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New ways to make Gmail and Asana work together

In November, we announced that Asana is now a recommended app for Google’s G Suite. We’re excited to share two additional ways that Asana and Google work together to help teams reach their goals: Gmail task button and new Inbox grouping.

Many teams rely on Google’s communication tools like Gmail and Inbox to connect and communicate with teammates. They also use Asana to track their work, goals, and milestones so they know who is doing what, by when. These new feature updates make it easier to connect your email inbox and Asana, so you can stay up to date with what’s going on, no matter what tool you’re using.

Gmail task button

Now, when you see an email notification from Asana in your Gmail inbox, you’ll see a new “View Task” button in your Gmail message. Clicking on that button takes you directly to the task mentioned, so you can follow up directly in Asana and keep everyone in the loop, without even clicking into the email.

gmail asana

Inbox grouping

If you use Google Inbox, your Asana notifications will now all be grouped together under an “Asana” label. You’ll be able to see all the updates that have happened in a particular task in one place, so you can understand what’s going on in Asana from your Google Inbox at a glance.

Asana gmail integration

If this setup feels familiar to you, that’s because it’s exactly how your Asana Inbox works. Staring at an inbox full of messages can be a little overwhelming, and if your notifications show up based on the time of receipt, rather than by topic, it can be hard to know what’s going on at a glance.

We think that grouping work together based on the relevant task, rather than based on the time the message came in is the easiest way to understand where work stands at any given point in time. Plus, with new Inbox grouping, you won’t receive multiple updates about the same task between email checks. They will all be packaged neatly for you in a single thread.

An easier way to manage your email and Asana

We believe that when all of your conversations are tied to teams, projects, or tasks in Asana, you’ll have more clarity about what’s happening around work. We also understand that email is an important and necessary part of work; it’s a key way to communicate with teammates near and far.

With the Gmail task button and Google Inbox grouping, we hope to make it easier to transition from your Gmail or Google Inbox account to Asana—so you can spend less time figuring out what tool you should be using and more time doing great things together with your team.

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Special thanks to Alex Davies, Sarah Chandler, Marcos Medina, and Alex Estrada

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