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New Asana integrations: Grow & Velocity

Integrating Asana with other apps can help your team save time and get the most out of all the tools you use. By connecting the work you track in Asana with other productivity, communication, and reporting apps, your team can keep information in one place instead of constantly switching between tools or trying to make one product do something it’s not really built for. That’s why growing the Asana platform continues to be a priority for us.

In addition to our most popular integrations like Slack, Dropbox, and Google apps, we’ve recently added new integrations—built by our partners—to our apps directory. Here’s a run-down of what’s new, but be sure to check out our full list of integrations, too!


growGrow lets you track the numbers that are critical to your business. Track your Asana project numbers side by side with data from your CRM, bank account, and marketing automation tools. Create dashboards with complete and incomplete tasks, team and project completion rates, and other data sources.


velocityVelocity provides insights into your team’s work with powerful custom charts and reporting.

With Velocity and Asana, you can create a dashboard with customizable charts and pre-made reports to get insights about your team’s work. You can understand where your team spends time and make better time estimates, improve velocity, and find opportunities for growth. You can also securely share this data with anyone, export to CSV, and more.

More integrations

These are just a few of the latest Asana integrations. Check out the full list to find the tools you use and connect them to Asana.

Are you a developer who has built an Asana integration? Let us know so we can add you to our app directory.

And if you have a favorite Asana integration, let us know in the comments.

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