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Google Chat upgrade and FigJam: What’s New in Asana, June 2022

At Asana, we’re all about helping teams maintain focus and alignment. That includes streamlining collaboration across applications. 

It’s no secret that juggling multiple tools slows down productivity. According to the 2022 Anatomy of Work Index, knowledge workers switch between 9 apps per day, leading to a heavy distraction tax. 

Luckily, there are ways to combat this digital overload. This month, we’re excited to expand our Asana Partners ecosystem and introduce a set of new upgrades that will enable teams to reduce context switching and increase efficiency. 

Power up messages with our Google Chat integration

Want to take your direct messages and group chats to the next level? Our upgraded Google Chat experience lets you collaborate with the team and keep work moving forward, without leaving the conversation. With this integration, you can create or update tasks in Asana, receive notifications on your projects, and share relevant information—right from Google Chat.

Turn ideas into actions with our FigJam widget

Getting people together to come up with new and creative ideas is great. But, brainstorming sessions can only be effective when teams are clear on the next steps. 

Enter the Asana widget for FigJam. Whether you are project mapping or just riffing with the team, you can now transform ideas into action items by importing Asana projects or tasks directly into FigJam’s online whiteboard or converting FigJam stickies into tasks in Asana.

More control for Super Admins

Hey, Super Admins! Have you heard about our new Apps tab? This new self-service feature lets you see what apps are connected and used in your organization’s Asana domain. Plus, you can approve or block apps or personal access tokens (PATs), ensuring authorization to only the most important and secure tools.    

Stay in the know

Read our release notes to discover the latest features and upgrades we launch each month—both big and small. 

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