create a Section for those tasks now to get ready for the new updates. We’re excited to hear what you think.

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