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Gain clarity around conversations

Two updates to task comments

We’ve all experienced trying to play catch up on a seemingly endless email chain. With most communication tools — whether it be email, chat, or even Asana –it can be a challenge to answer the simple question: what’s the most important thing I need to know from this entire thread?

In Asana, comments are added to tasks, so the work you need to get done and the conversations around that work remain side by side. But the challenge remains: you still have to parse through lists of comments. To help you solve this challenge, we’ve introduced Comment Pinning to help you quickly get the information you need from any task’s comment thread.

Highlight and pin important comments

To elevate a comment, simply click the pushpin icon next to the timestamp and it will be highlighted in yellow. If a comment is no longer relevant, just click the pin again to remove it from the top of the thread. Pinned comments give teammates clarity and save everyone by emphasizing the very most important things needed to complete a task. Here are some examples of comments worth pinning:

  • Comments that explain changes to task details
  • Comments that add a conclusion to a back-and-forth conversation
  • Comments that introduce new information to help unblock the completion of the task
  • Comments that add an important new idea all followers should see

pinned final screen shot

Undo recently sent comments

If you send a comment and notice an embarrassing grammar error or simply weren’t finished with your thought, we’ve just introduced a feature your fast fingers have been waiting for. Now, you can “undo” task comments in Asana 30 seconds within hitting ‘send.’ You’ll now see the option to click “undo”, which reopens the comment editing field, so you can make updates and resend.

Inbox and email notifications will only be sent once, so your teammates won’t see your changes and that grammar mistake will never see the light of day. While the undo button will remain under new comments for 20 seconds, you’ll still be able delete any comment you’ve sent by clicking the “x” in the top right corner.

3 undo in 1

More to come

Comments in Asana are the primary way to communicate with your teammates, and with these new features, commenting is an even more powerful way to help you get the information you need to move from point A to B.

Comment Pinning, Undo Comment, and yesterday’s Attachments View are just three of the many new features we’re rolling out in Asana this month. Stay tuned for more…

Special thanks to

  • Kevin Der
  • Annie DuBois
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