Introducing Calendars

Today, we’re excited to launch Calendars in Asana. Built automatically from your team’s tasks and projects, Calendars give you views of your work over time, to help your team see what’s next and how it all fits together.

Visualizing the tasks and milestones that make up your goals increases clarity and confidence in your plans. Everyone on your team will spend less time in email, catching up on threads of updates and questions about whether you’re on track.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been testing Calendars with several companies. They tell us that Calendars have increased clarity around what matters most: reaching their goals. Birchbox, the innovative discovery commerce platform, is one of those teams.

Asana’s Calendars have helped us visualize the work ahead, assess our team’s workload, and deliver projects on time,” says Bene Cipolla, director of editorial operations at Birchbox. “We can look out across the next few months or simply drill down into this week to make sure we’re on track to complete our goals.


Using Calendars
Our challenge was to build a calendar that’s powerful and compelling, while still being simple and beautiful.

To start, we’ve made Calendars one-click away for the common cross-sections of your work. There are Calendars for every Team, for every Project, and for your own Tasks – right where you would expect them.


And you can go much further than that: any search result can be viewed as a Calendar, letting you create Calendars instantly, from anything in Asana. For example, creating a Calendar of just the incomplete tasks in either “Q1 Goals” or “Marketing Projects”, takes only a few seconds. You can then save that custom calendar as one of your Favorites, and even rename it to something familiar like “Editorial Calendar”. The URL for that custom view is shareable, so you can send your Calendar as a “live report” to anyone on your team.

Because Calendars are views on top of the Asana work graph, they’re always up-to-date. Changes to a task or due date made by a teammate are reflected immediately in your Calendars. Drag and drop a task to a new date, or click on it to change the assignee or add a comment. Everyone else will see your changes right away.

Teamwork can be complicated – but our goal is to make it simple. We think the clarity you get from Calendars in Asana is another step in that direction. Let us know if you agree.

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  • Jens
    Wow guys, I cannot thank you enough for this feature, very well done. I especially like the way you implemented the expanding view to look at a lot of tasks on a certain day.
    • Fred
      I am having the same problem. Is there a way to specify the date range you can view? I’m seeing a whole view and my tasks are piled up on top of one another.

      Also agree with everyone who is requesting start dates/times and or a gantt chart view. I’m sure this will continue to improve, my team has been waiting for a calendar view for a while. Thanks everyone!

      • Heidi
        Yes! Gantt chart view would be brilliant. This is my only gripe with Asana (loving it otherwise!)
      • Rob
        You should take a look at Instagantt.
        • Aram
          Instagantt is a nice hack, but not a substitute for a fully integrated gantt view in Asana. It’s a personal project and it’s not fully baked. Love the idea and initiative though. Hoping it’s the next feature in the pipeline – Calendar view was a critical missing feature.
          • Maëlle
            I back this – I’ve moved on to another tool because of this :-( This is a shame, because I really enjoyed working with Asana. Until I needed a real Gantt chart view, complete with subtasks, collapsable rows, etc.
          • David
            I understand how Gantt charts would be helpful. However, Asana isn’t, and shouldn’t try to become, a full blown team PM tool. That is a very different beast and wasn’t what we were looking for when we started using Asana. Like the Calendar view and ongoing continual improvements.
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  • Francisco d’Anconia
  • jim Walker
    thank you thank you thank you
  • Michael
    Excellent enhancement to an awesome program! Thanks for rolling this feature out so quickly.
  • Shane Axsom
    Great work! This is very helpful and easy to use. I am very glad to see that the calendar works on top of Search Views and color coding that I use for project management meetings. Eventually, it may be nice to add start dates to tasks, add time estimates, and include the ability to zoom out to a full month view, so you can have Gantt chart functionality for key milestones. But keeping it simple is best no matter what the path ahead in the design.
    • Ronaldo Marins
    • YPD
    • Sietse
      Start dates, yes please. That would allow me to allot my time to tasks ahead of time, instead just viewing the current list of (un)done tasks and their due dates and thinking “okay, what was I going to do next?”
      • Tobia
        +1 for start dates, for planning work ahead of time.

        But don’t get me wrong, Asana is already miles ahead of any other teamwork software out there. Thank you.

        • Andrew Nedelchev
          I heartily second the above opinion.
        • james
          Please Please Please – start dates and it would be Nirvana
      • Diana
        +1 for start dates and time estimates.

        In love with Asana since we first meet

      • simone
        +1 for starting date
    • Conor Pendergrast
      A humble plug for the other tool that will make your Asana experience invaluable: InstaGantt –
      • Andrew Nedelchev
        Wonderful! Now all the Asana guys need to do is buy the tool and incorporate in Asana. :-)
      • Dustin Tantum
        We’ve just started to use InstaGantt at my office… it’s a great add-on to Asana.
      • Gal
        Nice one on Instagantt
    • Diogo
    • Justyn
      +1 for time estimates, please!
    • Ryan
      +1 for start times & estimates!
    • Jeremy Moore
      +1 for time estimates
      • Anthony
        +1 for start dates and time estimates
    • Kristian Sekse
      I’ve been using this great little plugin for a while:

      Very helpful, and now that I have calendar view within Asana I am one happy camper. I’m still a one-man department so this is for my own organizational purposes at this stage, but cannot wait to implement across a team.

      Great job Asana!

    • Dave Soucy
      +1 for start dates. That would be a huge feature improvement.
      • Janish
        +1 hugely important to have visibility into timeline of start to finish, rather than just due date. Can see what everyone is working on today.
    • Mike Fileti
      +1 for start dates and time estimates. I schedule construction crews at multiple jobs over multiple days. Currently we have to use Google Calendar to show timeline projections, but would be nice not to have to use two programs. Keep up the great work!
      • Eric

        I was looking at stretching over multiple days as well. Like say I need to add a 3 day conference to a marketing calendar to share with the team. It seems kind of silly you would have to add 4 separate events. Maybe I’m totally just overlooking this feature.

    • Tristan
      Start Dates, Time Estimates and Precedence please… Need to be able to set a task that will push back if a required precedence task is pushed back.
    • Libby Webb
      Love Asana and the ease of use factor but start dates are rely a MUST when it comes to properly prioritizing tasks and knowing when a task should start. Maybe you can calculate start date if you give us the ability to insert duration of the task? Need this desperately! Very easy to be behind before you ever begin without taking this into consideration. Thanks for such a fantastic tool! Keep up the great work!!
    • Brandi Leath
      +1 on start dates

      Also would be great to be able to reorganize tasks on the same day by priority.

    • Josh Torres
      Happy to hear you are enjoying the new Calendar so much! :)

      In regards to start dates, we don’t have any immediate plans around this, but we are tracking the requests and we definitely plan to iterate on Calendar as it becomes a staple of Asana usage!

      • Curtis
        +1 for Desperately wanting Start Times as well as Estimated Time for a Task. Please please please! Will send a box of doughnuts for the person that gets this feature added.
      • Stephan
        start dates would improve asana a lot!
        Please integrate them!
      • james
        Josh. I know you are tracking requests but any update on Requests for a start date since your last post in February ?? Please Please Please….Thanks
    • David Guffy
      Can’t have gant charts without a start date – so here’s to both!
    • Guilherme Castagna
    • Alana
      +1 more. Seriously.
  • Emmanuel
    Believe me, this was my most requested feature for Asana to implement, I had to use Google Calendar until now.

    A calendar view gives us a complete overview of the whole team, and who’s doing what. So, we can assign or delegate different tasks and have a better understanding of the milestones and deadlines.

    But I have one little question…
    I can’t seem to find the Team Calendar view like its shown in the video.
    I created a search and found a way to recreate the functionality of the team calendar, but, i see you have a specific link below the team name (it even has a calendar icon). But I don’t seem to have it yet. Is it going to be enabled soon, is it a bug, or a premium only feature?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Jackie
      How many projects do you have in your Team? We do hide the Team Calendar link if you don’t have at least 2 Projects, or have more than ~50. You can look at “All Tasks” in Calendar view if you’re in the > 50 case.
      • Shane Axsom
        I am missing the Team Calendar link as well. We have 15 active projects and 4 inactive projects.
      • Eberth
        I am missing the Team Calendar view as well, we have 6 active and 8 inactive projects.
      • Ryan
        We also don’t have the Team Calendar link. Currently have 21 active projects.
      • Samudra
        I cannot see the calendar as well. I tried reloading the page and even logging out and logging in again, but that did not help either.
        • Samudra
          Ok my bad. I was looking for the calendar link on the left (like in the 1st image), below the team name. But it’s in the centre pane. I think maybe swap out the image for a more current one?
      • Nassrin
        Thanks for this! I am also missing the Team Calendar view and have 10 projects.
        • Nassrin
          I was actually able to view the team calendar for a project. I was wondering if there is a way to view multiple projects’ calendars at once without syncing to Google calendar. If not at the this time, would you consider developing that in the future? Thanks again!
          • Andrew Nedelchev
      • Mike
        To view Team Calendar, click at left on “Show Recents and More”. Then click on “All Tasks” then calendar.
      • Jud
        This is awesome, and thanks for adding the feature! However, I’m having the same issue of not seeing team calendar under each team. I can get to it through “all tasks,” but I don’t imagine that’s the way it’s intended to be accessed. Any ideas?
      • Ben
        Having the same problem. No team calendars. All of our teams have 2+ projects
      • Wim
        Ok found it but was is the order task are shown in the team calendar view. Seems random, not by assignee nor by project or order. Help!
        Love the feature though.
  • Chris
    I am having to reload Asana when switching from Calendar back to List view for tasks. Is this a known issue, or just an issue for me.
    (Looks really nice, by the way!)
  • Brett
    Thank you!! I had asked for this service a while back and am happy to have participated in the survey to help make it a reality. I can’t wait to explore the new function and share it with my team!
  • Edditoria
    Nice work Asana team!
    It’s time to introduce “start date” to show in calendar. (But keep it simple)
  • Erin
    Thanks guys! This is great! Our team is having a bit of an issue though. We all have different ‘views’ of the calendar. My view looks like what is in the video but my teammates are seeing nearly a whole year at once. How do we ‘zoom in’ on the view?


    • Caitlin
      I am having the same problem. Is there a way to specify the date range you can view? I’m seeing a whole view and my tasks are piled up on top of one another.

      Also agree with everyone who is requesting start dates/times and or a gantt chart view. I’m sure this will continue to improve, my team has been waiting for a calendar view for a while. Thanks everyone!

  • Richie Christian
    Get out of here! I just logged in and saw it in all its beauty, so I had to come to the blog to see what’s up.
    Thanks for giving me yet another reason to stay with Asana.
  • heath black
    It’s seldom that my dev team gets excited about project management software features… This feature was an outlier. Good job, Asana!
  • Chris Luke
    wow! i did not see this coming, but i’m glad it’s here! my team members prefer paper calendars for themselves, yet love being able to see my iCal… but this might finally get them to put down the pen and paper since they already use asana heavily.

    this begs the question: will asana ever support Time in addition to Dates? it’d be great to have items in a single day on the calendar automatically be in order by time, as well as making schedules, even if it’s just text for start and end time rather than a “day view” like other calendar apps.

    thanks again! this is a huge feature. how’s mobile going? :)

    • Kenny Van Zant
      Mobile is going really well. Good stuff happening there.
    • Andrew Nedelchev
  • constan
  • Andrea
    Opening up my workspace and seeing the calendar option today was the BEST. SO happy! Thank you thank you!! This is a huge bargaining chip to get my teammates actively using Asana. Wahoooo!
  • Kimble Bosworth
    Y’all just keep knocking it out of the park. You helped us grow 71% without adding on more people last year. I can’t even begin to imagine how much this will help us to refine our workflows, set better expectations and further enhance our customer service in 2014. Thanks for all you do!
  • Ali
    YES, YES, YES!!!! Our team literally just did a happy dance. We should have recorded it. Between this and the recent addition of the calendar icon on sub-tasks, our dreams have come true. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!
  • Graham Budd
    Does the calendar support showing subtasks? We group a lot of subtasks with due dates under other tasks. At the moment I’m only seeing top level tasks in the calendar. Otherwise, great feature!
    • Kenneth
      We have the same issue. It looks like if you assign the subtask to yourself, it’ll show up in your personal calendar, but it still won’t show up in the project calendar that the subtask is located in. We might have to really rethink how we organise our tasks since we want to use the calendars, but won’t have a good overview if the subtasks aren’t included.
      • Mike
        Yes I agree, it would be helpful to see Subtasks in the project calendar. This is essential when you have 1 task with lots of subtasks.
        • Matt
          Absolutely agree. I expected the calendar would essentially be a visualization layer of task due dates, so I’m a little surprised that anything with a due date isn’t appearing on it already. I’d prefer to nest multiple layers of subtasks when I’m trying to plan out specific tasks on a granular level but they’re easily buried in the parent tasks, so it’d be ideal if tasks at any level in the hierarchy appeared on the calendar. This would allow us to effectively use many more orders of hierarchy, from top-level project to super-granular personal items (slicing tasks at many levels: Organization > Team > Project > Task > Subtasks > Individual > etc.) Asana supports hierarchical levels beyond subtasks on a technical level (making subtasks of subtasks, ad nauseam) and calendar view would really help make them more practical to use.

          I’d also suggest that there be some sort of “bucket” area (maybe a calendar sidebar?) for tasks that don’t have a due date assigned so that users can easily find them and drop the necessary tasks into the schedule immediately. It’s very easy to create a rough list of subtasks and forget to assign dates to them when they’re under a dated parent task- this would give initiative to be more thorough.

          • Jens
            I really like your suggestion with the sidebar. A bucket of tasks without due dates would be helpful, especially if one could apply the views on them as well, so you have the right tasks on hand and can drop them into the calendar
        • Mike
      • Sean Cochran
        If you click on the task in Calendar view it brings up a separate window showing subtasks.
    • Jonathan
      Agreed, Our team immediately noticed this issue. Can’t wait for Calendar Views to expand to tasks.
    • Eric
      Please add this!
    • Sal
      Yes please… Do add subtasks to calendar view! Thank you!
      • Meg
        Just adding my agreement to adding this feature – incredibly important to making the calendar addition really relevant for our work.
    • Jason
      +1 Its great but really need to see subtasks in cal view- especially the team lead at minimum. Other members should be able to subtasks for others though as their next task(subtask) might be dependent on the completion of someone else’s task(subtask)
      • Shadi
        I would second the request to have anything with a due date appear in calendar view (or at least 1st level subtasks). Thanks!
        • Shadi
          The best temporary fix for this that I have found is to search Asana for all tasks/subtasks due within the next x number of days (using the search box in the left menu) and view the search results in calendar view
          • Sean Cochran
            Clicking a task in Calendar View brings up a new window showing subtasks.
      • Geo
        +1 need sub-tasks on calendar
    • Meghan
      Would love to see subtasks in the calendar because that’s how we organize projects within a project. It would be a great way to view all tasks as a team. And a week at a glance view so the tasks aren’t piled up on top of one another.

      We are thinking about displaying our team calendar on the TV for the rest of the company to see our busy schedule!

    • Demetris Roumbas
      I think it is essential to see the subtasks as well on a project calendar view. I understand that by clicking the task it brings up the related su tasks but this can create confusions and misunderstandings for those who are so computer literate.
      With a large team working on the same project you want to make things as easy as possible.
      Please try and add the subtasks in the project calendar view.
      Calendars are a great addition to the asana tool making it top of the class project team management. Thank you all for giving us such a wonderful tool to worm with. It really make life easier.
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  • Larry
    Beautiful job, as usual–thanks!
    Two minor issues:
    1) I’m also among those who don’t see a Team Calendar link for Teams with 2-50 projects.
    2) When I create a task in Calendar view in today’s date’s box, it appears in My Tasks’ Upcoming section; shouldn’t it appear in My Tasks’ Today section?
    Thank you again!
  • Fillipe Neyl
    I`m so happy!!!!! Thanks Asana you just made my day!!!! The calendar is really great!!!!
  • David H. Filippini
    Any chance of a Gantt View for Asana Calendars in the near future? Would be super helpful! Thanks
  • Lakshan
    WOW! just WOW!
  • Jared Meakin
    Is there any chance that tasks will have start dates as well? It’s helpful to see what everyone is “currently” working on in addition to when it’s due.
  • Conor McQuivey
    Holy moly, what a great new feature. Definitely an improvement from the calendar sync, which felt like a workaround. One more thing I can deal with from within Asana? Yes please!
  • Néstor Ramírez
    Just what was missing to make it better :)
  • Mercer
    Just alerted the whole team to the new calendar view… love it!
  • Xie Xiaolin
  • Jay
    Make perfect sense! I use my google calendar less and less for work unless it’s time specific. Calendar is a great way to visualize what’s really digestible for you and the team.
  • Ken Cossaboon
    This helps with perspective and work loading – with this calendar we can now more easily plan our work and stay aware of what is upcoming. Great stuff – please keep developing these kind of new and useful features!
  • Michael Mulligan
    Great Feature! Couple of questions:
    1. Subtasks don’t seem to display in the calendar?
    2. What was the reasoning behind not viewing the selected task details in a slide out pane on the right (like in the list view)?
  • Joshua
    Ahhhhhhhh!!!!! YES!!!!! Thank you!
  • Matthew Casteel
    Falling in love with asana all over again. Thanks for a great app!
  • Corey
    When I first read this, that feeling you get on Christmas morning when you first go down to the tree and see all the gifts lying there completely enveloped me! Awesome work! You just made every other task management system obsolete :)
  • Ishank
    Awesome. I always want this feature.
  • Danielle
    Thank you! This is awesome. And thank you for making it possible to assign dates to subtasks. Huge improvement!
  • Jake
    Great feature!
    However it seems like subtasks’ due dates are not showing up in the Calendar view?
  • Nickson Guay
    Omg this is simply awesome. All of my at the company have been waiting for this feature for so long!!
  • Rashud
    THAT is just awesome guys, one a few things that were missing from your application!
  • Sajit
    Wow, guys you rock…thank you
  • Karkuvel
    Team Asana never ceases to amaze me, Great job guys, looking fwd to more ASANA AWESOMENESS.
  • Pratik
    Thank you so much. I just gave my last feedback to have a feature like this and zaap… here it comes!! Bingo guys! Asana has made my life so easy … can’t thank you enough
  • Dylan Robertson
    Saturday and Sunday are squashed up and must be clicked to expand. Since I pretty much work 7-days a week, I need to have the whole week maximized all the time. Can we have a setting for this, please?

    Also, when will it be available on the mobile app? Then I can replace Google Calendar.

    • Ash Menon
      +1 for the weekend thing. I think perhaps on wider monitors it should automatically show the weekends? Or if there are tasks marked Today/Upcoming that are on the weekends within view? Or maybe just a setting :)
    • Dylan Newcomb
      I agree with Dylan ;-) I work 7 days a week, at various times. I would love to just have a setting for Cal View that lets me always see a 7-day week. Now I continually have to open the weekend view.

      And massive +1 on the already oft-requested additional start-times feature – so many of my tasks spread out over multiple days, so coordinating and planning workload across our team is still not fully possible with this yet. But LOVING where this is going!

    • Sean Cochran
      Hover your cursor over either “Monday” or to the far right on “Friday” and you get an option to “Show Weekends”.
  • Josh
    YEAHHH! Thanks for this update!
  • Peter
  • NamelessOne
    Super awesome, have been waiting so long for calendars! :) Thank you so much guys!
  • EZ
    I cannot explain how long I’ve been waiting for this.
  • Giacomo Ardesi
    This is awesome. Thank you.
  • Ash Menon
    Oh my god now I want to have your babies. Seriously awesome stuff, guys!
  • Ben
    This is fantastic! I want to add to the voices asking for a ‘start’ date though – that would make it almost perfect for our project management.
  • Vincenzo Vecchio
    Thank you asana! This is really something!
    In my opinion, another step could be to have starting date and ending date of a task instead of showing only the deadline. :)

    Awesome work!

    • Giacomo Ardesi
    • Grégoire
    • Fonda
  • Ravi J
    its awesome
    we can take overview of whole project with great ease
    thanks to you very much
  • Vibhu Satpaul
    This is wonderful and very helpful. Gives a top view of things coming up and we dont have to scroll down to see things which are later in the week etc etc.

    I would love this system to go on an offline mode so we can let go systems of reminders, wunderlist ..etc and have one platform to do everything. Would love to get that be available soon.

  • JanZeman3
    Good work!!! This tool calendar gives me better overview about projects.
    Unfortunately, our nonprofit projects have deadlines also on Sundays. And Sunday is not showed by default calendar view. Is it possible to add some checkbox in Settings to make default view show Sunadays?
  • Nick
    Great job!
  • Imran
    Nice Job. Thank you very much for nice feature
  • Cliff
    Thanks guys! Love it. Finally I can visually confirm that I tend to group too many tasks on the last day of the month. And simply drag them over to whitespace-days. *clap*
  • Mark
    Great work, Asana!

    Many thanks from Ireland!

  • Liv
  • Ian Richardson
    This is just brilliant – thanks so much guys … loving you work!
  • Kristin
    This is great – much better than trying to keep things in Google Calendar! I’d love to be able to drag tasks up or down within a day to prioritize them so that I could create an ordered ‘to do’ list for the day. Adding start times and time estimates would be even better.
    • Mayuresh
    • Grégoire
    • Dylan Newcomb
      ++++1!!!!! (with a cherry on top)
    • Andrew Nedelchev
  • Mayuresh
    Love the calendar feature. Is there a keyboard shortcut to active Calendar and back to List mode?
  • Grégoire
    Awesome !!! Was waiting for this features since the synchro with google worked just once a day… Thank a lot for this
  • Abdalla
    Thank you guys, made our lives easier and much more clearer. #Urock
  • Carlos Escorcio
    Awesome feature, is it possible to see a calendar for the whole workspace and not just an project?

    Thanks and keep up the great work.

  • Alma C.
    Awesome! Thank you!
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  • Adi
    Is just greath
  • Amos
    Thanks team Asana!
    You rock!!!
  • Stephane
    Thank you so much for adding the Calendar functionality to this already great interface. Very well thought, and brilliantly implemented.
  • Kathy
    This is the BEST news, thank you so much team Asana! Our entire office has just had the biggest cheer and celebration! It feels like a late Xmas present. It was already a firm favourite in our office, but calendars has just kicked it out of the park! Keep up the amazing work. You actually make scheduling fun.
  • renato mestieri
    congratulations!!! Very good!
  • KJ
    You rule! I’ve been waiting for this feature for a while, so thank you for making Asana even more awesome.
  • Cam
    Absolutely love it guys – was so pleased to see this yesterday!

    One thing I am finding, which is annoying is that completed tasks are still showing on calendar view, despite me selecting “Archive completed tasks” in the list view….Any way to hide the completed tasks from the calendar view?


    • Joe
      I’m having this issue too, I love having the team calendar view now, but even though I archived completed tasks on some projects, they are still appearing in the team calendar, which reduces my visibility. I hope u guys fix this soon.


  • Elliot
    This looks fantastic. Currently we were using Google Calendar / Resource Guru.

    I’m off to play now!

  • Ravi Sandhu
    Superb, I am looking forward to using this on Android too. It will be great to be able to drag and drop tasks from one date to another. Even better to be able to select many tasks and drag and drop (Or hold to select and move).
  • Freddy Einard
  • AJ
    Nice work!
  • amanda
    YES!!! This has made my week!!! I have been wanting this for so long. LOVE it! It looks amazing! I can’t wait to use it! Thanks Asana team!!
  • Dean
    A great start to a potentially awesome feature. Things that would make it totally awesome are:
    Start & Finish “Times”
    Start & Finish “Dates” to help plan out visually bigger projects.
    Some kind of alarm or notifier that can be set to go off for specified Date and/or time

    I don’t think we need a complete set of “Calendar” type feature like google calendar but having just a few more features will make it more useful for more things. Like Scheduling a busy day with many things to do, times (start & finish) allow you to prioritize the day and allocate time and not spend too much time on one thing and not leave enough for another. Start & Finish dates allow you to plan and visualize planning of big projects and make sure important things don’t overlap. A simple alarm or notifier to remind you to start and stop that next project.

    • Kristian
      +1 for Time of day
    • Andrew Nedelchev
      +1 for all of the above.
  • Dylan Wise
    I asked – you answered. Asana, you are the best.
  • papernoise
    It’s nice. I think I’ll probably be very thankful to you for this new feature, but I still wished you would finally add offline capabilities to the iOS app instead of this.
  • Lauren
    Very cool! I was pleasantly surprised at the ability to interact with the calendar, including clicking a specific day and creating a task on it! One thing I always love about your feature launches – they seem to launch packed with features you magically predict users will want. Thanks for always listening.
  • Timothy Aaron
    My subtasks aren’t showing on the calendar. Is there an ETA for that functionality?
    • Dave Nattriss
      Unfortunately, Asana still haven’t added subtasks into regular task lists (for projects), so it seems unlikely they will be shown in calendars too until this is fixed.
  • Ludo
    Thank you SO MUCH. This is a beautiful, wonderful, awesome feature that we’ve been waiting for months! You guys rock!
  • Carlos De Jesus
    Excellent feature.
    I will be sticking around!
  • Willem
    Great! Now all we need is the ability add times and start dates to tasks and we will be able to use this as a project management tool :-)
  • SG
    Very nice! Thank you!
  • Jonas Kee Quilantang
    Add a Gannt Chart Feature and its PERFECT!
  • Jonas Kee Quilantang
    How can I hide the finish tasks from the calendar view?
  • Shakeel
    Amazing work Team.
  • Rosie
    So many new shiny features! This is great.

    I do have one slight issue with inconsistency with the order tags and projects links/colours show on the right of each task in the list view. I don’t understand why the order of these is sometimes reversed.

    This then carries over to the way the colours are assigned to the task and the little box at its right in the calendar view (I have really gone crazy with the colours – think Rimmer from Red Dwarf). Some of my tasks in the calendar are coloured with the tag colour and then the project colour is in the tiny box, other tasks are coloured for the project and the tag colour is in the tiny box.


    • Carmen
      I’m having the same problem. Ideally, all the tiny boxes would match the tag colour rather than the project.
    • Dylan Newcomb
  • Brittany S.
    I was beyond ecstatic when I saw this feature yesterday. Asana makes my job easier again! No more iCal for me.


  • Alvinio Molina

    Only the first glance has me thrilled!!!!!

    Many thanks…

  • Mike Thompson
    This is EXACTLY what we’ve been looking for. Thank you for listening to your users and making real improvements.
  • Vicky Ge
    Excellent feature! We’ve been beta-testing it here, and we love it!
  • Bob
    Nice additional feature. Would be nice to click on a day to view a larger screen of that days tasks. Loving using Asana
    • Andrew Nedelchev
  • Eric Jones
    As stated a bunch of times in the comments here, it really would be great to have the ability to have a start and end date to tasks. Or even to projects. We need to get a high level view generally of what projects are starting and finishing so that we can communicate with clients about when their project will be wrapping up or when their project will be starting. We still have to use basecamp right now for this feature because you can do this using their milestones, but I’d REALLY love to not need to use basecamp any more and strictly use asana!
    • Andrew Nedelchev
  • David Self
    If Asana was a child, I would adopt her.
  • Alan Shurafa
    This is really wonderful. Thank you! Would love to see the ability to add specific times to our tasks. We have lots of field techs that need to be at a location at a specific time. This is our number one request for Asana. :-)
    • Kristian
    • Andrew Nedelchev
  • Filomena Morais
    Well done!
  • steven
  • Josh
    This is amazing! Thank you so much!
  • Brita
    Is there a way to view calendar in a timeline layout?
  • Levon
    I’m syncing Asana tasks with Google Calendar now, but this view is nice because it keeps my tasks and my meetings separated. I still like to be able to view my Asana tasks in Google Calendar, being able to focus on just what I need to work on helps greatly. I can see what I need to do as well as what I’ve recently completed in one simple view.

    Now, about the Google Apps integration…

  • Chris
    I don’t see where the calendar shows due dates within a task? Am I missing that? Seems that only the “Due Date” for the total Task is there, not any dates within a project.
  • Laura
    AWESOME! This is a very useful feature. It helps with managing workflow and workload for our team. Thank you!!!
  • Kam
    Awesome! Been waiting for a calendar for a while now.
  • Reiner
    This is great, guys. Amazing new feature that I’m already thinking up uses for my team. Thanks for all great work you are doing with Asana!
  • Marshall ( Garth Consulting Inc & Garth Media )
    Amazing!! Amazing!! I’m really happy to see that your team is adding to this app. It is already our best project management platform, and the Calendar is a perfect addition! Great app all around. Now how about a price point in between Free and Expensive…..
    • Andrew Nedelchev
  • Joel W
    This is the one thing I’ve wanted from Asana for a LONGGG time, Thank you so much for adding it. Beautiful and easy to use UI too!
  • Jia
    I LOVE YOU ASANA. Thanks for adding this awesome functionality.
  • Adil Bilal
  • Margaret
    Amazing, great! thanks for another useful feature! Asana rocks and i can’t imagine setting up my own projects and company without it!!
  • Sarah H.
    This is WONDERFUL! Another reason why Asana is a stand-out PM tool. Thanks for adding this much needed feature and great job (virtual hat being taken off followed by a sweeping bow) on creating and implementing! Don’t like, I love. :)
  • Aurélien Debord
    Finally ! A big thank you !
  • Steve Young
    This is awesome! Changes everything!
  • Jenelle
    Is there a reason that “completed tasks” aren’t included in the calendar? A lot of my usage is product backlog management, and there isn’t always a due-date assigned, but it would be brilliant to see the rate at which items were getting checked off!
  • Dave Soucy
    Excellent! Thank you for this. I recently moved over from Firetask and this was the one feature that I truly missed.
  • Lindsey
    This is perfect timing for me! Thanks Asana team! I do have one small request that may be something to keep in mind when you update this feature. I’d love to be able to add important dates such as holidays to help with planning without making these dates a task.

    Thanks again!

    • Jen
      Yes, holidays are a great idea!
  • Noah
    AWESOME !!!! Best thing EVER!!!!
  • Tamara
  • Laura
    YES!!!!! You guys made my day, week, month and probably year. This is SOOOO good and perfect for our team. AMAZING!!!!!!!
  • Deepak
    I am a graduate student and this was my # 1 gripe about using Asana for shared project work. Thanks so much for adding this feature. The interface looks amazing!
  • Alex
    you guys are doing a fantastic job. Keep it up so I can keep recommending Asana to everyone i know.
  • Mike
    Wow, amazing! I was totally requesting this in the feedback section. Thanks a ton!
  • Jose Zelaya
    ASANA you just erased my only complaint. Now the software is roughly perfect, thank you.
  • RAY
    thank. you. thank. you. thank. you. hallelujah.
  • Jason
    ANy chance we are going to see this calendar view in the Ipad App?
    • Andrew Nedelchev
      On Android too.
    • Gal
      I second that but would like to see a real iPad app instead of the iPhone version of it. Request.

      In the meantime a full site view when using a browser (e.g. safari) with an iPad would be fantastic as well. That would at least allow access to calendar view as an alternate way. here’s for hoping

  • Edoardo
  • Caleb Wojcik
    Fantastic. This will be used by me everyday.
  • Liz
    Thank you! Wondering if you plan to include a setting where you can see a project span across multiple days (ie. a visual showing that a project is going on for 3 weeks), or choose to hide that and just see individual tasks. Would be really helpful for my team to see when work is slowing down at a higher level, rather than granular tasks.
  • Rich
    WOW. Amazing. Great work
  • Darren
    The NEW calendar feature, and a Gantt (using Instagantt now :-) were our top requests and wanted additions to the already fantastic Asana. Looking forward to the future. VIVIA ASANA
  • Al Kags
    This is great progress! Some suggestions:
    1) Could some tasks be categorised events (so time and place become relevant)
    2) Right now Asana links with the calendar but shows it as an all day activity. Could tasks also have a TIME deadline? Sometimes one promises to send a task by end of day or by a certain time.
    3) If (1) and (2) become available, could be able to set up reminders – Email and pop up?

    Thank you so much for this useful service. It has changed my life and I am introducing all my clients to it one by one.

    Best wishes,


    • Kristian
  • Dylan Robertson
    As far as I can see, there is no way to set a time period for a task. Only a day. So, Asana can’t replace Google Calendar yet, since I cannot input my appointments as tasks.
  • Thong Tran
    Awesome feature, this is long waiting feature, and I’m no longer use Google Calendar because of this killer feature. I can simply live with Asana for managing my projects with my team. I love the way you add new and new features every week.
  • Cristiano
    Excellent enhancement
  • Dilip
    Great Stuff. Kudos to the Asana Team.
  • Flavio Bianchi
    That’s awesome. Congratulations Asana Team.
  • Murad Saidov
    You guys continue to fuel our start-up’s growth with these productivity enhancers. We are forever grateful.
  • Baadier Sydow
    I absolutely love this feature! Being able to see a high level view of all projects has already improved my productivity.

    You guys rock!

  • Ather Hashmi
    Simply WOW… :)
  • Matt
    Great feature! Love it. Would also be nice to have gantt features. Instagantt is pretty poor so far.
  • Rodrigo Santana
    Very good this feature!
  • jwjb
    Just an awesome addition to the epic Asana app which we are chomping at the bit to use in our workflow. Thanks so much Asana for always innovating and always improving while at the same time making things simpler with every new feature and addition which is refreshing.
  • apc
    Finally! Calendars! Thank you.. thank you.. thank you!
  • Kristian
    +1 for Time in addition to Dates
  • benjamin
    Now its time to employ a start and finish date ? Simply having a deadline isn’t the as easy to plan out your month, etc.. Does Asana plan to incorporate start & finish ? When extending a project on the Instagant timeline calander the sync only identifies the last date to google. I’ve got my fingers crossed or I need help if someone else has these scheduling issues figured out ?
  • Abed Kasaji
    Thank you guys, this is a great feature to add
  • List View
    The list view with complete tasks is kinda broken now…

    Before it would show all completed tasks above all priority headings sorted by completion date now if you enable view all completed tasks it’s sorted under each priority heading and sorted alphabetically which breaks all my workflow…

  • Angela
    I’m so excited about the new calendar. You made my wish come true. Thank you!!
  • Majd
    A BIG THANK YOU ASANA ,, This is exactly what i was for a long time waiting for :)
  • Fabio Bracht
    This is seriously, seriously impressive.

    And I speak as someone who spent the last two years stuck with Basecamp because the Project Managers really needed that calendar view. This is really something.

  • Anthony Matthews
    How do I get the Calendar View when using the IPhone App?
    • Jim Renaud
      You can’t at the moment.
      • Carol
        I could really use it on Android devices as well!
  • Chris R
    What a great feature the Calendar! Simple, intuitive and effective. The Asana team just keep this app getting better and better. Simplicity is the key. Thank you.
  • Moi Fernandez
    Looks good to me… and it’s what i badly needed. All set for work now. Thanks Asana team!
  • Per
    Really useful, more instant overview & commitments display for new users in team. Don’t add Gant as a standard feature – pls
  • Antti
    This is a good start, but I’d like to view all the projects at once and have times, not just days. Also, could we add notes to the calendar and not just tasks? We’d be able to use asana as a shared calendar for the company. Now we still have to have a separate calendar for anything time specific or that are not tasks per se.
  • Parthan
    Awesome and uber useful feature, but direly miss sub-tasks that would make the calendar more meaningful and complete. I often group individual tasks under one major task, and missing those in the calendar :(
  • Thiago
    amazing guys, but please implement this on the Iphone App and create a ASANA app for iPad!
    • Jim Renaud
      Our mobile team is creating some cool stuff. Stay tuned!
  • KJ
    +1 on a gantt chart feature. This calendar feature is useful but I don’t want to manage multiple calendars!
  • Elliot
    Start date for tasks that run over multiple dates would be good. Thanks for the feature.
  • Brian Ludlow
    You guys rock !!! Love the simplicity – clutter free and versatile.

    Keep it up guys I’m spreading the word !!!!

  • susan
    very nice and beautiful! I love it.
  • Sean
    Calendars are awesome.

    One suggestion…
    It will be great to be able to see unscheduled tasks and the calendar in the same view and then be able to drag tasks from the list onto the calendar to schedule them.

    At the moment I open two tabs, one with the calendar and one with the list, then schedule in the list and check the results in the other calendar tab.




    • Jim Renaud
      Nice suggestion, Sean. I’ve added it our Asana opportunities list. If you have any other suggestions, please send them to our Support team.
  • Lewis
    The feature I have been waiting for since I started using Asana!!
    The only issue I have at the moment is I have my calendar showing all tasks via a search so I can view my subtasks on calendar, and whenever I switch from a project view to the ‘All Tasks’ calendar view it pops up with a task that I have to close every time.


  • Andrey
    Calendars is very good! I hope it is first step for visual task management! Asana’s product team should think about another view modes for tasks and project, for example
  • Fred
    • Nur Ahmad Furlong
      Check out instagantt which integrated directly with Asana
      • Jim Renaud
        Here’s a link to more on Instagantt and other Asana integrations.
        • Shalom
          Instagantt is great for tracking the main tasks but without full integration of my Asana substasks into Instagantt, my department is not able to fully track project progress. When will you have that integrated?
  • Ann Sellens
    The problem I have is that several differently named projects have identical tasks and the calendar view does not tell you which project the dated task refers to ? any suggestions if I am not doing something right maybe ?
  • Daniel
  • James Pikover
    That’s great. So when is that going to be added to the mobile app? Heck, when are we going to get more from the app, because I love Asana and would use it for everything but it’s damn near impossible to use it on mobile easily. Too complicated.
    • Jim Renaud
      New mobile apps are coming. We have some good stuff happening there.
  • z
  • Bill
    Nice feature… thanks
  • Rodrigo
    If the service had the graph of grantt buy without thinking it’s a shame, it would be possible in the future?
  • Art
    buggy and missing too much to be a go-to.

    I’ll wait, thanks.

    • Jim Renaud
      If you are experience bugs with Calendars, please submit them to our Support team. We love to make Asana better!
      • Muslih Mohamed Ismail
        It would be great if you provide an option to customize the week days. because in our part of the world it is different. our weekends are fridays and saturdays. Waiting for a reply. thanx
        • Amir
          I agree with Muslih, we here also take Friday and Saturday as Weekend, if it is optional to adjust it will be great
  • Janet
    Oh my goodness this is fantastic, thank you!!
  • Steven Ma
    This is freaking amazing. Well worth the wait, cause you guys took the time to actually do it right and do it well. Thank you
  • Thanatermesis
    I needed to watch it twice because i put more attention on the nice perspective effect with blur of the video than on the contents of the video itself lol
  • dolores
    Muy buena herramienta! Permite tener una mirada de la evolución del equipo y las tareas y ordena el trabajo. Great job ASANA!!! Its amazing
  • Cy Obrero
  • matthew
    GNATT CHARTS please!!!
  • Lana
    Go Asana! Wow – great work guys
  • Vee
    finally! yay kudos to Asana for this feature. I’ve been waiting for this for a long time.
  • Mel
    +1 on start and end times!
  • Jack
    you guys are awesome :D
    Keep up the great work
  • Muslih Mohamed Ismail
    I have not started using it but I must say that “I like it”. (y)
  • Muslih Mohamed Ismail
    Yes, Vee. you are very right. mee too :D
  • Jacob Hiller
    Awesome ws really waiting for this one!
  • Muslih Mohamed Ismail
    Kindly please note that weekends in Maldives is different. Our week starts on Sunday and ends on Thursday. We mark Friday and Saturday as our weekends. It would be great if we have an option to customize this part of the calendar. Thanx
  • Taras
    Great! That’s cool!
  • Natalya
    That’s really cool and will surely help to better act when working!
    Thank you!
  • Maria
    Duration of the task – is a MUST! Waiting!
  • Ben
    Welcoming new features but it’s a shame that mobile performance us terrible and desktop browser performance is not so smooth either. The mobile performance issue along is stopping me from fully integrating Asana into my workflow (someone thing that Trello does particularly well).
    • Jim Renaud
      We are working very hard on our mobile apps this Episode. Please stay tuned.
  • igal
    It will great if I will be able to define the calendar duration view, for example set monthly view to define on project milestones through next year planning
  • Janelle
    Thank you for the great work ! I’m looking forward to the Gantt chart on Asana :P
  • Jean
    Thanks for this great feature!
  • Alex
    Great feature! Excited to start using it. Also, like the video – what did you guys use for the screen recording part?
    • Jim Renaud
      We use Screenflow for recording and After Effects for animating. Glad you enjoyed the video!
  • Chaim
    Thanks for the calendar view
    I’m really looking for a exact time label for each task when i need it done, we are a minute to minute business, so lets do it!!!!!
  • Cynthia B
    I’m finding that the Calendar view works great for individual view, but when looking at the team calendar it load this weeks tasks but not tasks scheduled for the next couple of weeks. Is that intentional, or a bug that I need to document and report?
  • Alberto
    I have a couple of questions;
    1. Can I count the time spent on a certain group of events related to a specific “search” ?
    2. Di you have a log of what happen over a specific calendar, like a trace of movements or changes?

    Alberto V.

    • Jim Renaud
      No, not at this time.
  • Bilal
    Hi Asana Team,
    Thanks for launching Calenders. This is something I was really looking forward to and had to use Outlook to do that.

    But it now it seems I can completely move my task management to Asana.



  • Wim
    Does anybody know what order the tasks are shown in the team calendar? Seems random ;)
    Love the feature tough.
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  • Zhenglei
    Wonderful, I can rely on Asana without help from other tools.
  • philanthropist pk
    Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww amazing, reall it can be make our work more easy…., I can rely on Asana without help from other tools.
  • Jo
    Love the calendar view but where have the filters gone?
    • Eric
      Right, we need the filters, so badly.
  • Chainrai
    Is there going to be a master calendar view. One that shows tasks from multiple projects..Would be great for someone managing portfolios of projects…
    • Jim Renaud
      You can do a search for as many projects you want and then click on the Calendar View.
  • Grant
    Great. But, my week starts on Monday, not Sunday!
    • Moritz
      +1 for start dates!
      +1 for week starting on Monday!

      When assigning a due date to a task, I’d like Monday to be the first day of the week (when you click on the calendar icon in the drop down menu the calendar always starts with Sunday, which is quite annoying for pretty much anyone living outside the U.S.!). I know that in the U.S. and some other countries the week starts on Sunday, but in most parts of the world and according to ISO 8601 the week starts on Monday. Could you add an option in the settings to change the start of the week to Monday (like they have in Outlook and most other digital calendars)? Thanks!

      Also check ;)

  • John Medendorp
    Great addition! Thanks!
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  • Alexander
    This is a useful addition. However, it would great to have some form of gantt chart, activities dependencies and linkages that would show you the chain of tasks required in a project. This could really drive the project management paradigm. Hope to see it soon!
    • Kenny Van Zant
      Check out Instagantt.
  • vertus
    Where to enable Monday as a week start?
  • Ralgra
    I can’t believe I just saw this feature today and missed an opportunity to start this process earlier! This is HUGE! Thank you thank you for this much needed piece to the puzzle. This is so awesome! HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!
  • Gerald
    How do you color code the tasks as seen in the photo? I haven’t been able to figure it out
  • Kaston
    OK, talk about the merits of Gantt charts is fine and all, but did no one notice the KICKASS transition from an abstract check mark to the asana logo?? Do you guys just see a scatter plot when you down on a forest? Dilettantes, the lot of you!
  • livio
    I would love this same video without the blasting soundtrack. The same goes to all your videos as far as I am concerned.
    Good product though!!
  • Gaven
    This is a great start but the Calendars also need to be able to be created with resources and not just tasks. That way teams can do work schedules, vacations schedules etc all in one place :)
  • Mark
    Your Google Sync feature is helpful, but I want to be able to sync a team calendar but there is no way to do that. I can see it in Asana but no drop down with an ical URL. Will this feature be out soon? Otherwise I would have to take each project and create a calendar for it, which is tedious. Thanks.
  • Frank Marciano
    Start Dates would be great, but even though that is the no 1 biggest request you don’t plan to incorporate it. I just dont understand from a user friendly app with so many resources, you don’t implement that feature. But my request is even simpler, I need times as well as dates, so a task needs to be performed at 3 pm, instead of 9 am, and that just syncs with google calendar, I am not asking for any calculations with Asana, but just the ability to start at task on a date and a time that syncs with Google. thanks
    • Josh Torres
      We appreciate the feedback. This will help us to prioritize as we are constantly iterating on the app. Thanks!
      • Kylie Flaskos Jensen
        Is there any news on start times to go with end times?
    • Fonda
    • Kylie Flaskos Jensen
  • Adam Sherman
    A way to easily drag unscheduled tasks into the calendar to schedule them would be very nice.
    • Josh Torres
      Try adding a due date to any task to make it appear in the Calendar view!
  • Reimond
    Start Dates! PLEASE!
  • Michel Portmann
    I love the new calendar feature! One thing I noticed, is it somehow possible to include sub-tasks due dates into the calendar view as well? Right now, I don’t see them.
    • Rhapsody
      If you hover over the subtasks you see a little calender-icon where you can put in your subtask-dates.
      • Michel Portmann
        Yes, I’ve been using due dates for sub-tasks. But even though I’m setting due dates, they are not showing up in the calendar overview.
        • Josh Torres
          Make sure to also add the subtasks to the project.

          Subtasks do not inherit projects from their parent tasks, so you do have to add them individually.

          You can add a subtask to a project by clicking into the subtask and using Tab+P to open the project field or by going to the upper right drop-down and selecting “Add to Project.”

          • Jen Zug
            This solution does add the subtask to the calendar view, but now it’s listed twice in list view: once as a subtask, and again as a parent task.
          • Michel Portmann
            I agree with Jen, the workaround described by Josh Torres does add the sub-task to the calendar view, but it also adds the sub-task into the task view list which is not entirely correct as it mixes up tasks and sub-tasks.

            For instance here is my process: I have multiple projects. For each project, I have a final due date set. For each project, I have multiple tasks including due dates. All those tasks are showing up correctly in the calendar view. Each task then contains of multiple sub-tasks which have all different due dates. Those sub-tasks do not show up in the calendar view unless I add it to the project which again mixes up the entire task view.

  • Rhapsody
    This is great! I’m loving it so far, but… Is there a way to colour-code subtasks in calender-view? That would be really helpfull.
  • dave leaf
    For those of us who don’t have the normal monday to friday routine, is there any way of expanding the calendar view to running from Monday to Sunday, or Sunday to Monday
  • Venkatesh
    Wow great Guys. My week starts from Sunday. To view my appointments i am required to click show weekends …Help…..
  • ar4
    Good job! Love it! But two things are frustrating – I need an option “show weekends” by the default and my week starting on Monday (not Sunday). It would be great to make some settings to choose in Calendar.
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  • Jen Zug
    I love the idea of the new calendar view, but my team can’t make use of it until subtasks are easily added. For now we’ll stick to the cumbersome workflow of using a separate calendar app. Hope this feature is added soon, because this looks great overall, and it would be awesome to have our entire process integrated.
  • Joe
    I would love to be able to create tasks within the Team Calendar, it is usually the default screen i’m always looking at, to see the complete work process of the company, but when I want to create or assign a task there, it is just impossible, and I have to lose track of the general work flow and select one of the projects to create the tasks there.

    And I think i’m not the only one having this issue, some of my co-workers also find it not so intuitive.

    But still, Asana is nowadays one of our favourite tools at work.

    Great, great work.

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  • Mike WIlkerson – 2GuysTalking
    I guess I’m missing something. Where are the abilities to:
    1.) Have the tasks appear in time order? I even tried putting the times in the Subject line and body but nothing
    2.) Reminder sets so that when it’s __ minutes before the meeting, something will pop up, Email me or get me a donut to remind me, etc.
    3.) Being able to notify people via Email of the meeting in general, who will also get the reminder that I get ___ minutes before the meeting.
    Having –>1<– calendar looks like it's ALMOST THERE!
  • Dave
    Very happy with the calendar view! Asana’s team does a great job of keeping the interface simple, please don’t change this. While there are features we all “think” we want, there are pros and cons to all approaches. Don’t forget your mission (which is brilliant btw)

    It would be nice to have additional options for editing printed views, either allowing for exporting calendar or task views in a format which can be edited, or allowing for more editing options within the web application. As much as the world is moving towards paperless, we still need to integrate with the paper world.

    Thanks for such a great alignment tool!

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  • Lisa
    Am i missing something? why would there not be start AND end dates in a calendar feature? We are trying to map out projects that we track in asana and knowing the due date is great but we’d like to be able to see the entire timeframe mapped out and what overlaps.
    I hope you will reconsider adding this function sooner rather than later. Thank you.
  • Sparks Johnson
    I agree with Lisa, we need start and end times/
  • Harrison
    It would be awesome if there was an option to show/hide subtasks on the calendar. Thanks!
  • Leif
    Start date please!
  • Thomas
    Subtasks are useless if there is no option to show them on the calendar.
    Please make it possible!
    • rbradshaw
      Absolutely need subtasks in calendar. Still no way to do it?
  • Gaurav Gupta
    I’m a big fan of Asana but I think Google Calendar + ClipPod is a better alternative than using Asana calendars.
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  • Anna
    Seriously, why would you not include subtasks into the calendar view? How hard is it? 35 people have asked for it on this blog since January this year.

    Asana, get your act together – show subtasks in the calendar view!

    • Christine Letts
      Patch: Add the subtasks you want to appear in the calendar directly to the project itself (just like if you want the subtasks to show up in your personal or shared views outside of the parent tasks)
  • Pedro
    Subtasks need to be in the calendar !!! This would be so useful
  • AugieFash

    I have no way to track subtask due dates. They do not show up in the calendar and they are not flagged in the list. There is no way to view that due date unless I click directly on the list item. This makes the due date very easy to overlook when there are hundreds of items to complete.

    Is there any way to get these due dates to clearly display? (Besides using the patch Christine mentioned below)


  • Hayley
    We are a law firm and we have split up our “Teams” per attorney, but as the office manager I would like the option of seeing a full firm calendar without having to add dates to two different calendars. Please make this happen :)
    • Josh211ua
      Hi Hayley, you can switch any view in asana into Calendar view using the toolbar above the list of tasks. This means you can do a search for all the tasks in your organization and then switch this into calendar view.

      To do the search for all tasks in your organization go to the search box in the top left. Click the arrow to the right of the search box if it is there or click into the search input and pick the bottom option to do an advanced search. Then execute the search without adding any details.

      If your company gets bigger and there are too many tasks within this calendar you can narrow your search down to only the projects or tags you want to keep track to get any calendar you want.

  • Rita Lago
    Hi, is it now possible to have subtasks in the calendar?
  • Doris Weldon Kaz
    Wondering if there is a way to block dates on a calendar – that way no due dates can be assigned for those particular dates (in the case of a business holiday or business vacation). Thanks!
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