Today we’re celebrating teamwork around the world

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A decade ago, we created Asana to help the world’s teams work together effortlessly. Our mission continues to drive everything we do, because we continue to be inspired by the work your teams do.

Whether you’re leading a digital workplace transformation or saving the world’s whales and dolphins, we’re here to help you take on big ideas without the busywork, to give your teams clarity no matter where they’re working—and ultimately, to empower you to achieve your mission, faster.

Today we’ve taken the next step towards our mission by becoming a publicly traded company.

To our customers, community, and partners across the globe, thank you. Today wouldn’t be possible without every task, project, and goal you created (and completed!) in Asana, and we’re honored to celebrate the day with you.

Where there’s Asana…

Today’s milestone is one of many, and what makes it special for us is the opportunity to celebrate it with you! Today is also a celebration of teamwork, so we asked members of our global community to share all the ways Asana makes working together effortless for them. Here’s what they had to say.

Where there’s Asana, there’s a way…

  • “To maintain clarity and focus within a distracted world.”- Jerod Hillard, United States
  • “To digest complex and multi-faceted workflows into easily digestible tasks.” – Mike Singer, United States
  • “To organize not only your life, but everything inside your business.” – Marquis Murray, Canada
  • “To help my team deliver faster for our clients and stay organized.” – Wahid Rouhli, Morocco
  • “To keep track of my clients’ needs, my teammates’ progress, and to keep all of our valuable content ideas together no matter where in the world we all are.” – Alyssa Demkes, Netherlands
  • “To make priorities and tasks more tangible, more fun. I love it.” – Kenichi Nakaya, Japan
  • “To learn from the past and improve as a team for your future.” – Kerry Anne Hoffman, United States

Let’s celebrate!

From tiny tasks to major milestones, we love celebrating teams and their accomplishments with the help of the unicorn, the narwhal, the phoenix, and the yeti. Getting work done can (and should) be fun after all, and a little bit of fanfare can keep you going towards your daily goals.

Because today’s an extra special day to celebrate teams everywhere, we’re bringing more delight to your work day by introducing our newest celebration creature: the otter.

Inspired by our community, the otter could not be happier to be joining the celebrations team. They love seeing work flow smoothly from one completed task to another and they’re excited to commemorate a job well done on screens across the globe. A former competitive synchronized swimmer, the otter hung up their swimming cap for good after discovering a knack for coordinating complex projects. They enjoy getting cross-aquatic teams on the same page, and with the EQ to match their high IQ, this comes naturally to them.

To see the otter and all their festive friends, enable celebrations from the Display tab of My Profile Settings.

Did you spot the otter? Share your screenshot with #AsanaTogether via @Asana and celebrate with us!

Thank you from everyone at Asana

Today and every day, all of us at Asana are inspired by our customers across the globe—and we’re just getting started. We’re excited by the opportunity to empower even more teams to achieve their biggest goals, and we can’t wait to see what you’ll accomplish next.

From our team to yours, thank you for being on the journey with us.

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