What's New in Asana

Building the platform for teamwork, with help from our developer community

We’re building Asana to be the platform for teamwork. Imagine if all the tools you used at work were connected to Asana.

Imagine knowing what needs to get done — and easily accessing all the context, information, and conversations needed to move that work forward. Our growing developer community is helping to make this all happen.

We’ve taken steps to make it easier to build on the Asana API by completely redesigning our destination for Asana developers and making some essential updates to the API itself.  This is great news for you and your team, too — by expanding our developer community, we’ll be adding more apps and integrations. This means more useful features for you.

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We already have integrations for Harvest, Slack, Chrome, Dropbox, and more. There are also apps created specifically for Asana by third-party developers, like Instagantt and Templana, to name a couple. And a growing community of in-house developers are building integrations to internal systems that customize their team’s workflow.

This lets Asana serve the specific needs of almost any team, whether its a sales team at a growing company or a support team helping millions of users.

We’re excited by the possibilities of what can be built on top of Asana— from views and integrations with other tools, to automated ways to add tasks… and things we haven’t even dreamed up yet.

A new destination for Asana developers

Asana.com/developers now has everything you need to build an integration with Asana. Check out our documentation, API reference material, and join a community of developers building with Asana.

Developer Site

Event Streams

With Event Streams, you’ll get near real-time updates of changes to tasks and projects in Asana. Now, it’s much faster and easier for you to build an integration that’s in sync with your data in Asana.

API updates

  • Sections & subtasks: We’ve added Sections and subtasks to our API. These features allow teams to add more detailed workflows.
  • Javascript and Python libraries: We want to make it easier to get up and running with the Asana API by providing coding language libraries. We’re starting with Javascript and Python libraries, and plan to provide more libraries in the near future.
  • Custom external data: We now allow third-party apps to store external data in Asana tasks, so you can create integrations without having to set up your own database. This is useful if you are cross-referencing an Asana task with a customer record in a CRM, or a bug in a dedicated bug tracker.

Join us in building the platform for teamwork by getting started with our API, and check out our growing list of apps and integrations.

Special thanks to Nathan Stankowski

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