What's New in Asana

Breathe some fire into your task list

Today we’re dropping some exciting news that will really heat up your productivity game.

Reordering and reorganizing your work can be a real pain, and Asana has always made it easy with drag-and-drop. But we’ve decided to take “D&D” to a whole new level, making dragging and dropping one of the hottest new features in the app. So leave behind the dungeon of frustrating work about work and say hello to Asana Dragon Drop.


How it works

Asana Dragon Drop is the fun new way to reorganize any project, task, subtask, or dashboard on the fly. Simply hold down your mouse until the visual prompt shows up, then move it to its new spot. Voila! You’ve beaten back the onslaught of work tedium and can now reclaim your kingdom’s team’s ability to get things done.

Note: Dragons are known for their elusive nature, and Asana Dragon Drop will only be around for April Fool’s Day.

Special thanks to Sri Raghavan, Amanda Buzard, Daniel Phan

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