Box & Asana, a new way to keep files with tasks

We’ve added another way for you to attach files to tasks, through our new integration with Box. Keeping attachments with your work is essential to making Asana your place for teamwork, and many of our largest customers use Box to securely share their files. So, we recently partnered with Box to allow you to seamlessly choose Box files and add them to the relevant work in Asana.

Asana box integration

To add files to your tasks, just select the attachments icon at the top of any task, then add files from your computer, Box, Dropbox, or Google Drive. Files of any size will stay attached to your task, ready for teammates to comment, ♥, and download. Teammates following tasks will get notifications about the file attachments in their Inbox, so everyone stays up to date when changes are made or documents are ready for review.

Visit our apps page to check out more Asana integrations that help you keep your work and conversations together. Let us know how the Box integration will help your workflow and what other integrations you’d like to see in Asana.

  • Doug
    Are there plans to add SkyDrive (soon to be called OneDrive) to the mix?
  • WC
    Can you explain further how this works from a versioning perspective? If a document is attached and later updated (but still saved as the same doc in Box), is the updated version now available at the link attached to the task? Etc.
    • Josh Torres
      Clicking on the link for any Box file should bring you to Box where you can update the file. So long as the changes are made in Box, the link will update with the new version in Asana!
  • V.A.
    Will there be integration between Evernote and Asana? I use Evernote to keep all my documents and anything I find interesting. It would probably be nice to be able to attach a note to a Asana task.

    Is this even on the list of future goals and implements?

    Thanks for building such a nice tool.

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  • Justin
    This is awesome. Your best integration so far
  • Asanhik
    Awesome. Do you also have plans for skydrive integration?
    • Anton
      +1 here! Onedrive & Evernote, too!
      But as it is, your product is boosting our small team’s collaboration as it is!!!
  • Joe
    Plans on adding Egnyte? That would be an incredible combination.
    • Gregor
      Echoing on Egnyte. Dropbox, Box and Drive are great but Egnyte really caters to enterprise business. Would love to have the ability for the integration as in a lot of enterprises, as due to security concerts, the above supported are not permitted.
  • Dave
    Thank you so much for adding Box. This will allow us to sync our document control properly with our tasks keeping things fully integrated and connected.

    Keep up to good work.

  • Ludo
    +1 for OneDrive. Please Asana team, update us on OneDrive (Pro version)
  • Ben
    Agree that OneDrive integration would be great as Asana has helped with productivity, this addition would just make it even better
  • Dave
    OneDrive and Google drive are excellent for collaborating on documents. Since Asana is a work and collaboration tool, OneDrive integration is really a must.
  • Johnc144
    Awesome article post.Thanks Again. Much obliged. kgekdekfdkee
  • fred
    +1 on Onedrive integration now that Microsoft is offering unlimited space
  • Martin Longo
    +1 on OneDrive!
  • Roberto Butragueño
    onedrive +10
  • Jason Heydasch
    +1 for OneDrive (Yes, it’s Microsoft, and I know startups hate Microsoft, but you can’t escape the fact that they dominate in the enterprise. On top of that, OneDrive is a fantastic product so I would encourage Asana devs to be open-minded in considering its implementation alongside Box and Dropbox — with whom Microsoft has now partnered.)
  • malibio
    I’ve been trying to introduce Asana to my team, but we use a Microsoft-centric productivity suit. Having OneDrive integration is key…please make this happen! I cannot believe it should take much effort. I would even volunteer to do it myself.
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