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Asana tips: Two new things you can do in tasks

Editor’s note: Check out our release notes to stay in-the-know about all of the new features and updates we launch (both big and small).  

Sometimes it’s the small things that make all the difference in your day. Like scoring a front row parking spot when you’re running late, getting treated to catered lunch at the office, or realizing there are new feature updates in Asana.

While we can’t make the first two happen, we have released new updates for our web app that will save you precious seconds (and typos) when sharing, reviewing, or providing feedback on work in Asana.

Edit comments in tasks

We’ve all been there: You craft a detailed reply to a teammate’s question about a new design asset, post the comment, people are liking it, you’re feeling good, and then you spot a pesky typo you missed. Or maybe you’re a quick responder and notice you should’ve added a “thanks!” or :smiley: at the end to help communicate your tone. Well typos, it’s time to meet your match: Say hello to edit comments.

To edit a comment you posted on an Asana task, click the drop down arrow next to it, then Edit Comment to make any changes you need, and finally Save Changes to update.  An “Edited” indicator will appear next to your comments timestamp. And voila, it’s like the typo was never there.

Edit comments in Asana tasks

Paste images from your clipboard

When working on creative assets with your design team, you usually need to attach images to the task. Now when you need to share an image for design critique or with an approver for final review, you can simply copy and paste it* into a comment and ta-da—your image will be attached. A link to the image will also be added as a comment in the task, conversation, or status update. Fewer steps means more time saved.

copy and paste images into Asana tasks

*You can currently paste images in Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. We’re working on making it available in Internet Explorer.

Stay updated on new features in Asana

We hope these new improvements to key task features will help you move work forward faster.

But these aren’t the only things that are new. We launch new updates and features often — monthly, weekly, and sometimes even daily. See a full list of what’s new in Asana on our release notes page.

Special thanks to Lili Jiang, Ankit, Paul Velleux, Alex Ryan, Dean Rzonca, Matt Bond, Greg Lilley, Alvaro Morales, Louis Lecat, Chris Cankov, Evy Kassirer, and Josh Palay

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