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New celebrations: Meet the phoenix

After years of flying solo, our unicorn is getting some teammates. This week, we are launching three new celebrations to give you and your team the occasional animated commemoration of a job well done. Monday we re-introduced the the unicorn, Tuesday we introduced you to the narwhal, and today we’d like to introduce you to the newest addition the Asana team: the phoenix.

Who is the phoenix asana phoenix

A powerhouse like the phoenix is an asset on any team. She knows what’s coming next, keeps projects moving, and can crank it up when the heat is on. She’s the ultimate planner and our newest addition to the celebrations team.

The phoenix joins us from a stint in Arizona where she worked at a bespoke marshmallow roastery. She’s also worked as a welder and a furnace technician. But after getting to know her, we can tell that the celebrations team is her true calling:

“I’m fired up about joining Asana because I love turning plans into action. When the next steps are unclear, I take it upon myself to light the way and see a project through.”


How do I see the new celebrations?

Enable celebrations from the Display tab of My Profile Settings. Celebrations automatically appear on Android or iOS devices after enabling on your desktop.

Be the first to spot a celebration and win

As stated in Monday’s blog post, each day we’ll announce a new celebration. Yesterday was the narwhal, and today (Wednesday) it’s the phoenix. The first person to spot (and screenshot) the celebration of the day could win a gift card to Seamless to treat their team to lunch and some sweet Asana swag. Read more details about the contest and the story of the unicorn here.

Congratulations to Tuesday’s winner

Check the blog tomorrow for the celebration of the day and a chance to win prizes for your team.

Special thanks to Sarah Chandler, Dean Rzonca, Anna Hurley, Stephanie Marden, Greg Elzerman, Nikki Henderson, Emily Kramer

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